Sunday, December 09, 2007

Merry Christmas little bubba

How cute is this...Its a fisher price nativity. You push down the little angel on the top and it plays silent night. Im not usually one for 'cutesy' nativities, but I loved this one as soon as I saw it. Its a Christmas present for my unborn bubba...we have set it up already though so that Isaac can actually touch and play with one of the decorations, and of course so that bubba can listen to the music!

We put the tree up and decorated the house on Friday night. Its starting to feel a lot like christmas! I have to put up my nativity today, then I will post some tree and decoration pics.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Time for an update!

Time seems to be whizzing by quickly at the moment. Only this week and next week of school left, Isaacs 2nd birthday has been and gone, preparations for christmas seem to be in full swing (except at our house...must do something about that!), and Ive only got about 12 weeks of this pregnancy to go.

Ill fill in the details with photos......
Isaac and I spent the actual morning of his birthday with my Mum doing some xmas shopping. She got Isaac a huge muffin and his very own 'coffee' baby chino for morning tea...he was delighted!We also popped by to see Santa. I wasnt sure how Isaac would react this year. He has been starting to get frightened of things lately. He is terrified of the posties bike motor bike at the moment...never worried him before. He loved him! He sat and chatted (gabbled) away to him for ages, they let me take my own photos, he got a little gift and gave Santa a big cuddle before we eventually dragged him away.

Isaac has always been a real water baby..nothing has changed! (if you want to see a pic from last year, the huggies site is using a shot of Isaac on the promotions page for this years little swimmers competition...very proud Mummy here!) He has loved these hot days when he can get out and splash around in a few cm of water in his little pool. Thankfully we have enough rain water to let him play with all ends up on the thirsty lawn anyway! We have also been for a few swims in SIL pool, and a trip to the beach.

So I have done a little christmas preparation. Ive designed my Christmas cards and had them just have to get them in the post LOL Im amazed that Caleb actually co-operated and put the Christmas hat on for the photo - sure that wont happen for many more years with out some serious bribery !

Finally a couple of belly shots. My 18 week shot is on this LO....

and this is 24 weeks

Im due to get Nathan to take some 28 week shots in the next couple of days, so I will share some more then. Ive definately popped out more since this one was taken. Everything is going well with the pregnancy. Seems to be lots of pregnant people around atm...Ive got a few friends expecting. One of them (Craigs cousin Angie...Isaacs god mother) is due only a couple of days after me, so thats exciting. It was wonderful to catch up with her and her family last weekend while they were holidaying in Adelaide. Belly rubs to all those other gorgeous and precious little bundles still in thier Mummies tummies!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hiphip hooray

So cute........................... as everyone finished singing happy birthday to Isaac last night, he threw his arms in the air and yelled hiphip ray, then clapped his little hands together and repeated it over and over again as everyone played along hoorayed with him each time. Two is such a cute age age (most of the time LOL).We had a lovely family party last night. The weather was beautiful, the food yummy and the birthday boy obliged and had a three hour sleep before his guests arrived, so was in a fantastic mood all night.The cake..mmmmmmmmmmmm...definately not my finest achievement!!! but Isaac loved it and knew it was scoop so thats the most important thing. He didnt care that the icing was messy, and the cab had a precarious lean. It was bob and coop, and it had coclates for dirt! It actually doesnt look to bad in this shot. It was one of those cakes best viewed from a distance!

He was spoilt with lots of gorgeous pressies. Bob DVDs, a scrambler toy (from bob the builder) a bob tool belt (are you seeing a pattern here LOL..he loves Bob atm), a little digger toy, and a little tykes rocking horse. We gave him one of his pressies yesterday - a new bike. He has to wait till Monday to get the other bits and pieces weve got for him. Nothing like spreading your birthday out for days!

