Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Facts

I've been tagged by Kathie.

Here are the rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write down their seven facts and copy/paste these rules.
You then need to tag 7 people.
Don't forget to leave them a comment on their blog telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I am the eldest of three girls. There is only a 15 month age gap between me and my next sister and then a year except for four days between her and the youngest. We were all pregnant at the same time in 2005...for a couple of weeks, and had our latest additions with in 9 months of each other.

2. When I put things on trays to bake etc I HAVE to have them lined up neatly....even things like hot chips!

3. I still have a stuffed dog called patch that I bought with money my Nanna gave me for my eighth birthday.

4. Ive only been overseas twice, once to Thailand and once to New Zealand

5. Ive had the same best friend since year nine at high school. I couldnt imagine my life with out her in it.

6. I dont have a middle name. I think it took mum and dad a while to do the middle name thing. I dont have one, my next sister has a hyphenated first name, and it wasnt until child #3 that there was a middle name given.

7. I have a Bachelor of Teaching ECE...I would fondly refer to it as a degree in finger painting whilst I was studying at uni.

I dont think there is anyone left to tag....if I pop by your blog and you havnt done this tag yet, consider yourself tagged, you better get to it!

Done! Not very exciting though!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blog challenge # 3

Kathie has set the latest blog challenge on the SS forum. It is to post a pic on your blog of your favourite place to be in your home.

Mine is curled up on my favourite couch with a nice hot mug of coffee, listening to the rain on the roof! The only thing that would complete this senario is if it was a little colder and the fire was going as well!

Friday, April 20, 2007

at 17 months

…Wrap your arms around us when you hug us (and we all love it!!!)

…Are still always opening and closing doors
…Don’t like holding my hand when we are walking
…Are a fussy eater & carry on shaking your head, and whinging every night at dinner time until you get the first taste of your food…if you like it you eat happily, if not there is no convincing you otherwise
…You can ride your bike properly
…Love climbing up and standing in the window sill in your little play corner
…Point to the sky when you hear a plane
…Still grunt more than speak
…Sleep through the night
...Don’t get a bottle in the afternoon anymore – you definitely don’t eat your tea if you have one
…Havnt learnt to pucker up when you kiss – you come at us with your mouth open wide! …LOVE doing what ever Daddy or your brothers are doing …LOVE your bath or a shower with Daddy
…LOVE your dummy

...LOVE being outside and love wearing your new gum boots …LOVE your Teddy
…Have an amazing comprehension of what we are saying to you
…Pick up how to do things very quickly
…Can reach the door handles …Squeal {VERY} often
…Still have two sleeps a day
…Eat two weetbix & a banana for breakfast, although I usually still feed it to you! …Would rather play with big boys toys like your brothers
…Have no interest in TV
...went hunting for easter eggs...lots of times!…Like to dance to music
…Have a sweet tooth
…Can climb onto the lounge chairs
…Point and laugh at just about everything
…LOVE going for rides in a nappy box
…Are starting to get a bit rough with other children – too much time with older kids, not enough time with kids your own age
…Go to playgroup sometimes
...went to the zoo for the first time …LOVE having horsey rides on Daddy’s back
…Have started frowning (very cute)
…LOVE helping to taking your nappies out to the big bin outside, and get cranky when you can’t
…say “Ta”
…have shown an interest in sitting on the toilet, but havn’t managed to actually do anything while your there
…Can be so silly you make me laugh till I cry!
…LOVE playing peek-a-boo
…need another haircut ...are fascinated by the remote controls, and like to leave them in special places for us (read ..we can never find where you have put them LOL)
...Have found the on/off button on the TV
...LOVE playing with cars and trucks and anything with wheels really! ...have a thing about shoes - always wanting to put on your own, or anyone elses!
...are just so darn cute, & cheeky, and are loved to bits by your whole family!

Friday, April 13, 2007

just because #1

I want to start recording some of those quirky things that my kids are doing for future reference. Hopefully since its school holidays now Ill manage a few photos of the older boys too!

