Sunday, December 09, 2007

Merry Christmas little bubba

How cute is this...Its a fisher price nativity. You push down the little angel on the top and it plays silent night. Im not usually one for 'cutesy' nativities, but I loved this one as soon as I saw it. Its a Christmas present for my unborn bubba...we have set it up already though so that Isaac can actually touch and play with one of the decorations, and of course so that bubba can listen to the music!

We put the tree up and decorated the house on Friday night. Its starting to feel a lot like christmas! I have to put up my nativity today, then I will post some tree and decoration pics.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Time for an update!

Time seems to be whizzing by quickly at the moment. Only this week and next week of school left, Isaacs 2nd birthday has been and gone, preparations for christmas seem to be in full swing (except at our house...must do something about that!), and Ive only got about 12 weeks of this pregnancy to go.

Ill fill in the details with photos......
Isaac and I spent the actual morning of his birthday with my Mum doing some xmas shopping. She got Isaac a huge muffin and his very own 'coffee' baby chino for morning tea...he was delighted!We also popped by to see Santa. I wasnt sure how Isaac would react this year. He has been starting to get frightened of things lately. He is terrified of the posties bike motor bike at the moment...never worried him before. He loved him! He sat and chatted (gabbled) away to him for ages, they let me take my own photos, he got a little gift and gave Santa a big cuddle before we eventually dragged him away.

Isaac has always been a real water baby..nothing has changed! (if you want to see a pic from last year, the huggies site is using a shot of Isaac on the promotions page for this years little swimmers competition...very proud Mummy here!) He has loved these hot days when he can get out and splash around in a few cm of water in his little pool. Thankfully we have enough rain water to let him play with all ends up on the thirsty lawn anyway! We have also been for a few swims in SIL pool, and a trip to the beach.

So I have done a little christmas preparation. Ive designed my Christmas cards and had them just have to get them in the post LOL Im amazed that Caleb actually co-operated and put the Christmas hat on for the photo - sure that wont happen for many more years with out some serious bribery !

Finally a couple of belly shots. My 18 week shot is on this LO....

and this is 24 weeks

Im due to get Nathan to take some 28 week shots in the next couple of days, so I will share some more then. Ive definately popped out more since this one was taken. Everything is going well with the pregnancy. Seems to be lots of pregnant people around atm...Ive got a few friends expecting. One of them (Craigs cousin Angie...Isaacs god mother) is due only a couple of days after me, so thats exciting. It was wonderful to catch up with her and her family last weekend while they were holidaying in Adelaide. Belly rubs to all those other gorgeous and precious little bundles still in thier Mummies tummies!