Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scrappin' time!

Yesterday I had a lovely day scrapping with the greatest group of girls. The time went so fast, and I really didint get all that much done, but it was great to catch up with, Kathie, Kate, Mel & Jane again, and get to meet baby Charlotte and baby Ben (who are both just adorable!!!)

I got to have a little play with Kates sizzix - I hadnt really used one of these before, and it was so much easier than hand cuting all the hearts I wanted for my LO. Mind you when I pulled the LO this morning to finish it, I only ended up using five of them. No doubt you will see the rest pop up on a LO really soon.

This started out as a 12x12 but using the smaller size lately Im really struggling to go back to 12x12s. This is a very different LO to my usual style ( what ever that may be). I think Im going through that mid life scrapping crisis LOL Im experimenting a lot more, but Im finding Im not that comfortable with some of the results - they just arn't me I guess. Hopefully I get the urge to settle down and find 'me' again real soon!!! For now Im just going with the flow and seeing where this little 'stage' takes me. I also finished this LO this morning (Isaac is actually having a decent sleep for a change!!!) As you can see also not my usual style!!! Lots of doodling and hand cutting - no sign of any sanding, inking or wonder I have that feeling they are missing something!

Murphies Law - I dared to mention the fact by little man was having a good sleep and he is stirring - always the way. I better go and get him up and give him a big smooch - I havnt seen that precious little smile for a whole two hours, Im missing him :0) but Im not complaining about a sleep that long, it doesnt happen very often.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

isn't she cute

OK so Im a bit biased!!! I havn't had a baby girl to goo and gah over for quite a while so bear with me. My God daughters are all growing up, Monice turns 6 in a couple of weeks, Jessica is 5 1/2 & Rhiannon is 10, so its a bit novel having a tiny baby girl around. We had a mini photo shoot the other day, Vic wanted a photo of Georgia to go on her thank you cards. This is the one she choose. (She used it in full colour though. I just posted this one to show Mel I could do it. Thanks to her tuition over the phone the other day I can now preform at least one task on photoshop YIPPEE!!! Thanks gorgeous)

I took heaps, but there were not many decent ones to choose from. I thought it would be a piece of cake getting some nice shots of a newborn...boy was I wrong. Ive admired the shots of a newborn on the pile of nappies on Katies blog and thought it would be easy. WRONG... It took me ages to try and fold the nappies so they even looked half soft a fluffy, and all she wanted to do was stretch her legs out and bury her head.

(I take my hat off to all those photographers out there who get stunning photos of newborns!!! I just drool over the gorgeous shots Katie gets - as I often tell her lol. If you havnt seen her beautiful work, pop into her blog one day and check out the photo gallery link. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is also a very talented scrapper! Ive never actually met her, but she just seems so lovely, and Ive admired her work on 2peas for ages. )

Here is my attempt at the nappy shot - this is the best one of the series of them that I took. I think its OK. Vic doesnt really like it much though.

Thats all folks. Just wanted to show off my neice!!!

Nic xxx

Another month

Dear Isaac

Yesterday marked the passing of yet another month in your life. 7 months old...before I know it you will be turning one!

At 7 months you are...

beginning to sit unsupported for a short time, before you topple over.

you roll over and over, you do 'pushups' - like real little pushups where your whole body except your hands and toes is off the ground - very cute!

You chatter and babble to yourself and have little 'conversations' with me. You are loud!

You show obvious delight when one of us approaches you

You still have no teeth

You still are not a very good sleeper. Occassionally we get a night where you get right through, but we usually have to get up to you every couple of hours in the night - very tiring!

Your still a very happy and contented little baby during the day

You LOVE going out walking in the pram

You LOVE your bath - when we undress you at night you squeel and kick around with delight as I pick you up to take you to the bath.

I bath you in the trough in the laundry...Nathan likes getting in there sometimes too, because he can have it really deep.

I am still breastfeeding you.

You have a bottle of formula just before bed. This seems to get you through to the morning without needing another feed.

You have a breastfeed 5-6am, breakfast at 8am, breastfeed 11ish, lunch somwhere between 11.30-2.00pm, breastfeed at 4ish, tea 5.30; bottle at 7pm, bed about 7.30/8.00pm.

You sleep in your cot with your special teddy.

You are just starting to outgrow some of your smaller 00 size clothes.

You travel well in the car.

Your place as the youngest grandchild in the family has been passed on to little Georgia Charlie.

You are a really cuddly baby.

You really play with your toys now, grasping them, shaking them, looking at them and choosing what you want next.

Your not crawling, but you manange to move yourself backwards and end up in all sorts of odd places.

You are still the joy of our lives and we all love you so much.

Mummy xxx

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I must have looked a site this morning, out in the freezing cold, with my camera and mini tripod taking pics of the grass!!!! Wonder what the neighbours thought!!!

You guessed it, we had another really heavy frost again last night. Everything was covered, the roof tops, the clothes line, even the letter box. Craig sat a plastic cup of water out last night and it was frozen solid this morning!

Here are a couple more shots from today - promise this is all Ill put up LOL I just have this fascination with the sheer beauty of the ice crystals. They are all so different, so fragile, yet so temporary. The first is the frost on a blade of grass, the second is a wheel of a tonka truck in the sand pit, and the third a leaf. You have to wonder how plants manage to survive this battering night after night!

