Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to school

The day has finally arrived, and the morning went quite smoothly - everyone was ready for school by 8.10am - we dont leave till 8.30AM! Im sure we wont continue with that level of organisation for long though LOL

Got one photo of the two boys together. Caleb didnt want to pose for a pic..until I told him I either took one at home, or I was coming into his class room to get a few there - he agreed to one photo straight away LOL It not very good, but at least I have it!!!!

Nath let me get a couple of him, and even agreed to some once we were in his class room!

Isaac will really miss the boys now they are back at school. The bags were packed and we were nearly ready to go this morning when I got this shot of him... Im sure he is wishing he could go off to school too!!!!

Im off to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet while Isaac sleeps. Thought I might leave you with this shot of our little bubble monster in the bath last night....isnt he cute!!!!!

He really loves his baths, and Im gateful for that, BUT the only downfall is that when you love your bath that much there is always going to be a performance when its time to get out. Last night was a particularly long and loud one !!!! Wow, I dont think Ive ever seen a tantrum quite like this from him. He was still screaming and throwing himself backwards and ripping his dummy out his mouth and throwing it across the room after he was dried off and had his Jamies on! Gee cant wait for the whole two year old thing LOL

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Australia Day

Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing day!

Monday, January 22, 2007

my weekend

What a great weekend! Friday night I did my first ever class at Creative edge. It was a mini album with Zina Wright. I did discover that I'm definitely not a fast scrapper though LOL. It was so much fun. Zina is just so dynamic, and a wonderful teacher. You cant help but be inspired by her. I cant wait to get some time to finish off my album and use some ideas inspired by her on other LOs. It was also wonderful to catch up with, and get to scrap with some of my favorite scrapping buddies - Kathie, Mel, Kate, Jane & Michelle, as well as get to meet lots of other lovely ladies over the weekend. The only downfall was the awful headache I developed half way through the class. I wanted to stick around and chat with some of you (especially my fellow DT member Jahnava), but my head was SO yuck that I just needed to leave and get home to bed...so sorry if I seemed a bit vague or rude!

Thanks to Michelle for grabbing the 'compulsory' photo with the wonderful Zina for me...I felt a bit like a 'stalker' getting my photo taken with her after...I'm sure she had no idea who I was..LOL..I guess she is pretty used to that though!

Saturday I headed back down (feeling much better!) to help out. I had a super quick shop at the plaza on the way. Managed to get myself some new bathers - I HATE shopping for bathers but on limited time you just have to make do!!!
I got some gorgeous little red 'crocs' - well targets version of them LOL - for Isaac, and a pair of camo shorts each for the other boys. I wasn't that keen on the camos to start with, but since I have had Isaac wearing some they have really grown on me, and now I just love them. They all had them on yesterday and today - too cute!!!! I got Isaac a little travel booster seat too - it fits nicely in our highchair at home which didn't have straps, and was getting to be a little dangerous as some little monkey discovered he could turn around and stand up in the highchair a while back. It folds up into a little bag and just straps to a normal chair if we are out anywhere.

I helped out in Kates class on Saturday morning, and another of Zinas in the afternoon - lots of washing out brushes and getting little bits and pieces sorted so that the girls could concentrate on teaching! It was a blast and I loved doing it. I also ended up staying for the dinner (thank you Janine!!) and laughed so much my stomach ached all the way home. It was a lot of fun, and really nice to have a bit of time for me!

Sunday was a family day. We had to be in town for an audition for Isaac in the morning, and then went for a tour of the old Adelaide gaol. It went for two hours and the kids managed to get through the whole time - what troopers. Had lunch together and then headed home again for a few hours of doing nothing. Lovely!.

Pulled out all my goodies from the weekend after the kids went to bed and finished the front cover of my mini album while Craig flicked between cricket and tennis on the telly. For those of you who don't know, I just do not like watching sport, Id rather be doing anything else. I did set myself up at the kitchen table, so I could be in the same room as him though...must have missed my man a bit over the weekend then! Not that I actually thought about it till then LOL.

