Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Creative Edge

For any of you considering attending the Creative Edge event in Adelaide next January the programme of classes is on the site now. WOW what a line up. The classes sound fantastic and the teachers are the extremely talented - Samantha Dorn, Kate Mason, Steph Caskey-Devlin & Zina Wright ! Speaking of extremely talented, big welcome to Carol Lea who has joined the Scrapbook Station DT. Looking forward to 'working' with you!

Ive got some more birthday pics, but I will post them when I get the others from Sabine. I wanted to share this one from yesterday though. New pool (c/o Sabine, Pete & Monice) and new bathers (c/o Auntie Mandy & family) what else could a boy want!!!

There is one other thing I wanted to share. It is the most gorgeous mini book that Kathie made for Isaac for his birthday. It is just divine! Thank You so much Kathie, we both love it!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Isaac

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little one....

I know I keep telling you, but time really seems to be going by so quickly. It doesnt seem like a whole year ago since I cradled your newborn body in my arms for that very first time. Now you are turning one. You have learnt so much in these first twelve months. You have gone from the complete dependance of a new born, to a sweet, cheeky and much loved part of our family.

You are finally sleeping through the night regularly...thank goodness! You love your food, and have developed a very sweet tooth. You can pull yourself up on the furniture, and with the aid of the same little walker toy that helped both of your brothers take their first tentative steps, you are able to take a wobbly little walk all by yourself. Your fingers grip the handle tightly. Your legs are stiff and you almost drag them along as the walker moves forward and the top half of your body goes with it. You have a determined look of concentration on your face until somone catches your eye and the biggest cheeky and proud grin appears instantly.

You still dont say many recognisable words, although you babble away to yourself all the time. Mum mum the occassional da da, and oggie oggie oggie are heard often, and when ever I sing twinkle twinkle to you you sing along with the sweetest little sounds and actions all of your own.
When we play with your duckies in the bath each night and I ask "what does the duckie say?", you grin and make your own version of the quack quack sound I am making.

You can clap hands and wave goodbye and hello. You are so funny to watch when your waving. Your wave changes depending on how people wave to you. Somtimes its a frantic waving of your whole arm, other times its like the royal wave, or just a little movement of the fingers - so cute! When we take something away from you, or your not allowed to have something you want, you drop that lip and start screaming in a split second. That noise ends just as dramatically if you manage to get your own way, or we give you something else. Your definatley developing your own little personality.

You have learned to blow raspberries...big sloppy, noisy, cheeky raspberries. Its a skill you like to practice often!!!

You love to be cuddled, and when you want to get up you tug on my leg or lay your head gently on my knee. Its melts my heart when I pick you up and you snuggle your head into me and your arms drape around my neck. I know its your way of saying I love you Mummy and it is just so adorable. Your brothers are constantly telling you that your cute enough to eat, and you love it when they pick you up and carry you around with them. When Daddy is home you demand his attention constantly. When you are excited your whole body stiffens and trembles and you make a long deep giggling noise which never fails to crack everyone up laughing. You have mastered the art of climbing the plastic stairs on the little slipperydip and the play gym - although you have no idea what to do once you reach the top. You can open cupboards and drawers, you push your cars along making a noise thats sounding more and more like brrmm brrmm.

On the day of your first birthday we celebrated with a birthday brunch at home. It was a fairly warm 34 degree day, so we were outside under the pergola. We decorated with blue ballons and silver stars and ate eggs, bacon, hash browns, roast tomatoes, waffles, pancakes, toast, sweet muffins, fruit platters, and a dump truck birthday cake. There were 14 adults and 14 kids all here to spoil you and make your first birthday a special day. You recieved lots of beautiful gifts, and spent the day eating and playing with your new toys. I think you managed to try a bit of every sort of food that was available. You were such a good boy. You had a few hours sleep in the morning and woke just as your first guests arrived. Once everyone arrived you were a little overwhelmed, but after a few reasuring cuddles with Grandma you got used to it all and had a lovely day. As we relaxed in the late afternoon you had such fun playing with the piles of balloons that were left.

We all love you so much my sweet little man, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

PS I will share some more photos of the party later when I get them from Sabine. She took some gorgeous cake eating shots etc!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday.....

just a quick post to wish Kathies little boy Jamie a wonderful 1st birthday today. I hope your day is filled with lots of love and kisses and that you get spoilt rotten little buddy.

