Thursday, July 24, 2008

5 months

To my sweet baby girl,
What a delightful age you have reached. Your little personality is really beginning to shine through. If someone you are not really familiar with holds you for a cuddle, you quickly dissolve into tears, which dissapear the instant you are back in Mummys arms - cheeky monkey. You have become really ticklish lately too. You get up quite a cackle as I dry under your arms after bathtime, or nuzzle your neck with my nose, or even if I try to wipe a little dribble from under your chin. You especially love it when we blow rasberries on your tummy, you giggle in anticipation as I get closer to do it all over again.
We got the Jolly Jumper out for the first time this moth. You loved it. You havnt really worked out how to jump just yet, but you loved being able to turn yourself around, and the whole new perspective on the world it gave you!
We are trialling using cloth nappies at night. We use a fitted nappy with cute little knitted woollies over the top. Im still getting used to the great big bottom it gives you! It still amazes me how the wool cover manages to keep your clothes dry...but it does! Sometimes we even use a fitted nappy and knitted longies in the day time. Mostly we use all in one nappies though. I couldnt imagie going bck to full time disposables now!You and Isaac love sitting side by side in the new double stoller. You love going out walking, but its been so cold and wet we dont get much of a chance.
You are not really that keen on spending time on your tummy, but we persevere anyway. You look so cute when you manage to push yourself up and have a look around.

You have really discovered your hands this month. you are fascinated with your fingers, and love holding onto your toys now.Isaac loves to give you cuddles, and you giggle away at him.....too cute.

We spent a week down at Pt Elliot this month. You were really good. You are still really happy being carried in the sling, and its suprisingly comfortable with you in there. It makes my life easier having two hands free as well.Im not sure if your teeth are starting to think about coming through, but you have become a bit of a dribble pot. You are nearly always in a bib now or your clothes end up soaked. Your eyes are definately going to stay blue...they seem to be getting brighter each day. Looks like Nath will be my only brown eyed child.I love you my sweet little cinta bug!

OOPS I didnt realise this hadnt been posted yet! Im a very slack blogger lately! Better late than never!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My baby turns 11 !

Its hard to believe it, where does the time go? Its Calebs 11th birthday today! I thought it was a good time for a little photographic trip down memory lane. A photo a year 1997 - 2008. (excuse the quality of a couple of the photos, I dont have a scanner , so they are photos of photos -he came along way back before the days of digital know, back in the olden days LOL)

I love how you can see him growing up, and see his gorgeous, sometimes toothless smile. He looks as though butter wouldnt melt in his mouth. Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few more of my gorgeous (well most of the time) four kidlets after Calebs birthday dinner of Lasagne tonight..... I finally worked out how to get them all to smile at once too (well the boys anyway!) Caleb let one rip just before I took the first photo. Any of you with boys know how terribly funny they find farting etc, so that was enough to keep them all giggling and laughing while I took some photos!
And one final photo just because it wouldnt be a blog post with out a splash of pink these days.
My little girl in her very first flannies - could you imagine anything cuter LOL

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A few more pics....

Just wanted to upload some favourite pics from the past few weeks (since Ive been such a slack blogger lately, and especially as I promised some updates for Nanna & Pappa!!!) Some of Jazz from her 5 month photo shoot that we did today, and lots of others from our week away.