Saturday, April 29, 2006


I actually logged on to come and do this tag from Michelle, but I got a little side tracked when I checked a few blogs LOL. Kathie had done the which muppet quizz from mels blog, and when I poopped in to check that out I found heaps of other bizzar quizzes - which I did lots of.
Heres the results of one
You Are Olive Green
You are the most real of all the green shades. You're always true to yourself.For you, authenticity and honesty are very important... both in others and yourself.You are grounded and secure. It takes a lot to shake you.People see you as dependable, probably the most dependable person they know.
What Color Green Are You?

For the record I was Kermit the frog in the muppets quizz!!!

Anyway now for that tag

Born: almost 36 years ago -where does time go???
First Job: Baby sitting
Fondest Memory: I have many but the one that came straight to mind was the smell of Craigs aftershave that lingered on me once I got home, on the night we first got together.
Last thing purchased: new PJs for Isaac, and a school shirt for Caleb
Fish, Chicken or Beef: Chicken - but love 'em all!
Movie: Cant remember!! We are going to see Ice Age 2 tomorrow though
Retreat: Sitting in my hammock chair in the afternoon sun (shame about the flys and the kids whining and the housework that needs to be done, and the neighbours mower that always starts up if I happen to try and steal a few moments of solitude!!!)
Flower: Sweet peas
Day of the week: Sunday
Indulgence: a massage
What scrapbook lines/products, etc. do you dislike? Not good with the real bright ranges - not that I dont like them, I just cant use them myself
What technique do you use more than anything else? Stitching & handwriting
Who or What are your biggest influences on your style? Im constantly seeing great ideas and colour combos in clothing
Have you ever had any scrapbook related tiffs with your Husband? Nothing major, thank goodness. I never really thought he thought much of my scrapping till a girlfriend said he was talking to her about it and said how good he thought I was, and telling her all about my published work and how much I enjoyed my scrapping!!!! He doesnt tell me this though LOL
If there is one person you have met through blogging that you know will be a life time friend who would it be?: ??????????? most of the people who comment on my blog are people I 'knew' before blogging. Its been great to get to know so many much better through there blogs though.
What music do you listen to while you scrap? None - Ive always found music to be really distracting when Im trying to concentrate
Obsessions: Scrapping, magazines, my bubba.
Scrapbook Companies….Do you have an addiction?? Not really, I likie to use bits and pieces from everywhere. Nearly all my CS is bazzill though.
Out of the box, (well on it ) who do you lust after on TV..? no one really comes to mind
One quote that defines you: Leave that one with me - Ill get back to it later when I think of one!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good
Isaac rolled from his back to his front for the first time today - what a clever little boy (Well i think so anyway LOL)

We got our computer back today an have had XP installed (we were in the dark ages and still running with windows 98 before) also have photoshop, a DVD burner, cordless keyboard and mouse, more HD space and more memory - all I need is some time to work out how it all works LOL.

The Bad
XP is so different to 98, and its taking me a bit to work out where everything is, and to set things to just how I like them. Im sure I will get used to it, and as you can see the inportant things like the emails and internet are all just fine.

I did loose all the contents of my address book though, so if you read this could you please send me off an email with all your details so I can update it - Ta!

The Ugly
Craigs MYOB is giving us grief - we had the disc so it wasnt reinstalled by the friend that did the computer for us, and we are hoping all we need is in his back up disc to put all the info in once we reinstall it!!! Hopefully we can get it all sorted in the next few days!

I couldnt believe how many times in just two days I felt the overwhelming need to check my emails, or use the computer for something....hard to imagine life without it!!! sad but true!!!

There is still another five days of school holidays - Im ready to have a little more time for me really soon!

Nic xxx
PS - Ill get to that tag next time Michelle!

Friday, April 21, 2006


It was with much trepidation that at 4.15pm today I made the decision to give my little man his first taste of something besides breast milk. I think he was much more ready than me. He eagerly gobbled down a teaspoon of rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, and looked for more. I on the other hand was still feeling a little reluctant to let go of my totally dependant newborn - but watching him devour what I had made for him, smile and then snuggle up for the other side of mummys milk, made it all so right. I know he is ready to take that next step in his tiny little life, and I think Im finally ready to go there too!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

five months today

I cant believe my little man is already five months old! Thats nearly half a year since we were blessed with the arrival our third baby boy, and I couldnt imagine my life any other way.
If you dont want to be bored with the whole run down of what he is upto these days skip the whole next (long) paragraph LOL Basically though the entire letter below could be summed up by this gorgeous quote I came across the other day...
You are more perfect than I could have hoped
more beautiful than I could have dreamed
more precious than I could have imagined
I love you more than I could have known

