Saturday, May 24, 2008

3 months

Sunday May 18th 2008

Dear 'baby girl'

You have reached that magical 12 week mark. You weigh 6.3kg. You no longer look like a newborn baby, and your little personality is beginning to shine through.

Last Sunday was Mothers day, and the first time I heard you giggle. You were in bed with mummy and we were playing around after your feed when the cutest little laugh escaped...awwww it melted my heart! Being a Mummy is wonderful! I got a little gift from the school Mothers Day stall from each of you (Caleb & Nath choose one from you and Isaac as well), and from all of you I got this gorgeous trio of Willow Tree figurines that I really wanted. They will be a precious reminder of my very first mothers day as a mummy of four gorgeous children!

Last Sunday was also your baptism.

We were lucky that the Christening gown that had been worn by your great grandma, your grandpa, mummy and all your brothers arrived back from Auntie Helen in Sydney two days before the big day. I gave you the padlock bracelet that was given to me by my mum as a baby, you wore it on the day and you looked beautiful. You were very good during the service, and while everyone was here for lunch after. Your Christening cake was made from pink frosted cupcakes with little pink and white flowers on each, and a cake topper of pink ribbons and feathers with hearts and doves. I even sat a few of the icing flowers from our wedding cake in there as well. Rhiannon, Alison & Uncle Colin were all thrilled to be asked to be your god parents.

You recieved some beautiful gifts from your family and friends - you were very spoilt!

You are still being fully breastfed. We were having a few issues with you being unsettled and squirmy during your feeds, I suspected you had a bit of reflux. On Friday I got some gripe water. Im only giving you one or two doses a day and you seem much more relaxed already. You no longer squirm around while you feed, and seem more content after your feeds. Im not sure if it is just getting to that 12 week mark or the gripe water working! The first dose you had made you screw up your face and shake your head. It tastes pretty yucky to me, you have only ever tasted the sweetness of breastmilk, so I cant begin to imagine what a shock it must have been to your taste buds!

You still tend to be a bit of a catnapper during the day, and rarely can I get you to have a decent sleep in your cradle. You like to sleep out in the lounge in your rocker, or on the sofa snuggled up on your little u pillow. You are no longer a tummy sleeper either. After a few over tired nights when you were hard to settle, I tried wrapping you, and you decided you liked it, and now sleep wrapped and on your back...with your dummy of course! You tend to go off to sleep in our arms most of the time - you are a real snuggle bunny! You have dropped your 10pm (ish) feed, and now only wake for the one feed during the night. Usually somewhere between 1.30am - 3.30am. You have become a lot more effecient as a feeder too, and we are usually both back in bed asleep with in half and hour.

You room is still a bit of a work in progress. Ive painted a set of canvases for your wall, and finally got your name up on the door...

Ive sadly had to pack away a whole box of clothes that you have grown out of. You are in a mixture of 000 and 00 at the moment. There are just so many gorgeous litttle girls clothes, and yes, your wardrobe is dominated by pink....I never understood why anyone would want to dress their little girl in pink all the time - until now. Surely Ive got to be excused since Ive spent the last 10 1/2 years only buying boys clothes! You are using your cloth nappies during the day, but are still in huggies at night. Im actually loving the whole cloth nappy thing- maybe because its just another reason to buy cute pink girly stuff! You are nearly out of your small AIO nappies - good excuse to start building my medium stash. Our favourite nappies atm are called itti bitti d'lish. They are a gorgeous soft fluffy minky fabric on the outside, with bamboo boosters. They are a nice and trim fit, and we have very little problems with leaking - in fact I think they contain the 'pooplosions' better than huggies!

You have started having a bath in the big bath with Isaac a bit lately. He loves it, and so do you. You are so content in the bath, and love kicking your legs around in the warm water. However you hate getting out of the bath and getting dressed. You spent this time screaming. I got you a musical mobile to hang above the change table, and this seems to distract you most of the time. It isnt very often we get through a whole nappy change, getting dressed routine with out some protesting from you though.

We have tried to get a few family photos - wow is getting four kids to all look half decent at once a big ask :) Here are a couple of the more decent ones!

You have quite a few nicnames already - baby girl, Jaz bum, cinta, sweetie, princess, cinta bug, jazzy, Jazzy Joo, bubba, cint & buggy are a few that come to mind.
We love you sweetheart xxxx