Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The countdown is on....

I just looked at the little counter thing on here and on EB and there is only 38 days till our little bubbas due date....so probably (hopefully LOL) a few days less than that till she actually arrives - eeekkkkk that seems so close now, and there is still so much to get done.

Belly update.....feeling huge, everything is uncomfortable, and awkward. Not sure how much more this belly can stretch LOL.

Ready for bubs arrival - NOT!!!! Did one huge wash of clothes etc, it was so cute to see all that pink hanging on the line.Started sanding back the wardrobe ready to paint - got bored of that real quick....perhaps when the boys are back at school next week I might try and get it finished.

The treehouse dinky daisy pink wall paper border I won on ebay never arrived, and the seller hasnt answered any of my emails GRRRRRRRRRRR...not like it cost me heaps, but it matches the cot linen etc I got, and I want it!!!!! fingers crossed.

Been checking out lots of stuff on etsy lately. Ordered myself this gorgeous silver pendant yesterday...present from Craig when bubs is born LOL its buy it myself in this house or miss out!!!

As soon as I saw it, I loved it. Reminds me of our little family. The two swirls at the bottom are Craig and I... joined by marriage (the heart)...linked forever to our four children, symbolised by the four loops at the top. Yeh I know way to much thinking by the hormonal pregnant lady LOL but for some reason thats just what came to mind as soon as I saw it.

I also love these funky nappy bags.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm......might have to wait till I save up a bit more $$$$$$$$ before contemplating if I really need one!

We spent last weekend away at a beach house with some friends. Had a nice relaxing break before bubs arrived. the kids were really good.....lots of swimming, boogie boarding and bike riding - boy did they eat and sleep well!

Only a few more days till the kids are back at school! They are looking forward to going back, especially Caleb who will be in a 6/7 class this year with a great teacher, who he has heard is really good. He is really looking forward to it. Nath has the same teacher as last year, and is looking forward to getting back with all his mates. We havnt really done that much over the holidays. Ive not had the energy really! Thank goodness for the Xbox they got for christmas, boys to play with next door, the mulberry tree down the road and their bikes and scooters, and a few well timed sleep overs with friends and family! Been plenty to keep them amused most of the time. Ive got all their books etc, just need to get motivated to get it all named.......and pick up the school shoes off layby...and get Caleb some new sneakers....and dig out some school uniforms because the new stuff I ordered isnt arriving at the school till the first day....must get on to all of that.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

'twas the season.....

Christmas rundown for 2007.......

7th Dec - Nathan & Isaac decorating the tree. Caleb was helping put up the lights outside.
....all done!

11th Dec - Food for the end of year school parties (thanks for the inspiration for these Nat!) 15th Dec - Caleb & Nathan were shepards in the living nativity. The boys have been a part of this nearly every year, since they played baby Jesus the year they were born.
23rd Dec- Local Christmas Pageant, Caleb & Nathan were in it with the school. Isaac & Teddy had lots of fun watching!24th Dec - Everything set up ready for Christmas lunch tommorrow

25th Dec - unwrapping pressies ......Lunch at our place
27th Dec - Georgia came to play while auntie Vic hit the post Christmas sales
31st Dec - Chilling in the pool for New Years Eve. Isaac spent most of the time jumping in,
and was exhausted and in bed by 7.30pm. We eventually dragged the others out at about 11.30pm!
Happy New Year everyone! Huge hugs to a few of my friends who are dong it really tough atm, due to different reasons. I hope this year is the beginning of new things for you!