Sunday, April 20, 2008

8 weeks ...already

Since this post has been in draft form since Jacinta turned 8 weeks on Sunday, I thought I would post it incomplete today (Wednesday). I will get around to typing out her 8 week letter soon, but until then I will just share the pics I plan to include...

...8 weeks and so many cute clothes. of your favorite places for a nap...

....reaching out to touch the toys on your rocker... little chubba bubba in her very cute cloth nappies...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

living life

Life seems rather busy at the moment, thankfully tomorrow is the last day of school lunches and uniforms for a couple of weeks, but the start of at least four kids home all day everyday!

So what have we been up to for the last couple of weeks....

The older two boys had their school sports day and both did really well. They both came proudly home with a few ribbons, and to top the day off their team - GOLD, won the day.

Very exciting as that hasnt happened very often while we have been at the school. Caleb also competed in SAPSASA athletics yesterday and their school finished fifth overall, and first in their 'division'.

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a baby sling. I wanted something that was quick and easy to use. I can pop Jacinta in here to go into the shops, or into school and have two hands free - well one once you take into account the other little hand Im usually holding at the same time. Its been fantastic and Jacinta LOVES it. She is so settled that Ive made another one out of some nice snuggly fleece. Its a godsend in the evenings when she is really unsettled. From about 6pm - 9pm is her grizzly, hold me, needy time...yep right on tea time, bath time, kids bed times, etc. The sling is fantastic as I can do just about anything with her snuggled up happy and content...

How cute are these!!! We have used up all our newborn disposable nappies and I am now on the road to becoming a cloth nappy convert. I never thought that day would come, but as you can see, cloth nappies have come a long way since plain old square flat nappies. Modern cloth nappies - or MCN as they are known (yes there is a whole lingo to go with them as well) are gaining in popularity as people look for more sustainable and eco friendly options to disposable nappies. Most of the all in one nappies are as simple to use as disposables, and some are just to cute for words!!! The little green and purple number was a gift from my friend Nat who has just started her own nappy making business (PATOOTIES) pop by her blog and check out the little cuties modelling this nappy!!!At the moment we are only using them part time. I need some more boosters (layers of absorbant fabric stitched together) to put in my magicalls (the bright coloured nappies at the end of the row), so Ive ordered some bamboo to sew some up, then we will be using them most of the time... while we are at home at least. It is taking a bit to get used to the slightly larger tooshie that the mcn give Jacinta, but Im getting used to the look and feel of it now. Its nice not to have quite so many 'sposies' going into the bin each week. Once we get onto the tiolet training with Isaac it will be even less.

Isaac is coping really well with loosing his place as the 'baby' of the family. He loves to help out (which is often far less helpful than he thinks!) His Teddy and dummy have been getting a fair work out though. I think it is his way of reassuring himself. Teddy even gets nappies changed - and has progressed to being a mcn user too [guess who 'borowed that very cute little nappy Nattie? :o)] he also has his very own teddy sling...just like 'cintas!Today (well yesterday as its now Thursday as I finish this post!) we set up Isaacs big boy bed. The cot is now nearly packed away, ready to come out again when Jacinta needs it. This is the bed when it was first set up (thanks for your help Jode!)
and this is my baby about 1 hour after we put him into bed last night,

snug as a bug and sound asleep (with Nathan sound asleep in his top bunk) He did come out and visit about five times in that hour, but let us put him back into bed with out too much fuss. He had a good couple of hours nap this afternoon too, and only came back out once! He looks so tiny in that great big bed, but he is growing up so fast now.

Sunday we took the boys to a wildlife park. It was great to have a bit of family time, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Isaac managed to get his finger snapped by some big weird bird (brolga?) but it didnt phase him at all. You can pat and feed the kangaroos and wallabies which all the kids loved. You actually buy a packet of peanuts or milk coffee biscuits to feed them !!! Isaac was happy to feed the first biscuit to the kangaroo, but after that "I need more bicit" was always followed by "Issac eat it?... not kangroo!" Jacinta slept in her own little pouch for most of the time we were there.

Jacinta turned six weeks on Sunday, and on Moday I decided to do a little photo shoot. She is loosing that newborn look already. Some days Im afraid if I blink she will have already become a toddler! Both of these shots are ideas taken from the gorgeous Katie. Her skills with children and families photography are just stunning. Gotta say, you can definately tell the difference between using a point and shoot camera, and a professional set up. It would help me immensely if I actually got my DSLR out of the cupboard and played around with that, but I just havnt had time, so this is better than nothing. It would be even better if Katie lived closer and I could get her to take them ;) seriously trying to feed, set up, feed, settle, arrange, settle and photograph a baby all by yourself is one long, long process! The second pic ihas been turned into a card that I gave my Doctor as a thank you to put in his office baby album, and I did one for the doctor and midwives involved in her delivery and care as well. (They have a photo board at the hospital they put picks of bubs delivered there)

Well I will leave you with a couple of snaps of my gorgeous babies that I took this morning when we were hanging out on Isaacs new bed!!!! (for those of you who know about my ongoing dummy saga...problem solved. I finally found some of these Tommy Tippee dummies that she likes. they are the same cherry shape as the happy baby ones that I have issues with, but are quite a bit cuter!!! and even cheaper LOL)

PS oops I nearly forgot - Happy Anniversary for yesterday to Katie & Brett and Rozzie & Clint, who all share the same anniversary date as Craig and I. We celebrated 13 years of being married yesterday!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day.