To my sweet little bubba,
The last five months have just flown by, and its hard to imagine our lives with out you in it. You are such a sweet and placid little baby. About the only time we hear your cry is when you get hungry, or something gives you a fright. You are still fully breast fed, and I treasure the special time that feeding gives just the two of us...Ive got to admit that Im a little over the middle of the night feeds now though ( there are nights when you manage to get through with out one, and these are happening more often) although sometimes I think its easier to give you a middle of the night feed and have you sleep soundly for the rest of the night, rather than having an empty tummy and stirring and calling out every hour or so because you have lost your dummy. You are reaching out to grab toys, and even manage to hold them for a while, you are fascinated by the TV, and absolutely adore your brothers, you chew on anything you can get into your mouth and although you have rolled from your tummy to your back, you dont do it much at all. You obviously recognise the people that you see often, and are just starting to tuck your head into my shoulder and pretend to be shy when people speak to you. You LOVE your bath and are fascinated by the tiny bubbles, amazed by the little toes that keep popping out of the water, and very excited by the big splashes you can make with your hands and feet. You love getting a rub after your bath and especially like having your feet rubbed, and having some nappy free time in front of the fire after your bath. You go to bed somwhere between 6pm & 7pm (depending on when you had an afternoon nap) you sometimes have a 10pm feed, but often if I dont wake you, you will sleep soundly till around 2ish before you want another. You wake somewhere between 6am & 7am for a feed - usually snuggled up in my bed. I love the beautiful smile you give me first thing in the morning, and the funny little talking noises you make. The latest is like a squeeky little sucking in of air - too cute!! You love giving mummy big sloppy 'kisses' on the cheek and are a real snuggle bunny. You have had several bottles of expressed breast milk and drunk these from a bottle with no problems. You really enjoy going out walking in the pram, but dont much like sitting around in it when its stationary. We put up the swing we gave you for christmas last weekend and you were so happy swinging away in it. You are still sleeping in your cradle and snuggle your teddy while you sleep. You bring so much joy to our lives and we love you so much my sweet little man.
All my love
Mummy xxx
I have also been busy scrapping. Here are a couple of the LOs. I was going to keep all my work to have a big choice for my masters entry, but then when I looked at it all I realised that quite a few used the chip chatter tall letters, so I did a bit of a cull already. The first is of Nath playing golf.
This next one is of Angies (Isaacs god mother) gorgeous little girl Zyla - dont you just LOVE those curls!!! Hope you like it Ange!!! I used an outline of a framedangoe (or what ever they are called LOL) to make the bit at the bottom.

Last one that I can share is the photo I shared a couple of posts ago of my nephew Lucas - hes a real cutie too!

Everyone needs to pop into the new forum at Scrapbook station and say Hi. Ill be watching to see who drops in LOL. Keep an eye on their home page each week for new LOs from the awesome DT as well. I so happy with my next one - the theme was mothers (easy topic for me atm !!!) You can check it out here at the end of the month.

Thanks for sticking with me if you made it this far. Hope you all had a wonderful easter...after that mammoth post I dont think Ill even start about my easter - except to say it was filled with family and friends, eating, drinking and going to church, and was really relaxing and enjoyable few days.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Truly blessed

Sometimes there are things that happen to those around us, that just make you sit back and ask - why? Why do people have to endure such difficult things? It is so hard when friends have to deal with 'stuff' and all you can do is sit back and try to be a good listener, but in all honsety, feel as though there is so little you can do. It really makes you take a good look at your own life.

Today is one of those days.

I have so much to be greatful for - a loving husband, beautiful healthy children, wonderful & supportive friends, a close and happy family, a beautiful house, food on the table and the means to be able to live a comfortable life. For all of this I am so greatful.

I am truly blessed.

To all that are not so fortunate today, who have had to endure heartache, pain or sickness or suffering - you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

LOs to share, Happy Anniversary & Thanks girls

Here it 'tis...
I will also share this one. Its a quicky I did the other night with the pics of Jamie and Isaac I took at Kates last wekend. I wanted to use all three pics, and printed them out a bit big so its not a stunning LO by any means...but I still love the photos!!

Ive finished off about 6 LO to chose from for my masters entry. The details are going to be in
SM 7.10. Im living in hope that they will have changed it and I wont need to do BTP or accent LOL - dont fancy my chances.

Its our 11th wedding anniversary today - I dont know where time goes. I can remember when I thought it seemed like forever to have been married for that long (mmmm come to think of it, it does feel like that at times LOL!) and now here we are 11 years and three children later. I couldnt be happier though. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family. We are off to tea with my youngest sister and her DH tonight. Wanted to go out with them before their first little bub arrives, and since he/she is due in four weeks (Oh how exciting - cant wait to be an auntie again!) we may as well make it tonight!

