Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feeling last

Today is the first day in the last week Ive actually felt 'normal' (OK well as normal as I get LOL) What ever it was that I had really knocked me around, Im glad its nearly gone now!

Finally got a chance to sit down and have a look at SM last night. Ive got three LOs in there. Bit of a suprise considering I only knew about two of them LOL The winter one was accepted ages ago, Id just about given up hope of it actually making it to print...then as I flick throught the mag, there I am looking at myself LOL.

The final one I have in this issue is the LO I did using my home made fabric paper. It also contained snippets of an article I originally wrote for a Scrapbook Station newsletter about making your own fabric paper. Ive included the full article below for anyone who is interested.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Did anyone get the number of that truck?

I mean the one that it feels like must have hit me a couple of days ago. Ive got some sort of fluey thing, and I feel like crap. If I keep up the panadol its not too bad, but Ive just got no energy. I think Im feeling OK and then go do something and Im exhausted in no time!
The youngest two kids also have colds. I suspect Isaac is feeling abit like me, he is sleeping lots, which is probably the best thing for him. Nathan is just really snuffly, although he does seem a bit flat this morning.

I got some SUPER exciting news yesterday, but I have to keep you all hanging for a bit longer on that one LOL I will share really soon though! ( and NO Im not pregnant Janine :0 )

Ive done nothing but clean up this morning, now I just want to go curl up in bed! except I have to take Nath to footy in about 1/2 hour. At least its a home match and only 5 min away.

Enough of my meaningless ramblings for this morning. Have a good weekend everyone!
I will leave you with a quick LO...still more of the mothers day photos. Had fun creating the journaling box with black & white pens. Love the result. Might make some more different ones!

Monday, May 21, 2007

STOP...slow down...please

18 1 1/2 years sweetie!

I know I say this every single month, but where is time going, it seems like every month you grow so much, you learn so many new things, its hard to keep up.
You are running everywhere these days. You wave madly, hug us, dance to music, climb onto the sofas all by yourself, and most of all LOVE being outside.
You understand everything we say to you, and are getting really good at following directions. I made you a special book with photos of you and the family. You love to read it all the time.
You want to play with what ever you see Caleb & Nathan with, you have little interest in your baby toys, you constantly have a matchbox car or motorbike in your hand. "Monkey see, Monkey do...and your the monkey" is what Caleb always says to you.

You love to help put away your toys, put cups in the cupboard, pieces of rubbish in the bin, and STILL are forever shutting doors! You imitate constantly. You take your little watering can and 'water' the plants. Its so cute to see you only go to the plants that Daddy usually waters with his watering can. You perch yourself up on the chair and point the remote control at the TV as you push the buttons, and you run the boys 'scanners' toys along the floor and cupboards just like they do as they scan the bar codes on things.

All four of your eye teeth have finally come through. You are still a fussy eater through. Bananas are your firm favourite, and you love your weetbix for breakfast. You whizz through three with warm milk every morning. You sometimes even have them for tea. If I ask if you want something to eat during the day, you head straight for the cupboard and pull out the weetbix packet. You are a funny little thing sometimes!

Tonight you layed in the big bed in your room and had a story with Nathan while you drank your bottle. I brushed your teeth, washed your face, and you trotted off to complete your bedtime routine... good night kisses & cuddles for everyone. As usual you grabbed Teddy and dummy, but instead of going over to your cot, you decided to climb onto the bed. I humored you and tucked you under the covers, whispered our usual "night night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs you Isaac" and sealed it with a kiss. I walked out and pulled the door across, fully expecting that gorgeous cheeky smile to pretty much follow me straight out the room. You stayed there. I checked about 15 min later and you were still wide awake, laying on the bed.

You eventually fell asleep.

Dwarfed by the size of the bed.

So cute.

So not my tiny little baby any more.

So begging for a photo or five!!!

I would leave you there all night except for two things.

1. The fire is on and I'm not comfortable with the thought you could stumble out near it if you wake.

2. I'm just not ready for that transition. Not yet. Its one of the last tangible links to you being a baby that remain and I just need time to slow down a bit while I catch up.

STOP...slow down...please don't grow up to fast my little man, Mummy's just not ready yet!

*****the next morning edit******I was heading of to bed just after midnight and flicked the bathroom light on to move Isaac into his cot. I decided to go to the toilet first quickly. I could hear what I thought was Caleb rustling around in his bed. As I came around the corner, there was Isaac riding his little bike out his bedroom door! SO cute!!!!! So not staying in the big bed!!!! LOL

Friday, May 18, 2007

Winter is coming

Its cold and wet, and Im lovin it!!!!!! The fire is going, Ive got a big pot of chicken soup started on the stove, the carpets was steam cleaned yesterday, as well as the sofa in the play room (thank goodness, cause it s a blue & white mattress ticking type fabric and it looked filthy and was driving me crazy!) the bathrooms are sparkling clean, Ive nearly caught up on the washing, & the new dishwasher is fantastic. Its amazing what a relatively clean house can do for getting you in a good mood! Ive still got LOTS of folding to do (its all over the sofa, so I have to get it done LOL) but I feel happy and content today!

We have a busy weekend. Kids football tomorrow, then out for dinner with my best friend at one of our favourite swishy restaurants. Sunday is my neices first birthday party.

