Tuesday, August 28, 2007

two posts in one day!!!!!

I know, I go a whole month with out posting, then manage two in one day!!! I SCRAPPED this morning, and got a whole LO finished. I thought my mojo had gone awol with this pregnancy LOL May have something to do with the fact I got stuck in and cleaned up my desk yesterday...nothing more inspiring than actually having a space on the desk to scrap LOL. This is my first LO for this pregnancy.
I also had this LO in SM this month. Dont think Ive posted in on my blog before.

On the scrapping front I still have my awards for excellence entry sitting on my desk. Im a shocker for getting things posted off. I still have to do the materials lists etc before it can go. If it gets there, it gets there!!!!! Thank goodness for express post, at least i have another couple days to decide.

Since I last posted there is lots of exciting news around! Big congrats to Steph who welcomed a little baby girl into the world, to Kate who announced she is expecting twins, and to Isaacs God mother Ange who is expecting her third just after me...babies everywhere!!!! Just as well a girl is already pregnant or Id be feling really clucky by now LOL

19....20....21 months

Dear Isaac
Well forgive me for being so slack with your monthly letters, but just as you turned 19 months Mummy and Daddy got a huge suprise when we found out you were going to become a big brother. Mummy has been grappling with bouts of morning sickness (more like all day sickness) and feeling guilty about how much quality time Im not spending with you. It seems like Ive spent the last few months laying on the lounge, grumpy and feeling sick. It should get better soon little man!!!

We spent a week at the beach during the school holidays, it was lovely to get away as a family. Lots of walks on the beach, a trip to greenhills adventure park...you loved it all. You even slept in a big bed (with a saftey rail). The last few months have seen you develop quite a personality. You are extremely stubborn and like everything your own way. Unfortunately this is causing quite a bit of grief!!!! Your spoken language is still very limited, and so you have taken to squealing....loudly!!!!! Its driving us all crazy. You also have started grabbing a toy and bashing it on the coffee table when you get angry. I know a lot of it is frustration at not being able to talk much, but hat doesnt make it any easier to deal with , especially while mummy is feeling so ordinary.

On the flip side you can be the most loving little thing. You give us lots of cuddles and cute little kisses. You love to be right in the middle of what ever is going on. When daddy is around you are a real daddys boy....a good thing considering you wont be the absolute centre of attention for that much longer. You laugh uncontrolably, your are really ticklish and you frown at us all the time..its so cute!!!!!!
You arnt the most sociable little boy. you love being around older children, but around kids your own age you tend to pull hair and grab faces - not a good way to make friends!!!!! The only one you havnt tried this on is Jamie - lucky Jamie!!!! I know we should get out more to playgroup or visiting other little kids your age, but playgroups are always at your sleep times, which doesnt make for a fun outing, and I just dont seem to have the energy to get out and about at the moment.

The other day you managed the words "mumma baby" while we were looking at the ultrasound pictures of our new little one. It melted Mummys heart.

I love you my little man....to the moon and back!!!!
Mummy xxx