Wednesday, January 28, 2009

photo a day catch up

Finally, the mammoth post you have all been dreading, but expecting!!!
We went away to the beach for a while, and I took ages for me to resize and upload my photos, but I did it - a photo a day for all of was fun!!!

day 31 / 31.january.2009

we attended a friends party tonight, fancy dress - obviously! Come us something that begins with the first letter of your name. Nicole, the Nanna in her Nighty and Craig the Clown

day 30 / 30.january.2009

a much needed drink for the lawn in this heat wave.
I pump the washing machine water onto the lawn over summer to try and keep it alive.
We are on water restrictions and although we can still water by hand twice a week, we cant use sprinklers - unless we hook them upto the rain water tank.

day 29 / 29.january.2009

I love watching this little guy play.
He chatters away to himself (all day!!!!!! its starting to drive me a bit crazy!!!!)
making up stories about what his cars are upto for the day! Listening to his chatter gives you such an insite it to the complete randomness in the way a three year olds mind functions LOL

day 28 / 28.january.2009

Why is it that even though the lawn is really struggling during
the heat that the weeds seem to flourish?

day 27 / 27.january.2009

Back to school for the older two

Some peaceful relaxing time for us at home

day 26 / 26.january.2009


It was weird being away and not attending our local Australia Day breaky as usual.
Seeing Nathan sitting reading the paper reminded me how quickly he is growing up too!

Can we go yet? Chad and Isaac waiting to go down to
the beach for one last swim before we pack up to go home.

day 25 / 25.january.2009

We took the new ute 4 wheel driving on the beach upto the Murray Mouth.

Only got stuck twice ! Lots of fun.

On the way back we did some cockling!

day 24 / 24.january.2009

The Daddy's got to spend some quiality time with the other kids at the skate park, while Alison Jacinta and I went for a walk, checked out the shops, market and enjoyed a yummy frozen mango, pineapple and apple slushy!

The 'big boys', aka our husbands, decided they needed to hire surf boards this afternoon.

We got to spend a couple of hours sitting in the beach shelter to get out of the cold wind, on rock hard sand on a smelly beach watching them TRY to surf !!! Can you tell we had fun ... NOT !

day 23 / 23.january.2009

My friend and her kids arrived at the beach house yesterday. Ashley and Isabella (or 'umbrella' as Isaac called her!) loved playing with Jazz! We had a couple of realaxing (suprisingly with two adults and 7 kids!) days before our husbands arrived LOL

While the older kids played on their boogie boards, Isaac had fun with his tractor in the shallows.

day 22 / 22.january.2009

the only two photos I took today! rest time before heading to the beach again

I only took away a few cars, some drawing stuff and a couple of books.

Love how Isaac drew his own roads and then got his cars out to drive on them!

day 21 / 21.january.2009

A super quick and easy lunch before heading to the beach

An afternoon/evening on the beach

day 20 / 20.january.2009

the car packed to the brim - this is what it should have looked like clingy baby, and one 3 year old that refused to sleep today meant that this photo was taken the following morning once I finally got it packed

Monday, January 19, 2009

day 19


tonight Isaac was thrilled to have his bath outside!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

day 18


in my laundry window

so, so close to working out the whole crawling thing!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

day 17


I love nothing better than sitting in the peace and quiet at night

and checking out sites like etsy - that site has the best eye candy!

Jazz testing out her (very early) birthday present

Isaac got a matching blue one - too cute!

Friday, January 16, 2009

day 16


This VERY cute giraffe was made by my friend
Nell as a gift for Jacinta when she was born.
Today he could be found practicing his balancing on one leg
(which according to giraffes 'trianer', the playschool expert, "is quite twicky"!)

a snapshot of normal everyday life

Thursday, January 15, 2009

day 15


It was a touch cooler today, and I wanted to be a little organised

...lamb shanks in the slow cooker - they were yummo!

A quiet moment between brothers - doesn't happen that

often between these two!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 14


Jacintas first birthday invitations designed and printed - one thing ticked off my list

Keeping cool - at least we have some tank water to have a little fun in-

I dont know if Jacinta will ever get to experience the joy of

playing under the sprinklers on a hot summers night!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

day 13


I was taking some photos today when this caught my eye -
the beauty of nature reflected in our sliding door.
I love living in the hills.

The grazed cheek, which by bed time was developing into a nice black eye, was the cause of lots of tears today. (This is why Mummy says DONT sit on the coffee table and DONT empty out Jacintas toy basket and use it to sit on in fromt of the TV.) He was sitting on the coffee table, slipped off, lost his footing and caught his cheek on the toy basket he had put there earlier! Im not sure if the pain was the worst thing, or the fact I held an ice block on there to try and stop the bruising and he wasnt allowed to eat it!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

day 12


I think my mojo is returning. Today for the first time in ages, I really NEEDED to scrap.
Ahhhh it was a wonderful feeling. A messy desk, glue, sandpaper....oh what a feeling!

My middle children! These two will never know what it is like to be the oldest or the youngest. They will be the only ones to know how it feels to be a big brother and a little brother - lucky boys!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

day 11


Its all about the wrist action!
Thanks once again to playschool -
when ever you eat spaghetti,
you HAVE to twist it on your fork....and then you slurp it in!


I think someone is a bit over me having the camera out every day!
Lucky for him he was wearing his helmet later on in the day.
He went for a HUGE buster off the neighbours rip stick -
badly grazed elbow and hip, and I think he will be pretty
stiff and sore in the morning!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

day 10


I {heart} these chubby little fingers.
Jacintas latest trick - clapping hands.

This kid cracks me up some days.
I was taking some photos of Jacinta this morning,
when he appeared behind her doing this.

Friday, January 09, 2009

day 9


a little boys collection from the park

Isaac loves climbing on this bridge on the way to the park.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

day 8

08.january.2009Every couple of days I wash a laod of nappies.
They always look so pretty hanging on the line .

Isaac and Jacinta enjoying a tea party with their cousin Georgia.

forgot the camera again...another mobile phone pic!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

day 7


The influence of TV - one day on play school they made little people
from cardboard rolls. They stuffed paper and wool in the top for hair
and made faces on them. When ever Isaac gets hold of a cardboard
roll he rushes to bathroom for a tissue (his paper) and then off to the kitchen
bench for a texta to "make a eyes on him". todays man has unusually
recognisable features, and even includes a belly button!
***Sigh*** my little man is growing up.
Jacinta has never been keen on drinking from anything but me. Over the past month as the weather has warmed up, and obviously her level of thirst has incresed, Ive managed to get her to drink water from a bottle (we are working on a sippy cup now). the last few days she has finally woked out how to hold it AND tip it up to get her own drink.
***sigh again*** my little princess is growing up too!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 6

Isaacs' bedtime essentials...a very worn, much loved
(and hopefully falling apart soon, not to be replaced) dummy,
and equally well loved, and in need of a wash, Teddy,
night nappy (day trained but still has a nappy for sleeping)
and a before bed story...Mr Men books are proving very popular atm!

The 'boys' lounging about on their DS games - where would they be

with out their electronic gadgets?

Monday, January 05, 2009

day 5


A little bit of girly stuff today!


self portait - thought there should be some proof of my existance here somewhere!

no make up or touch ups - just everyday, round the house, me!


a bonus shot! Id already decided on the other two shots for today,

but couldnt resist snapping this. Isaac was watching a DVD on

Nathans portable DVD player (Christmas pressie) while we were getting

tea organised - so much quicker and easier than having him helping

with preparing and cooking like most other nights!