Monday, August 31, 2009

EB doll quilt swap

Playing around with fabric, and decorating Jacintas room has really re-ignited my passion for patchwork and quilting. Ive pulled out a few ufo's - a table ruunner and some fabric coasters, and Im working on them. I also decided to join in a doll quilt swap - Im really looking forward to it. I cant wait to find out who my swap partner is and start planning! Anyway these are some pics from flickr to give the person who will be making 'our' quilt some ideas of the styles etc that I prefer. Of course there is lots of pink, flowers and birdies! Wow there is some awesome talent out there - I could have spent hours trawling through all the gorgeousness !

Of course there is lots of pink, flowers and birdies! My little obsession with pink is not showing any signs of waining just yet (Ive got 12 years of boyishness to make up for !!! )

eb Doll Quilt swap inspiration

Maybe someone really special - like her Grandpa ;) might make Jazz a little dolls cradle/bed for Christmas?!?!?!!?
(heheheheh I know my Dad reads this!!!!! so what do you reckon Dad????? it will be just like old times when you made cradles for all of us!!!!)

Then the only thing missing will be a gorgeous doll to go in it -

I still have one of these absolutely beautiful dolls like this sweetie

from Little Jenny Wren on my wish list!

And speaking of quilts, I got a phone call Friday that Jacinta's cot quilt is done - its been off at the quilters getting a wandering daisy and hearts pattern quilted over it.

This isnt a picture of her quilt, but the a picture of a blanket from Etsy which is where I first saw and the gorgeous Penelope pottery barn kids fabric that I HAD to use as the main panel of her quilt!!!!

I will pick it up this week as soon as it arrives back at Patchwork Apple and get stuck into binding it - I cant wait to get it on her cot! Then FINALLY I promise I will share some pics of her room completed!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Centro Smile Competition

I entered some photos in the centro smile competition at St Agnes, and this one has been choosen as one of the 16 finalists. The winner as voted by the public at each centre (you can vote in person at St Agnes Centro, or on line starting from next Thursday) wins a camera, and the overall winner, which I believe has already been choosen by the judges but isnt announced until the end of the competition, wins $10,000. Im so glad this photo was choosen, its one of my all time favourite photos of the older boys, and for the public to vote it is enlarged and mounted for display, at the end you get to keep it!!!

For those scrappers who recognised this pic, my LO featuring it
appeared on the cover of scrapbooking Memories .

from pillow case to tote bag

I got this quilted pillow case a while ago on clearance at spotlight. I thought it was really pretty, but it didnt go with anything in the house, and so its been sitting around ever since. Today I decided it was time to give it a new life - I turned it into a bag for my mum...just a little thank you for all the times she watches the kids while I have an appointments etc - I really do appreciate it Mum ! Hopefully she doesnt see it here before I give it to her tomorrow.

It started as this...

I cut it up...

used the scraps to add a pocket to the lining, and make some handles (which she wanted long enough to go over her shoulder)...and then stitched it all together...

Hope she likes it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

18 months

To my gorgeous little girl,

One and a half - so much more the age of a toddler than a baby, and now that you are finally walking, you really have become a toddler. You seem so much older, toddling around, exploring the world. Looking at you walking, its hard to believe that only three short weeks ago you were still crawling - it seems like so long ago!

You new found method of getting around means that now you are always wanting to go outside - you stand at the door - "ide, ide" - if anyone goes out and leaves you standing there, you quickly disolve into a tearful mess, plop down onto your bottom, and bang on the door, as your tear filled eyes plead with the person on the otherside to let you go out.

You are constantly babbling and holding conversations with us all. The very animated babble is occasionally punctuated with a word we can understand - mummy, daddy, up, or the funny little noise you still make if you are hungry or thirsty. There are so many new words starting to break through the babble - oof (woof), ack (quack), es (yes), coot (cute), shhs (shoes), ummy (dummy). Your face lights up when we are able to work out what you are trying to tell us, and you are able to answer questions with "es" or the shake of your head. The later is becoming more common as you realise it nearly always gets a good reaction from people. You can follow simple instructions such as "where is your other shoe?", "go and find some socks", "where is Isaac?".

Your love of books is growing. You are always grabbing a book out of your basket and bringing it to me to read - you still prefer turning the pages to actually listening to the words. You love your dummy and blankie, and often sneak into your room and pull them out from your cot. We try to keep them just for sleep time. Usually you will have few sucks and then go and put your dummy back in your bed when I ask. Your favourite toys are still the boys matchbox cars and Isaacs big blue Lightening McQueen car - you know where all the buttons are to get it to talk and make noises! You also love Isaacs Teddy and will sneak a cuddle with him whenever you get the chance - I think its because you see how much Isaac loves him. Isaac is OK with you having a cuddle, thank goodness!