Im trying to get organised for Isaacs 1st birthday on Sunday - geting there slowly LOL

I just cant believe how quickly the year has gone!!!!

Im having coffee with Michelle this morning, so it will be lovely to catch up and check out her gorgeous work as well.

Have a great weekend everyone

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Its beginning to...

......look a lot like christmas. Yeh sorry I know its only November, but when I suggested putting up the christmas tree soon Nathan was so excited he wanted to do it today. Well why not!?!?! May as well enjoy it for as long as possible! The kids did help (?) for a while LOL

I really wanted to have that really 'full' look to the christmas tree this year. I saw a pic the other day in a catalogue and the tree was just chocked full of gorgeous baubles and decorations. They must have about a million things to get the effect!!! I got an extra 80 baubles this year - plastic ones so that one fascinated little baby doesnt do himself or my glass baubles any damage. There is still tonnes of 'spare' space. Oh well it will do!

Since its decorating time, it also means 'tis the season for silly santa hats...bring 'em on...I just love kids with santa cute, and so christmas!!!!!!

Hope your all having a good weekend. Big hugs to Mel who has been sick - hope your feeling better! Im sitting here listening to the rumble of thunder. Its been trying so hard to rain. We get about a dozen huge drops and then its gone again. we really need some good rain, so Im keeping my fingers crossed. Although dont know if Ill be quite excited enough to run around naked in it ;) (hehehehehe I so hope someone had their camera handy while that was happening... no names will be mentioned!!!!)

Ive been getting a little scrapping done between dealing with a miserable bubby. Nothing I can share here just yet though.

Isaac was pretty unsettled Thursdayduring the day, but Thursday night and Friday were awful. He was miserable and clingy. I think it might be his first molars cutting. He is dribbling HEAPS and hardly ate anything on Friday. I took him to the doc. Friday afternoon just to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious. His throat was a bit red (mmmmmm if you whinge as much as he had in previous 24 hours I wonder why?!?!) but his ears were OK, which was my main concern as he seemed to be pulling at them a lot, and one kept going quite red. He spent most of the day just laying curled up on me. He was so restless while he tried to sleep. The poor little thing. He seemed much better today, he is still a bit off his food - unless of course it is fruit or anything else sweet!! but was really hard to settle down to sleep tonight. We ended up getting him back up until 9pm! He is asleep now, so hopefully he sleeps through.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas gifts

Every year since Caleb arrived I have sent out Christmas cards with photos of the boys on them and often plan to make christmas gifts for many of the family. Only trouble is, I never end up doing the gifts. This year Ive decided to cheat a little bit. My sisters, parents & I put all the names in a hat this year and are just buying a small gift for one other adult and then all getting pressies for the kids. Even though Mum & Dad are part of this we all like to get them something a little extra from the grandkids. I found this site online and downloaded their software and Ive made a diary for mum. I havnt put the order in yet, so I dont know what the quality is like, but I love the concept and price are pretty reasonable.
This is what they look like. It has about 80 photos all up. They also do desk calenders, wall calenders, birthday calenders, and photo books.
Im thinking about making a desk calender of Isaacs first year. You can pick your start and end dates, so I will just a have a photo of him each month. It will be a nice keepsake for him to look back on.
I might even try a photo book of one of our holidays. I LOVE scrapping my photos, but with the digi camera I tend to only print the ones I want to scrap. Id love to have a lot of the others more accessable to Craig and the kids so it might be a good option. They all love looking at my LOs but I cant and dont want to scrap all the photos, and Im a bit of a slacker at putting my work into albums so its a bit hard to look through!

Got a couple more LOs done for my EDM album too. Didnt know how I was going to incorporate the colours in the seasons rub ons into a boy LO, but its turned out to be one of my favourite LOs that Ive done for a while! I havnt shared any of the LOs from this album yet,perhaps once they are all done I might do one of those slide shows or something.

Congrats to Kathie on her first LO for the SS DT that is on the site now, and congratualtions to Jahnava (who's first LO is on there too!) and Katie on becoming part of the team!!!

While Im sending out congratulations and cyber hugs a HUGE congratulations to Erica who is one of this years Elite Team - what a well deserved position - hope you have an awesome year girl!!!

Better go and have a shower while my little man is sleeping. Im off to have lunch with a couple of girl friends and their babies at the pub and put on Melbourne Cup bet!!! Its the first year I havnt been working so it should be fun. (I started this post the other day, so its quite likely that the date wont even show as Melbourne cup day!)

Have a good week