Lastly an update on the walking. He will take a few steps if you stand him up and encourage him lots, although falling down plonk on his bottom is still a very funny part of the game for him LOL. Yesterday he finally discovered he could stand up all by himself with out needing to pull up on anything. Last night he was practicing over and over. I would turn around and he would be up again, and taking a few wobbly little steps each time. I took these pics this morning - I have no idea why all the walking pics I seem to take are in his PJ's either!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


...anyone want to hazard a guess what Im on about???? Yippee for me!!!! LOL

Oh, and by the way.......Isaac took his first step today!!!!!! Yah, so proud of my bubba, I had a tear in my eye...not that you could tell through all the clapping and cheering the boys and I were doing for him. Quite chuffed with himself he was too! We even had a little encore performance for Daddy when he got home this afternoon. I tried to get Nathan to get a pic of a step, but Isaac was too distracted by the camera to take any more LOL.

We had a nice family afternoon yesterday. We took the kids down to the beach, and who should be two cars in front of us when we arived and found a park - our next door neighbours LOL The kids were stoked to have them to play with. It wasnt Isaacs first trip to the beach, but it was his first real swim at the beach. He crawled right on into the water and loved it...except for the one time that he got knocked over backwards as he sat in the waves. Of course I had to get a few photos!!! Only had the 'little' camera, but they turned out OK.

Have to pick up the kids school books this week. I just love book collection days. there is just something about all those new books and pens and other goodies. The novelty wears off real quickly when I get them home and have to start covering them all though!!!!

Thursday we've got haircuts. A new hairdresser. My 'old' hairdresser used to come up to our houses and do a group of us every five weeks. She had been doing our hair for years, so we were all a little distraught when she told us last cut that it would be her last. She works full time (not hairdressing any more) and and it ws all geting a bit much. Very sad to see her go. Im going to a friend of my sister who has a salon at home. You know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday!!! I will keep telling myself that! I never had to think about what colour etc I wanted, I just left it upto J, and always loved the colours she managed to mix up. Im sure my new hairdresser will be great. I know her (I actually knew her years ago, before my sister met her at anti natal classes - small world!) and she is great, so all will be fine!

Friday - CREATIVE EDGE!!!! SO excited. Cant wait to do Zinas class! Then Im helping out in one of Kates classes and one of Zinas classes on the Saturday. Then we are heading back to the city again on Sunday for some other stuff. Should be a great weekend - lots of driving though, which is the only downfall about living up in the hills (its only about 45 min drive, but its a VERY windy trip) No kids with me (well Friday & Saturday anyway), so that will be nice too - school holidays are SO long!!!!!

Here is my latest LO for scrapbook station. Transparencies. I used ghost letters, sanded and coloured with pencils on the back, and the large adorable is a cut down transparency overlay (from CI maybe?) which is painted on the back, and layered with rub-on words. Would you believe I think this is the first time I have ever used journalling strips like this. I always love the look on other peoples LOs, but couldnt get them to 'work' for me. Happy with this though. The border is HS tape - lovin this stuff too! Old I know, but Id never owned any up until about a month ago whe I got it REALLY cheap at a sale with a voucher I had won. I remember Janine saying ages ago that I would love it - you know me well!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

swim little fish

Ever since Isaacs first swim (about 1 year ago) when he was about six weeks old we have always sung a little song to him when he goes in the water. At first it was just to relax him, but now he knows that if we start singing "swim little fish, swim little fish, swim, swim, swim...." (for those of you lucky enough to watch play school, you probably know the tune...well the one I sing it too any way, DH has his own version!) he knows its time for a bath, or a shower with Daddy, or a swim in the pool...and he gets so excited.

This kid is just such a water baby.

Today I tightened up his little wahoo vest and put the arm floaties on him and he was off. Kicking his feet, laughing, splashing and a bit of spluttering LOL.
It was funny to watch him, casue when he didnt concetrate on keeping his legs up behind him, his jacket flipped him on to his back.

He soon turned this into a game as well, and thought he was very clever - albeit like a stranded turtle when he flipped as he wasnt quite clever enought to turn back again with out help.