You are still transitioning between two and one sleeps during the day. Most mornings wake at around 7ish, you are happy to play in your cot and so usually you stay in there for at least half an hour while the boys eat breakfast etc. I get you up, nappy changed and dressed, and then you like to have your breakfast straight away.. Most mornings its 3 weetbix, but sometmes its toast or porridge or a cheese sandwich. Morning tea is fruit or crackers and a cup of milk, and then your ready to go back down for a sleep by 10am - most days you will have a good 2 -2 1/2 hours. Lunch is mostly, a toastie, or pasta, of finger foods. I try to put you down for another little nap in the afternoon so your not so grumpy by tea - mostly its just a rest time - its hard to settle with all the after school chaos! Tea time is 5pm - you have some sort of tummy timer that goes off at exactly 5pm...and that is when food must be served or we have to put up with a grumpy whingy little girl until it is. You usually have what we had the night before, I dish you up a serve and pop it in the fridge all ready to go the folowing day, that way I dont have to try and have our dinner organised that early, just so I can serve yours up! I usually bath you and Isaac just before tea. After your tea you have a bit of a play while I do bits for our dinner, and then its off to bed at 6pm. I put you in your sleeping bag, pop dummy in your mouth, blankie in your arms to cuddle and close your door right over. Occasionally we have to go in and lay you back down, but mostly your straight off to sleep for the night.
When ever we visit Auntie Vic, you love playing with all the magnets on her fridge.
At home you have taken to collecting things in your walker.
I find all sorts in there, from cars, dolls and books to drink bottles, pieces of toast. The other day a half eaten bananna stashed in there -YUCK!
You love spending time outside with Isaac - playing with the water and stones in the water feature, exploring the yard, learning to climb and play in the sand pit, and generally getting wet and dirty at the moment. I cant wait until the weather warms up and we can be outside a lot more.
Peek-a-boo continiues to be a favourtie game, along with round and round the garden. You start dancing when ever you hear music.
We all love you so much little princess!
Mummy xxx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

whats in the bag?

Rememeber the PJ bags from the last post? I thought I would share a pic of the finished product.

Ive made quite a few pairs of PJ pants this winter and the kids all love them! Ive not attempted tops as yet, but I figure its just as simple to find a cheap matching T Shirt and embellish that! I think these would make great and simple gifts too - especially with the matching bag.

Monday, August 17, 2009

the signs are there...

...that spring is on its way.

The first of my minature daffodils have burst into flower.
There is the occasional day of warm sun and juicy, sweet watermelon.
Saturday was the most gorgeous warm day - such a nice break from the bleak days of winter. The sun was shining, and if you could find a place out of the wind, it was just lovely. It was a perfect day for short sleeved T Shirts and shoes with no socks
and being allowed to play with the cold, wet rocks in the water feature!

I love spring! Beautiful warm days, and cool crisp nights.
It was just a sneak peak of what is to come though - by Sunday the rain was back and the fire was alight again...winter was reminding us it had not yet had its time!
While the sun enticed us outside to enjoy it on Saturday, the cold on Sunday provided a good excuse for inside activities. Jacinta had two good sleeps, Isaac was happy to potter around, Craig, Caleb & Nathan were out all day with footy carnivals ij the morning, and the Port Power game after that. I took the chance to sew some more. I did some more of my raggy alphabet letters and I made another little bag - it was going to be a gift, but Im not happy with the quilting on it (serves myself right for being to slack to change the thread colour on the machine!!!) so its going in my room. Its made from extra pieces I had lying around from an unfinished quilt top.
This morning I made these for my sisters Jodi's kids. They each have a pair of flanny PJ pants in the same fabric as the bag in them. Ive had the fabric here for ages, but not got around to drafting patterns the right sizes and making them up. Firstly I decided to make Jess a bag, but decided since they were so quick and easy - not to mention cute, decided the boys sholuld have one each too!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a little dose of cuteness

Since a friend posted a pic of the gorgeous little bag she made other day, Ive not been able to get it out of my mind. I checked out the tutorial she followed , decided it was well within my capabilities, and added it to my rapidly growing list of things Id like to make.

When I had a few hours to fill this morning before going to have lunch with Kathie & Jamie (finally) I decided to make a start on one. I used the scraps from the fabrics Ive used in Jacintas room. The tutorial was great to follow - and it was pretty quick to do - I finished it off when we got back!
Its even cuter now that Ive seen the size - I cant decide if I want to add a handle or not - at the moment its on the shelf in her robe holding Jacintas brush and comb - Im thinking another to hold the spare dummies, and just because you should have an uneven number, another for hairbands etc.... a larger one, using the same principle, would make a gorgeous library bag...and some more little ones made up in christmas prints would be perfect to hold small gifts - can you tell I think they are really cute!!! and a fantastic way to use up scraps!