I had a peek in the latest CK at the newsagents yesterday and I have this LO in there. I still love this photo of Isaac!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! Mine was pretty good. The kids showered me with sweet gifts and cards -some homemade, some from the Mothers Day stall at school, as well as a photo frame with my favourite pictures of the boys atm (OK I had to organise this for myself!!!) and some pansy seedlings they are going to plant out into some hanging pots for me. We had lunch with Craigs family, checked out the local market and then came back here for coffee and desert.

Since it was mothers day, I took the opportunity before we went for lunch to get some pics with each of the boys. Caleb took some with Nath in them, and Nath took some with Caleb & Isaac...unfortunatley the 'little' camera is a bit sensitive and they often move it to much, so the pics are not as sharp as I would like (even with some extensive computer tweeking LOL) but I love 'em anyway!!! Nath was the only cooperative one. Isaac looked everywhere but the camera, and Caleb pulled every face he could think of, as well as shut his eyes intentionally (ggrrr what is it with boys and cameras!!! and they both thought it was hillarious) The only one I really like of him is when I thought I would join in and pull a face too - of course he decided to smile nicely at that moment! It was fun though, and Nathan was laughing so much some of those photos are SO blurry !
In the afternoon I got SIL to take a few shots of the boys and I as well ;) throw all three into the mix at once and what a joke...this is about the best of them. I also got a shot of the boys and their cousins - it was fun (well I had fun!!!), but J & Caleb were on the bottom and kept whining the others were heavy, or rolling them off, or burying their faces in the grass...did manage to get this one though!Tea was supposed to be here with my family but Mum and my littlest sister both came down with gastro over night so we canned that idea. Poor Vick, last mothers day she was hanging around waiting for Georgia to arrive (she went in to be induced the next day...only two more sleeps till little miss G turns 1!!!!!!!!!!)) and then she spends her first real mothers day in bed sick...hope your both feeling better!

Oh, and just to top it all off, our dishwasher decided to pack it in. Craig is picking up a new one tomorrow thank goodness.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Isaacs 'special' book

Thanks for the lovely comments about the book I made for Isaac. Ive had a couple of questions about how I made it, so I thought Id post here.

It is an old kids board book that I altered.

I cropped & resized the photos to just bigger than the actual pages and added some text to each page. (I didnt want to add any pieces after that could be picked off by little fingers!)

I printed the photos on thick, slightly glossy photo paper (It was a cheaper brand

I adhered the photos to the pages with a strip of wide double sided tape right around the edge.

I trimmed and sanded the edges of each page.

Because of the spine of the book splitting further after I made it, I decided to take the book apart, punch holes and join it together with a couple of hinged rings. (mmmm yeh I know I said I want going to be pedantic about it, but it was messy and driving me crazy everytime we read it!!!) It seems much more durable this way too.

For those of you who wanted a better pic of the they are a little larger.

If anyone does make one, please let me see!!!! Either post me a comment here with a link, or email me a pic if you dont have an online gallery or blog!

Im planning another one with all of Isaacs family and friends, and another with things like car, banana, bed, teddy etc.
Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time to share

Ive got a few layouts to share today. The first is for this fortnights Scrapbook Station portal, which was stitching. Kathie commented on my beautiful neat even stitching. Thanks for having that much faith in my sewing ability...I use the machine to punch the holes and then hand stitch through them...easy to get it neat that way! The second one is in the latest Scrapbooking Memories. This must be one of the most published photographs going around LOL so many of the girls have scrapped it, and had it published. All very different too.
The last is the LO that I did on Saturday night at Scrapbook Station. We had a great night. It was fantastic to get together with all the 'local' girls, and meet acouple of new freinds as well. I was so inspired with all that talent..Kates divine mini albums, Janines stunning art journal, beautiful LOs everywhere, an array of gorgeous paper napkins...oh yeh and of course Kates bits ;)

I also got these little post it note covers done for the mothers day stall at school. I will wrap them with one of the cute litle spoon magnets that you can see on the second pic.

I came home inspired and ready to scrap. Ive completed two more LOs since then! Im going to keep them under wraps though. If I can manage to get together five decent LOs I might put a portfolio into the FK awards for excellence. If I get enough I will enter, otherwise...oh well!

Today i finally got around to something that has been on my to do list for ages. I wanted to make Isaac a special little board book.
I want him to be able to drag it round the house, so I wasn’t to pedantic about it. I managed to break the spine of the book when I had to cut the double page photo (so it would close!) so all the centre pieces look like crap...but in the grand scheme of things Isaac really doesn’t care.
He looked quite concerned when I first gave it to him, but it soon turned to great big smiles, laughs and pointing at all the pictures. He isn’t a real book boy unfortunately...probably my fault, as baby#3 there isn’t a lot of time for a good bed time reading routine...especially when you go to sleep at 6pm...right in the middle of getting everyone else’s tea, homework etc etc!!! So coupled with the fact he really isn’t talking much yet either, I thought this would be a great way to encourage both things!

GRRRRRR blogger is being VERY, VERY, VERY painful today. It ate part of my post yesterday and again today, wont save or upload... Third time lucky...fingers crossed