Look at my belly! This is Isaacs latest. Pull the shirt up (sometimes even hold it up with your teeth)...laugh(yes, even if your holding the shirt in your teeth)...try and run around and get everyones attention whilst doing this...dont know where it comes from...probably just because he can!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

right here, right now

Im sitting at the computer quickly replying to a few emails, Isaac is wandering in and out of the office, collecting up toys to bring to me, trying to push the keyboard buttons on his way past, or picking up the bin (which thankfully was empty!). He comes back in, and out the corner of my eye I see him sit down on the floor next to me. I keep typing...he is still sitting quietly playing with something...too quitely instantly runs through my head. I turn my chair to see this cheeky little monkey sitting there...

I did unwrap them for him, it is easter after all. When else are you allowed to eat chocolate straight after breakfast LOL I didnt realise there was any eggs left in his little box from playgroup. I might put a chocolate frog back in there and sit it back where it was. I wonder how long it will take him to discover that after his nap?!?!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Wow what a full on couple of days! Good Friday we had brunch with all the family at my Mum & Dads...lots of yummy food, lots of happy kids, and a fantastic egg hunt through the garden! Today we had lunch with Craig's family and yet another egg hunt! Isaac has the hang of this looking in the garden for Easter eggs, he is loving it...he even had the cutest little basket up at Nannas today to put his eggs in as he found them! Its been great to hear the boys talking about the real meaning of Easter as well...often too easily a forgotten thing amongst the commercialism that surrounds many of our religious holidays and celebrations these days. Its been great to spend quality time with family and friends!

Caleb's pet fish 'spider' died on good Friday, he thought it was pretty cool that he died on the same day as Jesus, but then after a bit of thinking, cheekily suggested he might just rise again on Sunday!

Happy Easter everyone! and a big happy anniversary to me!!! (12 years OMG where has the time gone!!!) and also to two other lovely girls that share this same anniversary date...Katie and Rozzie! We went to dinner tonight..only to find out the place that Craig had booked into wasn't even open tonight!!!!!!! Think I might be giving them a little phone call tomorrow! We found somewhere else and had a nice dinner romantic night for us though...DH plans to stay up all night (well practically!)watching the grand prix, then the cricket, then the golf!!! Im so not into watching sport on TV, so it will be the computer then off to bed for me!

I will leave you with some photos from over Easter weekend....
and this last one is for the second part of the blog photo challenge that I set at Scrapbook Station last week....share an Easter tradition. Instead of making Easter nests or baskets the kids leave out their hats! It all started when they were quite young and we went camping up the river over Easter. We completely forgot about making Easter nests, and only remembered as we climbed into our sleeping bags that night...the boys went into a bit of a panic about where Easter bunny would be able to leave the eggs, and in my fastest thinking mummy brain I suggested they leave their hats at the end of their sleeping was the only thing that was in sight and even slightly suitable! From that Easter on, hats left out the night before Easter it has been LOL

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Have you all seen this site. Love the concept. I know there is an American one too, but Id never heard of it...I think I live with my head in the sand a bit when it comes to the bigger stuff in the scrapping industry LOL

Anyway, I needed some inspiration this morning and decided to take their first challenge..If you havnt seen the blog, can you guess whos LO this is a lift of?????????

LOL if any one actually picked it give yourself a medal!!!!!!! Im so bad at lifting other peoples LO. This definately has more me than the original stamped all over it! I really wanted to keep as close as possible to Ericas LO.....well that didnt last....I started moving stuff around...making it more me (not the point I know!) I went back to Es LO and picked the elements that I loved the most...
1. The black/white and only one other colour
2. The huge '&'
3. The brackets
4. The slightly crowded feel of the title block
5. The flowers
I think I made it work from there, although I had to cut the Lil Davis frame I was using as brackets up even more, cause there was no way I could get the title to look right inside the brackets. Its done, and I actually really like it!!!
I have been waiting SO long to use this quote on a LO. I saw it ages ago on one of Katies LOs and when I printed this photo off, it imediately reminded me of it. . .so I went searching through her two peas gallery and found it. Thanks to both girls for the inspiration!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

another LO share

Thought Id share another few of my LOs today.
These first couple are from the EDM album. This was one of my LO for the 'home' theme.
Used MMM, Heidi Swapp, SEI, Junkitz, Basic Grey & Sasafrass Lass. I tried to incorporate as many different sponsors products on to each page as I could.