Congrats to Rozzie & Clint on their wedding anniversary today too. Big Hugs guys. Hope you have an wonderful day.

Lastly thanks so much to Michelle, Kathie & Mel for a fantastic day yesterday. We all got together for lunch at my place. Four adults and, by the time my two got home from school, 8 kids. It was great to sit around, eat, drink, chat and just relax for the day. Gotta do it again soon girls...and hopefully Kate will be able to make it too.

thats it from me.
Nic xxx

Wednesdays Photo Shoot

Another busy week in our household. Wednesday my sister asked me to take some pics of her kids, for a suprise they are putting together for her DHs birthday this month. I decided to go all out and try a full on photo shoot.
It was actually quite fun, I set up in my playroom, and although the lighting wasnt the best, and I need to work on getting to know how to use the manual settings on my camera heaps better, I was really happy with the results. I have to have a play around with photo editing etc as the white back drop was a bit ordinary (the back of my curtains LOL) but this is my favorite shot of my nephew Luke...he is at such a beautiful age to photograph - old enough to follow some direction, but still young enough that you can capture that natural innocence that children have before they start getting really self concious in front of the camera. I played around in the VERY basic editing programme that came with me camera and came up with this - DH looked at it and commented that you couldnt see his arm GGGRRRRR rain on my parade why doesnt he!!! I loved the effect!!!

Also thought I would share a LO I did a while ago. I borrowed Michelles copy of Love your handwriting and the night I read it I was inspired to create this LO - it was quite fun. It was more of an experiment than a 'real' LO, but Im happy with the results. And its great that I was able to capture the feelings that I had as soon as I has read the book. I think Ive hit a point in my scrapping now that Ive realised that I dont have to scrap every single photo I have, and I dont have to scrap every event. I will just scrap what inspires me - it might be a great photo or a precious memory, it might be something we did today, or it might be a heritage photo of my great grand parents. I dont want to have to scrap things that dont inspire at the time. Its OK to keep my photos in albums as well as scrap fact Im planning on having all the pics Ive taken of Isaac printed off to put in one of those slide in abums as well as having his scrapped baby book. I will never scrap many of the 'ordinary' photos that I have taken, but they are just as important and still are part of his life. Im raving now so I will move on...

(GGGRRRRRR :0( blogger wont let me upload any more pics so I will put it in another post)

Monday, April 03, 2006

blue eyed bubbies

I think I need a holiday to get over my busy weekend LOL. Friday night after sports day the boys had a friend over each for a sleep over. The second half of sports day got cancelled due to the rain so I had them all from Friday afternoon. I didnt know that boys could giggle so much - they didnt stop. They decided that they wanted pizza for tea and devoured a whole party size in no time (Craig and I had a couple of pieces each). Craig headed off to the airport to fly to Melbourne for the weekend for the Grand Prix. The kids were really good, noisy but good!
We had pancakes for breaky Saturday morning and hot dogs for lunch - I think they had more crap food than they usually have in a month, but what the heck it was their first time having kids for a sleep over, so I wanted it to be fun. Saturday night we went to my girl friends for tea.

Sunday we eventually got organised and headed down to Kates for a bit of a get together and scrap. Kate was so nice and Georgia is just adorable. Kathie and Jamie were there as well.

This is a pic of Isaac, Georgia & Jamie. They are just too cute - well we think so anyway!!! as you would probably have realised if you visit our blogs LOL. I and J were only born two days apart, and G is about 6 months older than them - she is such a beautiful and petite little thing and our boofy boys (well mine is definately the boofiest LOL) are as big as she is already !!!! They all have the most gorgoeus blue eyes. G didnt know who to look at when she was plonked between the boys. She kept looking from one to the other. What a task it is to try and get three babies all even looking toward you at the same time, let alone trying to get them to smile on cue!!!

Thanks for a wonderful day and a yummy lunch Kate, and thanks to Jeff for being so cool about having a house full of woman and kids while he tried to watch TV and get stuff done LOL. It was great to meet you all. I didnt get much scrapping done, but I got a couple of 'those' LO stuck down that were half finished on my desk, so I did achieve something. I also met Kates lovely sister Jane who is due to give birth REALLY soon - all the best Jane! It was great to get together and chat about our passions - scrapping & babies!!!

Ive got Kathie, Mel, Michelle & hopefully Kate coming for lunch at my place on Friday. Can't wait! I just love getting together with these gorgeous girls!