Thank goodness we decided to have his party yesterday instead of today. Its going to be 37 today. Needless to say we are going to visit SIL for a dip in the pool this afternoon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Time to Celebrate

Tomorrow we are having a party to celebrate Isaacs second birthday. (His actual birthday isnt until Monday) I cant believe its been two years since he came into our lives! Happy Birthday little man!!!! I thought Id share some pics from the last two years to show just how much my sweetpea has grown up! They are about every four months. Just as well there is another bub on the way, or Id be feeling even sadder about the 'loss' of his babyhood!!!!

I know Ive been a very slack blogger lately, but I just dont seem to get around to updating much. Everything is going really well with my pregnancy. My belly is expanding rapidly. Im 25 weeks today, and Im sure with the lead up to christmas and new year that the time left will fly by.....well here's hoping LOL!!!!

Before I forget...............HUGE birthday hugs to Jamie who turns two tommorrow!!!! Have a wonderful day mate - sorry we couldnt be there, we will be thinking of you!

ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the photos jsut wont line up properly!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

transformation & new toys

As much as I love this....
it will have to become a little girls room at some stage, so Ive been searching for many choices (if the budget was unlimited!!!)
I was rearranging everything in there yesterday (we have guests coming and they will sleep in there) and said something about being sad about having to paint over the beautiful blue wall........Craigs comment -"well why do you need to change that?....suppose that means you will want new curtains too!" Well YES!!!!!!! what did he think, his wish of this bub being a girl would come true, and after three boys I would just pop her in a nice blue nursery -ummmmmmm NO WAY. I finally get m,y cahnce to let loose LOL
Ive also got a couple of new toys to play with.
Craig got me a new phone last week.

Its been years since I updated my trusty old mobile, now I have this flash little phone. It will probably take me years to work out how to use it LOL

More excitingly (is that a word?) I have one of these to play with too.

My friend has updated to the latest 400D and Im having a play to decide if I want to buy this one off Im going to give it back!!!!! Complete with camera bag, filters, 18-55mm lens and a 90-300mm zoom lens. Im lovin' it LOL although Ive only used the auto settings....manual will take me the rest of my life to master I think!

Yippeeeeeeee the kids go back to school tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive got my cousin and her two kids arriving for a week today. So excited to see them! I havnt even met baby (8mnths) Coops yet. It will be nice to have some adult company. I best get and finish off the housework before they arrive.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ive been shopping

for someone really special !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cute are teeny, tiny are they, and dont you just LOVE the colours....hint, hint, hint!!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More to share

Its been a while since I posted. Ive turned another year older in that time!!!! Happy Birthday also to Mel and Katie who have both had birthdays, and a HUGE Happy Birthday to my best friend Sabine, who officially is old again today LOL!!!! (Our birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart, but because she is a year older than me, we are the same age for those few weeks)
Ive been scrapping a bit. Here is a new one from the other week. "that scrapbook thing is exactly right" were Calebs words when he checked it out!

Not often a managed to snap a decent photo of him either - well decent except for all that mop of hair (which he loves) Im hoping he will have it all chopped off during the holidays - fingers crossed!!!

Ive also got this LO in the latest SM. It was a tinkering ink product challenge.

22 months

Goodness me little man, its only eight weeks until you turn two years old! Im really not ready for that!

This month has finally seen your spoken language skills developing. You will have a go at repeating nearly everything, and are trying to say a lot more words all the time. You wander around the house all day..."Muuuuummy, Muuuuummy, Muuuumy" - so cute, well at least it was for a couple of days, its starting to wear a bit thin now though! "Go away" was really one of the first things you said clearly, NO!, digdig (the diggers across the road atm) your own little version of grandma which sounds a bit like gama and which she just loves, "car", "juice", "ou sigh" (outside - your favourite place), "Daddy", "nana" (banana), "bo bo" (botbot/bottle) are just a few of the words we are hearing all the time. oohhh I nearly forgot you can also say "baby". When I ask wheres mummys baby, you point to your tummy and say baby, and you love to plant big kisses on mummys tummy and say oohhh baby - very cute. Im not so sure that you will be quite as excited once this baby arrives, and your position as the youngest and the total centre of attention is gone.