This next one is one of my favourites from Isaacs EDM album. The rubons are CC and were the sponsor onsert for the month...I was a bit worried when I saw the colour of them...I was doing an album about a baby boy!!!! would I ever manage to incorporate them???? Funny how it ended up being one of my faves!!! The theme was 'seasons'. Uses CC, Heidi Swapp, Basic Grey, Scenic paper route Co, 'lil Davis, SEI.

Apart from pens, stitching, staples, raw chipboard sheets and a few misc. letter rubons, I managed to use only the sponsors products through out the entire album. I even used the SEI page protector inserts as my white backgrounds in most of the LOs.
The next one is a more recent one. Just a quicky to record Isaacs love of his Dummy & Teddy!

Monday, April 02, 2007


There are several challenges running on the Scrapbook Station Forum at the moment.

The first is a scrapping Challenge. Lydell is setting a sereies of 'Proof of life' LO challenges. This LO is for the first challenge. (If you want to get all the details or join in, sign up to the forum..via clicking on the message board link on the homepage)

The second challenge was started by Lisa. Its a really easy one, so we would love as many people to join in as possible. All you have to do is post a photo on your blog. The first challenge set by Lisa was your favourite thing/things around your house.

I have to set the next challenge.

Its in two parts.

part one - share a photo of something in or around your home/everyday life that drives you crazy.

part two - share a photo of one of your easter traditions.

If you decide to join in either pop by the forum and let us all know, or leave me a comment here with a link to your blog..Id love to pop by and see your photos.

OK... this is my photo for part one...this is what drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously how hard is it to put the newspaper away when your finished with it. It is always left lying on the table. On the weekends I swear I put it away a million times a day, but it keeps magically reappearing on the table GGGRRRRRRR. I wish the dishes would keep magically loading themselves in the dishwasher instead LOL

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sorry (before you go any further)

This post may well loose me some friends, and probably any credability that I actually have anywhere, but Im still going to share my thoughts on this subject with you all.................

Ive spent the last couple of hours seriously deliberating a lot of things that have been part of my life, especially my life during the 80s and Ive come to the conclusion that Im a tragic 80s music junkie LOL Ive been trawling through itunes, and then I googled the top 100 songs for each year, and compiled a list of my favourite tunes from the 80s..OK its a long list (dont say I didnt warn you!!!) but it was so much fun to do!!! Im pretty sure that this will destroy my credability with many of you (once again dont say I didnt warn you LOL) and if the thought of many of these songs doesnt do it, the fact that I still LOVE lots of these songs today should be the deal breaker. OK..ready... make yourself a cuppa,
sit back,
imagine yourself,
BIG hair, legwarmers, skin tight bubblegum jeans and Addidas Roams(or desert boots) and a good old buckle bag (which scarily seems to be making a come back !)
and come on a tour of the 80s with me...
Im sure youll know lots of the words (come on be honest!)