At least Im getting some practice using the macro settings on my camera.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where does time go?

I cant believe its been a week since Ive updated my blog. I did do a huge post while I was talking to Mel on the phone last Thursday, but blogger ate it and wouldnt let me publish it GGGRRR.

We had a great weekend away. We left Friday morning and drove the 5 hours to Horsham in Victoria. Craigs Pop was turning 90 so we had a weekend of catching up with all the rellies over there. It was actually really good. The boys all travelled well, and were well behaved for most of the weekend! We stayed in a cabin at the caravan park, right behind the botanic gardens. The boys could go and play and run around whenever they wanted. I fell in love with the gorgeous morning light and autumn colours...and the old wooden fence, so the boys were subject to lots of requests for photos LOL. I did manage to get some nice shots of each of them though, so all the bribery was worth it!!! These are just a few of my favourites...

I also have a few LOs to share... (hopefully blogger will play nice and let me upload them!) This first one is a pretty simlpe LO, which is really more about the journalling that anything else.

As you can see this one is about how lucky I was to be pregnant at the same time as both of my younger sisters. I faded out the belly shots and cropped mine heaps so I didnt look like the fat chick with stretch marks next to my two very skinny sisters - you gotta love the magic of the computer LOL!!!! The belly shots are all taken at about term, its cool to see what different shapes we all were.

Lastly a sneak peek at my LO for scrapbook station for this fortnight. Its not up yet, but you have to go and check out the other LOs from the DT. I especially LOVE Lydells this month! The theme was 'about me'.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What I love about winter...

...Sitting by the fire with a cuppa, snuggling up in bed in my flannies, a steaming hot bowl of porridge, toast cooked over the coals, big pots of homemade soup simmering away on the stove, the sound of rain on the roof, and waking up to a frost covered world!

Its VERY rare that we ever get snow in this area, but down in the valley where we are frosty mornings are quite common. The boys are so excited when they wake up and find out 'jack frost' has been. This morning I captured a few shots of the frost on the plants on the garden. Everything was covered in a sparkling white blanket of ice. I never realised how pretty the tiny ice crystals were close up. The boys picked up chunks of ice out of the trucks in the sand pit that were at least 5cm thick!

Ive also got a couple of LO to share. Ive been busily scrapping away when ever I can steal a few minutes for the last couple of days. Trouble is, Ive got about five LOs partially completed on my desk. I get half way thourgh one and the inspiration strikes for another, and I some how manage to let myself get side tracked and start it. I think Im going to have to try sketching some ideas or something because its getting a bit hard to find any room to work LOL. I promised myself that as I finished LOs this year I would put materials lists etc straight on the back of them. Ive been a bit slack lately, so yesterday I managed to get caught up with that as well.

This next one is one I did a while ago. I still just love it. I love the photos, and I love the BG rubons. I was keeping this in my little stash of possibles for the masters, but it doesnt fit any of the criteria so I may as well share!

Friday, June 02, 2006

hey baby

On Wednesday Isaac and I met up with Kathie and Jamie for lunch. After we had fed the boys, I got a few photos of them. When I looked at the first few they just cracked me up. Jamie is teething atm (hence the cutest little bright red cheeks you ever did see!) and Im sure this is
what all their babbling to each other was about...

Jamie: "Open wide, just want to check if youve got any teeth yet Isaac"

Isaac: "Nope, what are teeth? Come here...can I have a look at yours"

Isaac: "Psssssst Ive got a secret....does your mum always want you to smile for the camera?...lets try not to both look at the same time"

Jamie: "Yeh, great idea! then we will get to watch them both dance around being silly to try and get us both smiling"

Well thats my take on the whole situation anyway. Poor little Jamie didnt know what hit him when Isaac started trying to 'kiss and cuddle' him. It looked a little more like they were trying to see how far they could stretch each others faces, ears and anything esle they could grab. I think they both ended up with little scratches, but they wernt the slightest bit worried, There was lots of giggling, gooing and gahing. I think the Mummys were more concerned than they were.

It was so nice to get together again. Its great to have someone else to chat with who is going through all the same things at the same time, and knows just where your coming from. Thanks Kathie & Jamie!

After we left them, I met up with my Mum & Dad for a coffee. Grandpa gave Isaac his first taste of froth from his capaccino - he was VERY impressed. He now eyes off my cups of coffee with a look of desire in his eyes LOL.

Ive got a few more LOs done. Im really enjoying the smaller size still too. Maybe Ill become a convert yet! Im working on a way to fit them in with my other LOs in a 12x12 album though - especially those I do of Isaac, because I want them to go in his baby album still. I will share a few when I get around to taking pics of them.

We had our six month check this morning and Isaac is on the 50th percentile line for height and weight. He weighed just a smidge under 8kg, and was 67.5cm long.

***edit*** A huge congratulations to Kate, Jeff & Georgia on the arrival of a precious, tiny little girl, Charlotte Daisy Jane. I just read the awesome news on Kates blog, and saw her gorgeous piture. Big hugs to you both!!!