We have also caught up with your great nanna Green a couple of times in the past few months. She adores you as you always have big smiles for her, and are happy to sit on her lap and have a cuddle. You are so blessed to have three of your great grand parents still in your life, and even luckier that two of them are quite close by.

Its always fun to watch you playing with toys. Sometimes I find you playing with YOUR toys, you know the ones that are age appropriate, its so nice to see you sitting there, stacking and posting, and manipulating the parts of your many toys. You do love those that make noises and play music, and you know where the on/off switches are on them all too!!!! You love to turn the music on and dance away, or put your 'bob' hat on and get me to sing the bon the builder song while you dance. Most of the time I find you with a spider man toy, or a transformer, or the boys little lego blocks. I know you want to be just like your big brothers, in fact I think that you see yourself as just like them already, but there is so much time for that, so many years of a boys life filled with super heroes and action figures...lets just enjoy the delights of being a little boy for a while longer, that stage is so much more fleeting and everyday of it needs to be savoured.

By far your favourite place to be is outside. The days are getting longer, and the sun is getting that gorgeous spring warmth during the day. You are so happy pottering around in the yard. Riding your little bike, pretending to water the pots with the big watering can, pushing your trucks around the yard or digging in the sandpit.

You are starting to take a lot more intrerest in books as well. Your favourites are full of animals, or things with wheels. The one you enjoy most though is a story called 'theres a house inside my mummy'. Of course its all about a little boy whos Mummy is pregnant and then has a baby - a little brother - perhaps its an omen that we are going to be blessed with yet another little boy!
My gorgeous little Isaac, I love you - heaps!!!!
Mummy xxxx

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

back in the swing of things

Its nice to be feeling good again. I missed blogging regularly, I missed scrapping regularly, I missed feeling like having fun with the kids, and believe it or not I even missed housework (well that was a VERY temporary feeling LOL). Morning sickness sucks!
Now we are back to regular programming, I got most of my housework done this morning and then scrapped again while Isaac slept. I had these papers out from yesterday...more photos from the other day as well...same colours, so I decided to use the stuff Id pulled out and not used on the spring LO! Much flowers (although I was tempted to use one right where the little circle of brads and star is!) Quick and simple, just 1 1/2 hours. Im terrible for placing things on the page and not wanting to stick them down, so today the challenge was to stick it all down as I went, and just keep adding to it. The most time consuming bit was painting the chipboard letters...I hate waiting for paint to dry! Lots of Junkitz & Scenic Route frm my EDM prize, which Ive hardly put a dent in yet! I even cleaned my desk up again after I finished - I honestly dont know how I get in such a mess!

The kids have their school variety night tonight. Each class does a small preformance. The boys seem quite excited about it....Im trying LOL

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I scrapped again!!!

Yippee, I think my mojo has returned....and the morning sickness seems to have nearly gone...might have something to do with each other I suspect. I woke up this morning and had that itch to scrap, so I did!!! I seem to have a bit of a thing for kraft c/s....I know Im a little behnd the times from when it was the trendy thing to use, but I like it now and thats what me anyway LOL. and yes that is a VERY old autumn leaves stitched rub on dragonfly....I used it on a piece of acetate, and then added kindy glitz to the top. (For my reference when I cant rememebr for the life of me what products I used on here - MME Bohemia clear frame & Magnolia PP; HS flower; AL stitched rub on; SEI tab; ricrac; buttons; date stamp)

Dont you just love these gorgeous warm days we are starting to get. Its still freezing here at night, but we have had a few beautiful warm days.....ah what bliss, outside with the warmth of the sun....can you tell I quite enjoy spring. I dont like feeling hot, and I dont like feeling cold, so spring and autumn tend to suit me just fine!

We had a lovely BBQ for Fathers Day on Sunday with Craigs family. I saw my Dad Saturday cause he was working on Sunday :(

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

two posts in one day!!!!!

I know, I go a whole month with out posting, then manage two in one day!!! I SCRAPPED this morning, and got a whole LO finished. I thought my mojo had gone awol with this pregnancy LOL May have something to do with the fact I got stuck in and cleaned up my desk yesterday...nothing more inspiring than actually having a space on the desk to scrap LOL. This is my first LO for this pregnancy.
I also had this LO in SM this month. Dont think Ive posted in on my blog before.

