Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Four months

Dear baby girl,

Four months seems to be that point where the weeks and months no longer match up! You were 16 weeks about a week and a half ago, but going by the dates, you have just reached the four month mark.
You are at such a precious age right now - you are recognising people and responding with huge beaming smiles, and then burying your head into me like you have suddenly become shy - its so cute. The other day Caleb spoke to you while you were looking over my shoulder and you started laughing - it was an absolute crack up - he laughed back, and that started you of again - so it went on - a little game between you and your biggest brother.

The day you turned 13 weeks you started sleeping through the night. Each night Id go to bed expecting to get up to feed you, but you kept on sleeping all night! You have your last feed somewhere between 5pm & 6.30pm and then down for the night between 6pm & 7.3opm. We dont hear a peep from you until at least 6am - usually closer to 7am! I quickly worked out what it was that started you sleeping through - you found your thumbs! You would wriggle your little arms out of the wrap and start sucking your thumb to re settle yourself. It only took a couple of weeks before I stopped wrapping you at all.

You are still a real cat napper during the day though. You very rarely sleep in your cradle during the day. If I manage to get you off to sleep in my arms you wake as soon as I put you in there. If I pop you on the u pillow on the lounge, or in your rocker you sleep much better. I guess sleeping anywhere is better than no sleep at all during the day. A good sleep for you during the day is 45 min.

Im still fully breast feeding you and it is all going well. You had become really squirmy during feeds, and I tried some gripe water, which seemed to help. Im planning on keeping you on just breast milk until at least 6 months and then hopefully once we start solids, still keep feeding you myself until around 12 months. You have taken a couple of bottles of expressed breastmilk, but it was a bit of a saga to get you to take it. Nanna tried one night when she looked after you and you wouldnt take it, I eventually managed to get you to drink it after abut 10 min of trying and some rather loud protesting on your behalf! Quite often when Im feeding you Isaac will get his dummy and teddy and come and snuggle up on the lounge with us - it is so sweet to have him laying there as well, sharing our special time!

Our cloth nappy journey is still going strong. Ive decided which sort suit you the best - itti bitti d'lish and patooties, we are slowly building a nice little stash of these. We are about to try going to cloth as night nappies as well. Here are some pics of you in a couple of our favourite nappies.

We had another little trip away this month. We spent the June long weekend down at Goolwa with the Kays. You were really good, although a bit unsettled during the night times. Luckily you were sleeping right next to me on a little shelf, and I could just reach over to comfort you.

You are reaching out to touch toys, and sometimes managing to grasp things for a short time. You love sucking on your fingers and hands, and anything else that you manage to get close enough to your mouth. You are a happy baby - most of the time, you like to be able to see one of us though!!!! You also still love being carries in the sling - occasionally we even manage to get Daddy to have you in there for a while too! I love you my sweet little girl, our lives are definately much busier with four precious children, but I wouldnt change it for the world.

xxxxx Mummy xxxxx