Monday, February 11, 2008

starting to feel organised

There is only 18 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say Im starting to feel a lot more organised. The carseat has been reversed and all the straps adjuted to fit, so all Craig has to do is put it in and hook it up when the time comes & the seats have been fitted into the back of the wagon -at least we can all fit in there now.

The cradle is here and all made up - so cute! Ive painted (with the help of my wonderful Dad - thanks Daddy!!!!!) the two chests of drawers, and there is only the wardrobe to go...cant see myself getting that done before bubs arrives, but you never know! I cut up the flat cot sheet I had and have made a cushion cover, trimmed a sheet for the cradle, covered the lamp shade, and covered my baby feeding pillow. Im not sure my sewing machine knew what was going on actually sewing fabric instead of paper! LOL
All the baby stuff is washed and packed away. Most of the junk is cleaned out the nursery, and Jode is dropping off a glider rocker chair for me to feed in sometime today I think. Ive nearly managed to track down and collect all the baby gear I lent out to people thinking I wouldnt need it again!

Here is a picture for all those who have been with my massive belly - surely it cant get much bigger! and the nursery set up. (Still not game enough to paint over my blue wall in the nursery - just in case!!!!)

Still on the to do list - the wardrobe, buy a special teddy for bubby, get this house clean and organised (still waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in!) print off thank you note cards, and Im sure there is a heap of other bits too, but I cant remember them atm!