On the scrapping front I still have my awards for excellence entry sitting on my desk. Im a shocker for getting things posted off. I still have to do the materials lists etc before it can go. If it gets there, it gets there!!!!! Thank goodness for express post, at least i have another couple days to decide.

Since I last posted there is lots of exciting news around! Big congrats to Steph who welcomed a little baby girl into the world, to Kate who announced she is expecting twins, and to Isaacs God mother Ange who is expecting her third just after me...babies everywhere!!!! Just as well a girl is already pregnant or Id be feling really clucky by now LOL

19....20....21 months

Dear Isaac
Well forgive me for being so slack with your monthly letters, but just as you turned 19 months Mummy and Daddy got a huge suprise when we found out you were going to become a big brother. Mummy has been grappling with bouts of morning sickness (more like all day sickness) and feeling guilty about how much quality time Im not spending with you. It seems like Ive spent the last few months laying on the lounge, grumpy and feeling sick. It should get better soon little man!!!

We spent a week at the beach during the school holidays, it was lovely to get away as a family. Lots of walks on the beach, a trip to greenhills adventure loved it all. You even slept in a big bed (with a saftey rail). The last few months have seen you develop quite a personality. You are extremely stubborn and like everything your own way. Unfortunately this is causing quite a bit of grief!!!! Your spoken language is still very limited, and so you have taken to squealing....loudly!!!!! Its driving us all crazy. You also have started grabbing a toy and bashing it on the coffee table when you get angry. I know a lot of it is frustration at not being able to talk much, but hat doesnt make it any easier to deal with , especially while mummy is feeling so ordinary.

On the flip side you can be the most loving little thing. You give us lots of cuddles and cute little kisses. You love to be right in the middle of what ever is going on. When daddy is around you are a real daddys boy....a good thing considering you wont be the absolute centre of attention for that much longer. You laugh uncontrolably, your are really ticklish and you frown at us all the time..its so cute!!!!!!
You arnt the most sociable little boy. you love being around older children, but around kids your own age you tend to pull hair and grab faces - not a good way to make friends!!!!! The only one you havnt tried this on is Jamie - lucky Jamie!!!! I know we should get out more to playgroup or visiting other little kids your age, but playgroups are always at your sleep times, which doesnt make for a fun outing, and I just dont seem to have the energy to get out and about at the moment.

The other day you managed the words "mumma baby" while we were looking at the ultrasound pictures of our new little one. It melted Mummys heart.

I love you my little the moon and back!!!!
Mummy xxx

Thursday, July 26, 2007

my final secret is out!!!!

This months FK is finally out and Im one of the 10 winners of their EDM album competition!!!! Ive know for quite a while now, and boy was that a hard secret to keep to myself. The entire album is above this post for those of you who are interested in seeing it.
I was so excited when I got the call all those months ago, and now cant wait to see the mag and the LOs that are showcased in there, and to find out who the other winners are - CONGRATS to you all. I was so happy with my finished album, and it was just the icing on the cake to recieve one of the prizes. Talk about happy mail - an awesome boxful of goodies. $1000 worth of product!

Check it all out. Thanks to FK & ASS and all the sponsors for their generosity.