All out of love Air supply
Blame it on the boogie The Jacksons
Crazy little thing called love Queen
Rock Lobster B 52s
Sexy Eyes Doctor Hook
Video Killed the radio star The Buggles
You may be right Billy Joel

Celebration Kool and the gang
Jessies Girl Rick Springfield
Kids in America Kim Wilde
Making your mind up Bucks Fizz
Medley Stars on 45
More than I can say Leo Sayer
The winner takes it all ABBA
Theme from Greatest American Hero Joey Scarbury
Why do fools fall in love Dianna Ross
You’ve lost that lovin feeling Hall And Oats

Come on Eileen Dexys midnight runners
Hurts so good John Mellencamp
I love rock and roll Joan Jets and the blackhearts
Jack and Dianne John Meloncamp
Key Largo Bertie Higins
Physical Oliva Newton John
Shake it up The Cars
The final countdown Europe

Every breath you take The police
Flashdance Irene Cara
Im still standing Elton John
Little Red Corvette Prince
Mickey Toni Basil
Sweet dreams Eurythmics
Tell her about it Billy Joel
Total Eclipse of the heart Bonnie Tyler
Twisting by the pool Dire Straits
Up where we belong Joe Cocker
Weve got tonight Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton
You cant hurry love Phil Collins

Come on Feel the noise Quiet Riot
Dance hall days Wang chung
Do they know its Christmas Band aid
Drive The Cars
Footloose Kenny Loggins
Girls just wanna have fun Cindy Lauper
Hello Lionel Richie
I just called to say I love you Stevie Wonder
I send a message INXS
I want to know what love is foreigner
Jump Van Halen
Jump (for my love ) The Pointer Sisters
Like a virgin Madonna
Never ending story Limahl
No second prize Jimmy Barnes
Original Sin INXS
Relax Frankie goes to Hollywood
Sad songs (say so much) Elton John
Shout Tears for fears
Take on me A ha
The longest time Billy Joel
Thriller Michael Jackson
Time after time Cindy Lauper
Uptown Girl Billy Joel
Wake me up before you go go Wham
Were not gonna take it Twisted sister
You might think The Cars

California Girls David Lee roth
Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon
Close to me The Cure
Crazy for you Madonna
Heaven Bryan Adams
Id die to be with you tonight Jimmy Barnes
Into the groove Madonna
Money for nothing Dire Straits
Neutron Dance The pointer sisters
Summer of 69 Bryan Adams
Ti amo Laura Branigan
Walking on Sunshine Katrina and the waves
We are the world USA for Africa
We built this city Star ship
White Wedding Billy Idol
You’re the inspiration Chicago

Addicted to love Robert Palmer
Listen Like thieves INXS
Livin on a prayer Bon Jovi
ROCK in the USA John Mellencamp
Spirit in the sky Doctor and the medics
Take my Breath away Berlin
The final countdown Europe
To Be A Lover .Billy Idol
Tonight she comes The cars
Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles
Walk Of Life Dire Straits
We built this city Starship
When the going get tough Billy Ocean
Working class man Jimmy Barnes
You Give Love A Bad Name Bon Jovi

(I've Had) The Time Of My Life".....Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
Electric Blue Icehouse
Hold me now Jonny Logan
Livin' On A Prayer".....Bon Jovi
Mony Mony Billy Idol
Respectable Mel & Kim
Should've Known Better".....Richard Marx
The Lady In Red".....Chris DeBurgh

A Groovy kind of love Phil Colins
Bad Medicine Bon Jovik
Candle In The Wind, Elton John
Don’t be cruel Cheap Trick
Endless Summer Nights," Richard Marx
Heaven is aplace on earth Belinda Carlisle
Hungry Eyes Eric Carmen
I need a lover John Melloncamp
Im gonna be (500 miles) The proclaimers
Invisible Touch Genisis
Kokomo, Beach Boys
Make Me Lose Control, Eric Carmen
Perfect Fairground attraction
Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leppard
Simply Irresistible, Robert Palmer
Sweet Child o mine Guns and Roses
The flame Cheap Trick

Eternal Falme The bangles
Love Shack B 52s
Paradise City Guns and Roses
Right Here waiting Richard Marx
The living Years Mike and the mechanics
The Look Roxette
Wind beneath my wings Bette Midler

So which one was your favourite song from the 80s (probably not on my list !) Post your favourites on your blog and leave me a link so I can come check out if there are any other 80s music tragics like me out there LOL

hehehehehe now which one is it that your not going to be able to stop singing all day?????????