The boys love having him in the pool with them. Caleb is very confident with him and loves having a [short] play with him and tossing him around. Isaac is a lucky boy having two big brothers that dote on him like Caleb & Nathan do.
Nathan took afew pics today for me and I even got Craig to take some of Isaacs most favorite game of all. 1...2...3... and I pull him off the side of the pool and let him go under! Not quite the pics I had envisioned, but a record of our little game at least.

And how could I nearly forget....we had a couple of new arrivals at our house this afternoon. From outer space!!!!! The boys hatched their test tube aliens :0 LOL. Now we have to keep them in the dark for 12 hours a day, feed them, they have little red flashing lights (beating hearts) and apparently they grow into mature aliens in just 14 days. Look out Lilo and Stitch, here comes the Wood boys and ??????? (they do even have names , Mummy just doesnt remember them!)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

one little word

I was reading this weeks AEzine (Ali Edwards newsletter) and just love her concept of chosing a word to focus on through out the year. The word that came to mind straight away for me was Grateful. I want to always remember to be grateful that I am blessed with such a wondeful life. Its all the little things that I so often take for granted that make it so special. I created this LO about my word (and take my word for it, the concept for this LO looked way better in my head - it definately lost something in the translation to reality LOL) Ive left blank tags so I can add something else each month that Im grateful for.

This is a bit of what was in the ezine
" Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2007?It can be something tangible or intangible. It could be a thought or a feeling or an emotion. It can be singular or plural. The key is to find something that has personal meaning for you. This is not your mother's word or your spouse's word or your child's word - this is YOUR word. One little word can have big meaning in your life if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities. And here's one thing that is totally interesting: sometimes a word will pop into your brain and it will not make any sense to you right now. Give it some time. Let it percolate a bit. I have often found that our hearts speak to us in very unique ways. Maybe this is a word you need to hear but just aren't ready for it yet. Again, be open to the possibilities."
(If you want to read more, its here)

What else have we been up to? Last Friday I had Kathie & Jamie up for lunch. Lovely to catch up with them again. The boys have been remarkably well behaved during the holidays - thank goodness! The weather has been great...the kids were on the slip and slide next door yesterday..lots of fun....

Isaac just loves iceblocks, but Im not too keen on the sticky mess (mean mummy I know!!!) so I made him some that were just water and he LOVED them!!! He could hold them himself and they could drip all over him and no one cared LOL

Ive also being trying to get a photo of Issacs weird new habit. He cant see why he needs to use his hands unless absolutely nessesary..he leans forward like this to have a drink with out having to pick it up, and when I offer him a piece of food, he just leans forward and wants to take it with his mouth. Look Mum, no hands....he's a funny monkey!!!

I keep forgetting to mention - the messageboard/forum is up and running again at Scrapbook Station. Come and check out some gorgeous LOs by some really talented gals including LOs by Kathie, Katie, Carol-lea that are on the home page right now. Just click on the messagebaord link to join us all in the forums.

Only about 1 1/2 weeks till I get to catch up with some gorgeous girlies at Creative edge. It will be my first ever class, and Im stoked that its a class by the very talented Zina Wright...I cant wait.

One more photo of my little (est) man to finish off today. Did anyone elses kids crawl like this? A couple of people have commented on his unusual style of late. He scuttles around most of the time like this. Maybe its just the rest of the world thats a bit odd though, cause when Kathie was here last week Jamie has the same gorgeous 'style'!!! (Ok mental note...need to get a few photos of his crawling...just went to grab one to put on here and this is the only one I could find!)

sorry if the text and photo are not matching up in this post..boggers not playing nice today!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 - a pictorial review

I did this as part of my letter to Isaac. It was supposed to be at the end of the last post, but blogger wont play nice anymore.


Goodbye 2006 and welcome 2007!

We had a fun night at a party at a friends place last night. The kids were really good. Caleb crashed at about 1.30am on their couch despite there being tons of other kids there. I finally got Isaac off to sleep in his pram at 12.30am - the little trooper managed to stay up and see the new year in with us! Nathan was still going strong when we left at 2.15am!!! they all had huge sleep ins this morning...the boys and I only crawled out of bed at about 11.00am - heaven! I did have to get up and change Isaac at 8.30am, but I gave him his bottle and he went back to sleep. I must admit I did wake up feeling a little worse for wear and sporting quite a headache! We spent the day (well what was left of it lol) at Craigs sisters place swimming in the pool, lazing in the hammock and generally having a fun day with the kids!