These are the monthly themes and the LOs I did for each one -

July 2006 – FAMILY (Sponsor - JUNKITZ)
‘New Cousin’ (includes junkitz onsert), ‘These Guys’, ‘Great Grandma x 2’
August 2006 – SNAPSHOTS
(Sponsor – SEI)
‘Cry Baby’ (includes SEI onsert), ‘Toe Fluff’, ‘Mess’, ‘Big Sloppy Kiss’
September 2006 – CELEBRATIONS
‘One’ (includes Sassafrass Lass onsert),‘Silly Santa Hat’, ‘You complete Us’, ‘Celebrate Life’
October 2006 – HOME
‘SAHM’ (includes MMM onsert), ‘Redecorate’, ‘Dream’, ‘Giddy Up’
November 2006 – SEASONS
‘Banana Season’ (includes CC onsert) , ‘Always’, ‘Splash’
December 2006 – MY LIFE
(Sponsor – HEIDI SWAPP)
‘Teddy’ (contains Heidi Swapp onsert), ‘Laughter’, ‘Bathtime blues’
January 2007 – RELAX
(Sponsor – Li’l DAVIS)
‘Stretch’ (contains Li’l Davis onsert), ‘Brothers’, ‘Cuddle U Pillow’
February 2007 – CREATIVITY & HOBBIES
‘Draw’ (contains Strano onsert), ‘New Perspective’, ‘Shoe Collection’

I think I used pretty much exclusively sponsors products through the entire album. Even the white cardtock bases are SEI page protector inserts! I made the actual album myself.

While I remember Ive been tagged by Miss Kathie! Thanks for your congrats too gorgeous! Im now officially nominated as a rockin' girl blogger

Check out the link to see what it's all about. Spreading the love :)

Now Ive got to find five deserving scrappers to pass on this nomination too...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

2. Roz (as long as she shares some of that divine strawberry pie!)

3. Nat

4. Kate

5. Steph (asssuming she isnt off giving birth right now!)

Lastly I will leave you with some more life journal pages. I havnt done all that many lately as Ive been feeling pretty crappy, but here they are anyway!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Time for an update!

Well its been quite a while since I updated, but there are good reasons for that! I will just do point form or we will be here forever!!!!
The main reason is that I have been feeling pretty off for the last few weeks. Queezy and vomiting on and off most of the day - morning sickness!!!! Yes we are expecting baby #4 (our surprise package!) in late February 2008!

I found out just after Isaac turned 19 months, consequently I didnt quite get around to his 19 month letter. Since he went 20 months yesterday I will get to one in the next few days - hopefully.

My boy turns 10 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caleb!!! I cant believe 10 years has gone by so quickly! Im starting to feel old!

Craig also celebrated a birthday last Friday - Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Its nearing the end of school holidays here, we spent the first week on a nice relaxing family holiday down at Normanville. Had good weather, spent a day at Greenhills adventure park, which was fantastic. Lots of walks on the beach, and family time. Nice and relaxing until the moring sickness started tightening its grip on me over the last couple of days! Ive got heaps of photos to share, but they can wait for another day.

Huge congratulations to Janine and her family, who welcomed their newest addition a couple of days ago - a beautiful little girl named Kaitlyn Maree. CONGRATULATIONS guys, and welcome to the world little Kaitlyn!

Whilst Im on congratulations - Congrats to Nat and her family on the speedy arrival of their precious little daughter Lani Faith. That was a few weeks ago now (actually the day I found out I was pregnant!!!) but as I said, its been a while since I blogged!

I got the latest SM yesterday to show my sister the LO of her little girl in it...this is what it should look like...

Next is what it looks like in the mag GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR........not real happy that my 81/2 x 11 got turned into a 12x12 just to fit in their vacant spot!

I also owe quite a few people emails that are embarrasingly overdue (especially Shazz - sorry sweetie!) They are all sitting in my inbox, and I will get around to getting back to you all. Sorry.

Well think I need to go and veg on the lounge again. My tummy is getting queezy yet again - Im not to bad in the mornings, but the later it gets in the day, the worse I feel!

I will update again soon - hopefully with another bit of VERY exciting news to share - finally! and with some photos, and Isaacs letter etc etc etc!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Journal

Some more life journal pages.[It turns out these were the last photos the little camera took. I found a bargain at myer yesterday - Canon powershot A530 for $129! It is 5meg, 4 x zoom - apart from the extra mp it is pretty much the same as the 'old' one - great for the kids & DH, they dont have to learn how to use it!]

These are the other LOs I had in this months SM. My first article - for the telling tales feature - Journalling Boxes. A LO in the fabric gallery called Adored & an EK success product challenge, Follow me.