ETA - another quick pic to give you a better idea of the size
...and for anyone who gives these a try - you wont normally see the little strip of lining fabric around the top. I wanted it to show, and so didnt fold it right back over and in when I tucked the lining back in - this does mean that the lining doesnt sit quite as nicely as it should inside though. Next time I will probably add an extra 1/4" to the lining to make it all sit perfectly.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

he, she, me


....loves his new fish tank

....always requests his apple - "cutted up and in a little bowl"


....loves being outside and always ends up with wet muddy knees and bottom at the moment

....loves filling her little walker/pram with treasures, and has a very cheeky grin!


..... I am back on the sewing machine - this is a sneek peek of my current project - I will show you more when they are finished...its what Im making with all Jacintas baby flanelette wraps that I was going to turn into a raggy quilt - I decided, considering we already have many cot quilts, to make these instead.

oh and what about the rest of them you ask ? just the usual- work, footy coaching, school, footy training, karate, guitar, footy playing, friends, footy meetings - and lots of mums taxi & maid service being utilised these days!

Grosgrain: The Pod Swaddler Pattern GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: The Pod Swaddler Pattern GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

How cute is this - would make a perfect gift for a newborn baby - ahhh and all the gorgeous fabrics that you could use!

Monday, August 03, 2009

3 happy things :)

I thought Id put some happy stuff out there today!
1. Belle & Boo - my very own print!
As you have probably gathered, Ive hung quite a few things on the walls in Jacintas room. The majority of it Ive made myself, but Ive had my eye on a print from Belle & Boo on etsy for quite a while. They are the most gorgoeus illustrations. Last night I was blog hopping and popped by the Belle & Boo blog. I was delighted to find she had made one of her prints available for free download and use through a fantastic scheme being though Indii fixx called Feed your soul - the free art project. Very cool idea. Its great to see people out there prepared to give something of themselves - for nothing - just to make someone else (like me) happy!

Ive framed up three prints (and made a card with an extra one I printed off ) to finish the collection above the cot.

The centre one is from Mandy Sutcliffe (Belle & Boo) the other two are from Cori Dantini (right) & Marjorie Ann Velez (left & card) two other artists participating in the project. It has given my collection a bit of 'artisticness' - if thats even a word. I really wanted an eclectic collection of randomly hung pics on the wall. Unfortunately my need to line things up and have them neat and orderly and somewhat the same (read - safe and boring) has some what hampered and drawn out this process to date. (You are talking to the girl who HAS to line up the bickies, in even rows, neatly on the tray when she bakes) It is getting there and Im trying to let go of my neat line tendencies a little. I did manage to use frames that were not exactly the same...LOL....its a start! All I need now is a pack of my favourite 3M velcro picture hanging strips and they will be up on the wall.

One of the great things about being able to create this collection on the cheap is that hopefully I will feel OK about changing it. I dont want it to be a static display. I want to be able to incorporate some of Jacintas own art work as she gets older, or items of interest to her. For now its my space to do with as I please (which may even include actually purchasing one of the other gorgeous Belle & Boo prints that Ive been drooling over) , but as she gets older I want it to be her space!

2. Im a winner !

I was thrilled to be choosen as one of the winners of a Baby Beehinds nappy on the weekend. BBH were some of the very first MCN I tried, and I still use them on a regular basis. No skill involved - they have started a facebook fan page and to enter all you had to do was upload a photo (or three) of your littlies in a BBH nappy. There were going to be 10 winners, but with so many cute pics, they ended up choosing 25 of us as winners. Super generous! and super an email to say it was in the post this morning. Even better, you could have your choice of nappy. I decided on a Licorice Minkee Magicall - cant wait till it arrives.

3. She is finally walking
At 17 months and one week, Jacinta is finally walking. In fact I dont think Ive seen her crawl today. So strange, after all this time of seeing her crawling around, she just keeps appearing - tottering along. She has taken to going into her bedroom and reaching right into the cot to pull out her dummy and blankie. I just turned around as I was typing this, and there was little Miss, toddling around the corner, cheekily grinning at me from behind her know, the dummy she normally only has when she is going to bed, or travelling in the car! She thinks she is pretty does Mummy ;) One more milestone checked off the list!
Hope your having a happy day - keep smiling, hug the ones you love, and remember to be greatful for the little things!