Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo a Day Challenge - August

Photo a day - August 2010
days 14 - 20

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To do lists

Im not sure why some days full of housework & homemaking seem like a real chore, but others, like today, seem to just flow. They make you appreciate the fact that you are blessed enough to be able to spend time at home with your children, to bake, to craft, to play, and to have a safe and secure home filled with family that you love dearly.

Anyway, we are having a busy and productive day today. My to do list was as long as my arm, but we are slowly working our way through most of the items on the list.

Washing x 3 loads - done

Folding - Mt foldmore is still growing..havn't got to this yet!!!!!!

Tidy kitchen and do dishes - Ive been really slack and not getting this done at night lately - must get back into the routine of doing it straight after tea. - was done until we baked...round 2 still to go!

Baking biscuits - done - double batch of choc chip & coconut

Bake an apple cake - done...although it turned into orange and apricot cake once I realised there were no lemons, and the kids ate the last two apples while I was getting everything organised!

Package up blog giveaways (they are coming eventually Shaz & Kelly, all ready to go in the post, sorry for being so slack!) - done

Organise tea for Craig & the kids, Im going to a kindy dinner meeting

Send a message to get prams that I'm giving away picked up - done

finalise purchase of tie dyed fabric for party decorations - done

Sweep - done

Vacuum - done

Make beds - done

Blog next PAD shots (before I get too far behind) - done

Knit some more of Isaacs beanie

Do something special with Isaac while Jazz has her nap - done

We made soap jumpers - doesnt that sound cute, its what Isaac called it when I explained what we were going to do. Its actually just wet felting some wool over a bar of soap. He loved it.
We took some carded wool (I got a big bag of this, in lots of colours at the markets the other week) and I cut a bar of my goats milk soap in half so we could make one each.

Isaac picked some colours and wrapped his bar of soap.

He loved the whole felting process of course. Who wouldnt enjoy getting to play with soap and water.

After a while we had two soap jumpers made and ready to be dried off and tested out in tonights bath!

Sitting here blogging isnt going to get any more things marked off my list!
Hope you are all having a happy and productive day as well!

Photo a Day Challenge - August

Photo a Day August 2010
days 9 -13

****insert*** op shop bargains 12th August

Monday, August 09, 2010

Photo a Day Challenge - August

Photo a day August 2010
days 1 -8

A new lunch box favourite

I hurriedly copied this recipe from a thread on essential baby the other night, and decided to try them out today. They are yummy, and super quick and easy to make - Isaac & Jacinta have been eating them all day (even after they were packed away in a container with a lid I thought she couldn't get off) and once the older boys have a few after school, I will have to whip up another batch for lunchboxes tomorrow. I think they will be fun to play around with flavourings in too. Spinach, bacon & feta, sun dried tomato & chives...the list is endless!

Cheese and Bacon snacks

200g diced bacon
2 cups grated cheese
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 cup SR flour
1/2 cup milk
1 egg beaten
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

Place Flour, Bacon, Onion & Cheese in a bowl.
In a small jug combine beaten egg, milk & mustard.
Add the egg/milk mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until thoroughly combined.
Form generous tablespoons of mixture into balls and place on a lined oven tray - allow a little room for spreading.
Bake at 200 C for 18 - 20 minutes or until golden brown.
Makes approx 25.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Photo a Day Challenge - July

Photo a Day, July 2010
days 16 - 31

and the winner is.....

Thank You to everyone that left comments on my 400th post. It was great to read all of them (especially from those of you who left their first comment) and hear of all the crafts you enjoy doing - there are some very multi talented crafters amongst you!

This morning I wrote each of your names on a piece of paper, put all the names into a bowl and then enlisted the help of my beautiful assistants.

firstly there was lots of mixing to make sure it was a fair draw ( I think this was her favourite part)

Then came the all important choosing and unfolding of a winner...

and the announcement - in typical two year old fashion...

..and just to clarify - with a little help from Mummy!

Congratulations Shazz! Thanks for being a regular reader and commenter on my blog right from the start, and for being such a lovely friend. -you always have some words of wisdom or encouragement, and are an inspiration as a Mum, scrapper and all round lovely person.

If you could email me your address I will pop your prize in the post for you.

But wait, thats not all!!!

Since there were two assistants, there had to be a second draw for another lucky person.

This time right way up from the start...

Congratulations to the very talented Kelly (the handmaden). Thank you for the lovely comments you leave here, for reaching your 400th post recently, and for writing your lovely blogs that are always full of inspiration. ( Kellys blogs - The Handmaden & Nourish from Scratch ) If you let me know your address I will send out a little something for you as well.