I hope 2007 is a wonderful year for all of you.

My letter to Isaac......

My sweet little Isaac

I cant believe how fast this last year has passed. Last New Years Eve we headed off to celebrate with a 5 week old, and look at you now, 13 months! It’s amazing the transformation that you have gone through in this past year. I miss my tiny new born, but I treasure the beautiful little boy you are becoming!

It wont be long and you will be walking and talking. You have become a charming and sweet little boy, although you are starting to show a real stubborn streak as well. If I take you away from something you want to do, you jump up and down as I try to stand you up, and sometimes you even throw yourself backward from a sitting position if you get really cranky. The other day you found out why that wasn’t a good idea when you tried it out on the tiles. You got a nice little bump on the back of your head and gave yourself quite a scare. At this stage your little tantrums are just too cute to be taken very seriously though – which I think frustrates you further.

Your favourite place to be is outside. You are heartbroken if someone walks out the back door and your not allowed to go to. Your also very clever...you will always crawl over and check if the door is latched properly - you have worked out how to slide it open if its not. You also know the destinctive sight of the light shining in through the toilet or bathroom doors if someone has left them open...you waste no time in going to investigate. Its usually Nathan that runs to close them quickly before you get there. He is good at taking you back to your toys and distracting you with something else.

Sometimes Daddy brings you into my bed for a cuddle in the morning - he has already given you a bottle in bed and you want to play. You give me the biggest sweeetest snuggles, but it doesnt take long for you to catch sight of the little red torch on the bedside cabinet. You sit shining its light on the ceiling and watching it move around. Its amazing how such simple things give you so much pleasure.

Since Christmas you have mastered being able to stand with out holding on to anything. Caleb thinks it’s a great trick and is always standing you in the middle of the room. You love falling on to him and having him stand you back up. Its a cute little game that the two of you play. You lap up the praise. “Clever boy” we all laugh and clap. You get the proudest, cheekiest smile beaming across your face. It wont be long now and Im sure we will see those first tentative little steps. There will be no stopping you then.

You are still really attached to your dummy. “spit that yucky dummy out” I say as I get you out of bed. You giggle and pull it out with an audible pop and let my toss it in your cot. I don’t mind you having it in bed, or in the car, but I need to stop everyone giving it to you the rest of the day. Its pretty hard to learn to talk with a ‘nummy’ in your mouth!

Teddy is still a firm favourite, and you are starting to want to bring him out of the cot to play. He lays on the floor. You see him. You crawl as fast as your little legs will take you and launch yourself onto him and cuddle into his soft fluffy body. aahhhh cuddles for Teddy.

You are such a water baby. It doesnt matter hwere the water is, you love to be in it. The hose, the sprinkler, your wading pool, a big pool, the bath...anything to do with water!

When we go swimming in Auntie Mandys pool you love me to sit you on the side and count 1...2...3....before I pull you in and let you go right under the water. You hold your breath and come up with eyes open wide and a huge smile on your face. Its just so cute! For Christmas Father Christmas gave you a new spring float use in the pool. You love the freedom this gives you - no one has to hold you, and you can play with the dive balls at the same time.

We have been on quite a few holidays this year…Wallaroo in February, Horsham in June, Houseboat trip in July and Kangaroo Island in September. You have always travelled well, and seem to adapt to the massive changes in routine relatively easily. You love to see new things and experience new places. Not much seems to really faze you.

Your 1st birthday and Christmas have seen our house filled once again with the sights and sounds of little boys toys. You love playing with them all, and its double the fun if your brothers or Daddy join in as well. You are just as happy playing with a ball or a box or screwing up the junk mail as with the multitude of toys in your various toy baskets scattered through out the house.

I love you my sweet little bubba! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. May 2007 be filled with much love and happiness for us all.

Mummy xxx