Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last week the lure of the LQS closing down sale was too much for me to resist any longer. Included in my purchases there was a pack of Lily & Will charm squares. Ive looked at this range quite a few times. Its soft & feminine & pretty, but its always been bumped in favour of the brighter more vibrant ranges.

Yesterday my sewing mojo returned. I got out my charm squares and decided on a small, and super simple quilt. Two seams later the bobbin thread ran out - grrrrrrr. I went to refill it when I realised that my reel of thread was almost gone. Double grrrrrr. I went to get another when I realised that there were none in the house...seriously, I want to sew and I want to sew now!!!!!!! Thankfully the LQS last day was yesterday, so I made a quick(ish) trip for thread (and a few other things that caught my eye) and another charm pack - I thought I may as well get another and make it big enough for a nice lap quilt for me! I played around with the layout for a bit and then got sewing.

With in a few hours I had this pretty little quilt top finished. Im looking forward to snuggling under it on a cold winters night...when i eventually get it finished!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a happy heart

Unfortunately the first few weeks of school have not been all smooth sailing for Isaac. He loves school, he loves his teacher, but he is not at all happy about the part where I leave him each morning. We have talked about the routines, we go early for a long play outside before reading time. We have tried no outside playtime and straight into reading, I have tried staying a little longer, and tried leaving quickly to be somewhere, Ive even tried bribery - usually the mere suggestion of a gelati will achieve miracles - in fact I'm running out of strategies to try! He is totally fine until I have to leave, then the tears and clinging start. He is fine soon after Im gone, and by all accounts has a wonderful day at school.

We have only had one morning with out tears so far. Most mornings I have to leave him crying with his poor teacher. She is awesome, and understanding and supportive, but (as much as the behaviour is beginning to annoy me) it is so hard to leave your little one in tears every single morning. Last week he told me he cried because his heart felt sad when I left (and yep, I had to swallow a lump in my throat after that!)

I though I would try sending something along with him to hopefully give him a hand getting through this. Teddy would be the perfect companion, but 1. I don't think that sending a Teddy to school is very practical, and 2. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be very cool to be crying and cuddling your teddy every morning. I began thinking more along the lines of something small to pop in his pocket. that's when this little fella came to mind. Isaac and I made this little 'Happy Heart' together tonight after school.

After a big long talk (that shed no light on the issue at all!)about what was making him so sad etc and the fact that crying and yelling all the way to the car (and all the way home!) after school because we were not getting gelati (that was going to be the reward for not crying in the morning) was just not OK.

Little happy heart is going to spend most of the time tucked safely away in in Isaac's pocket, close by, so he can hold it when ever he needs. Hopefully it will provide a little physical distraction for him when he starts to feel his heart getting sad. It has a little smile to remind him to be happy, and even though his eyes look like plain old crosses, they are really special kisses just for him.

Fingers crossed that we both have a 'happy heart' morning tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had decided to make some blocks to contribute towards Quilts for Queensland. Since both Nell and myself were planning on sending in some blocks, we decided to dedicate a few of our crafting days to the project.

Last week we managed to cut and piece a pink/blue/yellow top. The fabrics I choose were from my friend Kayscha when she destashed a while back, it was nice to be able to pay the kindness forward and use a few of them to make a quilt for such a great cause.

We also decided that it will be far easier for us to send in completed quilts where possible, or at least tops - a little less work for Corrie to co-ordinate getting our blocks pieced and quilted as well as all the others I'm sure she has arriving daily.

Today the first top was quilted by Nell, and we almost finished piecing another . We only had Jazz and Maddy here helping us today. Maddy sat and 'helped' quilt the top for a bit,

and Jazz helped out by documenting some of the goings on with the camera.
I didn't manage to get photos of the girls collecting up and running away with all the blocks after we had finally settled on how we wanted to arrange them, or my little miss hiding out in Maddy's pram having a sneaky suck on her dummy. Jazz is on day three of going dummy free, and seeing Maddy with hers and then seeing it just lying there was too much of a temptation for her. Im pleased to report, that after a rough time getting her off to sleep last night with out it, there were no tears at all tonight, straight into bed and off to sleep!

They both loved snuggling under the almost completed first quilt! It had been backed with polar fleece and quilted in a wavy grid pattern. It will be a wonderful snuggle quilt for a little person.

I will share some pics of todays purple and pink (yes I know I don't do purple, but so many little girls seem to love the pink/purple combo!) quilt top as soon as I add the finishing touches, and Nell has a few stunning fresh, modern 'hoot' blocks that she is going to add to and make into a top soon as well.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Time for School

Monday 11pm - the uniforms are ironed, shoes polished, bags packed full of carefully named and covered books, pencil cases are filled to the brim with bundles of brand new pencils, textas, pens and rulers, everything is organised and ready to go.

Tuesday morning there are not one, not two, but three boys all ready to start a new school year. Caleb is in year 9 at high school, Nathan in year 7, his final year of primary school, and my little man started in Reception.
He looked so small next to his big brothers, and his backpack looks huge slung on his back, but he was excited to be finally able to call himself a school boy.
He hurried from the car, and we happily unpacked his books into his tray and went out for a quick play. Once the bell went he became a little hesitant, and was fighting back the tears a couple of times. But,when it actually came time for me to leave, he gave me a kiss and a big smile, and headed off into his classroom. I was so proud of him.
When we arrived to pick him up, we saw a slightly worried looking little face peering out the window next to the lockers. As soon as he spotted us, his face lit up with the biggest smile. He proudly presented me with the picture he had just drawn, and told me about his art lesson and everything else that had happened in his day. I know from experience to treasure all this sharing of information - too soon I know the answer to my question - what did you do at school today? will be a simple "not much".
He took great pride in showing Daddy his classroom, and where his desk and locker were.

He is lucky to be in a practically new classroom block. Its so spacious, and his teacher has done a wonderful job of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in her classroom. It is a perfect transitional space from the relative freedom of his kindergarten, to the more formal expectations of the school setting.

I'm sure it wont be long before standing on tiptoes to drink from the water fountain will be a distant memory for the both of us.
Wednesday - Today was day two. There was still a little hesitation, but nothing that a few reassuring cuddles didn't fix! You should have seen his face beaming with pride when we arrived this morning and the beautiful pictures they had created yesterday were already proudly adorning the wall.
Tonight there was the excitement of readers and communication books, and much retelling of the rules and how everything is organised in his classroom. His enthusiasm is contagious! He will sleep soundly tonight, and awake refreshed and ready for day three tomorrow.