Monday, November 17, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray....

....its Isaacs birthday!
Well he doesnt actually turn three until Wednesday, but yesterday was his party. We had a wonderful day at the Farm Barn with friends and family.
When we arrived there was time for everyone to get up close and personal with the animals. Isaac loved.....feeding the guinea pigs
.....riding the tractor
.....and bottle feeding lambs
Then it was time to sit and watch the show. Being the birthday boy there was lots of participation from Isaac. He showed no signs of the clingyness which he has sometimes taken too lately. From the time he threw his arms in the air and shouted "I here" when the farmer asked where Isaac the birthday boy was, he was right in the middle of the show. He was totally unfased going up in front of everyone to see how old the sheep was by helping to count its teeth, or to have a go at milking the cow.
Then it was out to the wildlife area to feed emus, deer, kangaroos and wallabies.

We had a picnic area reserved for us, so once the kids started to get restless we headed over there and had a picnic lunch. Then finally it was time to sing Hip Hooray....of course with the obligatory throwing up of the arms on each hooray!

and time to blow the candles out. We had to relight them for Isaac to blow out, as the wind and his cousin Riley beat him to it the first time LOL. He wasnt worried though, and insisted on singing all of Happy Birthday to himself, including the hip horrays before he would blow them out! I think the wind may have just beaten him to it again, but he was so excited he didnt seem to notice!
Since we were at the farm barn I wanted a animal birthday cake. Isaac loves Shaun the sheep, and so that was perfect choice. Finished off with a few piggie and cow cupcakes of course - whats a party without cupckaes!!?!
He excitedly unwrapped all his lovely presents, had another play with the animals, and then was finally able to give out the party bags! Filled with goodies to say a special thank you to all his friends for helping him celebrate his 3rd birthday.

By about 1.45pm we loaded up all the very tired kids and headed home. It was an awesome day. There arn't to many places where you can go that are fun for all ages. Jacinta loved it, Isaac loved it, Caleb & Nathan loved it, and Craig and I loved it.