Friday, October 24, 2008

8 months

To my sweet little girl
Today you have reached the 8 month mark, and I can finally report that you have teeth! Yes I meant to use the plural of the word. Thats right not just one tooth, but two. The top right one cut through on Grandmas birthday (15th) and the bottom right appeared a few days later (18th) Apart from bulging gums, and a lot of wanting to chew on things all the time, it was smooth sailing. No panadol, no teething gel required. No grumpiness, of tempratures etc - perhaps the amber teething necklace and bracelet did the trick.
You have taken to solids with gusto. You love everything you have tried so far. You usually have 2 weetbix and fruit for breakfast, fruit with with either yoghurt or custard for lunch, and vegies with ricotta, chicken, beef or a little of what ever meat we are having for tea through it. The other day I gave you a quarter of Isaacs cheese toastie to gum on - I could hardly believe my eyes when you sucked and swallowed away the whole thing. Ive tried a few different sipper cups and bottles with teats to try and get you to take some liquid from somewhere other than me. But to no avail. You are pretty set that the only place you are drinking from is Mummy! I will keep trying though, perhaps as it warms up and you become a little more thirsty you might be more receptive to the idea. Fingers crossed.
Last weekend we spent a couple of nights at the beach house. You were fascinated by the beach and the water. The beautiful warm days meant you could sit on the beach and enjoy watching your brothers and Daddy playing. The water was a little chilly, but you still got to dip your toes, and let the water lap around your legs. You looked very cute in your little bathers and hat - quite the little beach babe!
We still have our nightly 3am ish date for a feed. We cuddle up on the lounge and enjoy the peace and quiet for about 15 min, and then you settle straight back off to sleep. As hard as it is to drag myself out of my nice warm bed some nights, Im sure I will miss the snuggly night time feeds when you finally decide to give them up.

You love spending time outside. Swinging in your swing, sitting in the afternoon shade and watching Isaac playing in the sandpit. It wont be long my little sweetness and you will be right there beside him. You like being out and about. Walking in the pram, or especially being carried in your new ergo baby carrier, you love to watch the world go by.
You also enjoy sitting in the seat of the shopping trolley. You look as pleased as punch when I pop you in and do up the strap. And you love being talked to by the people we meet on the way around the supermarket. You dont seem to have developed that shyness, or fear of strangers at this point, and give everyone that chats to you the most adorable big grins.

I love watching the realtionships that are developing between you and your brothers. Especially Isaac. He just adores you. He is gentle and caring, although he is not keen on the loud noises you are experimenting with lately - he sits there with his hands over his ears, especially when you are doing it in the car right next to him.
He can always make you laugh. Great big contageous belly laughs. The sort that just have everyone with in ear shot giggling away to themselves or grinning from ear to ear. The sort that make a Mummies heart sing!. The two of you have so much fun together already!
I havn't weighed you yet (must do that in the next few days) but I am pretty sure with all that food you will have put on some weight. Your belly is getting rounder thats for sure! You are still wearing size 00 clothes, and I have been slowly building up a stash of size 0 for you. All the beautiful Pumpkin Patch stuff I bought new in the 6 - 12 month size is still huge on you. Because you are quite short the T shirts are all like dresses on you. I think it will be only towards the end of summer that most of it will fit. Oh well its been a good excuse to have a bit of an online shopping spree - and yes Im still getting pretty much all your clothes pre loved, and really enjoying it too! Not sure the poor postie is having quite so much fun with it. He has to get off his bike and drop a parcle at my door every couple of days lately!

In the last week or so you have become much steadier when you are sitting up. I no longer need to prop you up with pillows. You only over balance occasionally. You can sit and pull the toys out of your basket all by yourself. You still have no interest in rolling over, and are not keen on tummy time. At least I know when I sit you on the floor thats where you will stay!
In Isaac's words.... "luv you sooooooooooooooo much cinta"
With all my love Mummy xxxxx

Monday, October 13, 2008

reusable nappy week

Unless this is the first time you have ventured by my blog, you already know a bit about MCN. Since Jazz is a 'calender girl' for ANN I thought Id help spread the news far and wide about Reusable nappy week.

If you have any questions about MCN please post them as a comment and I will do my best to answer them some time this week.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

say a little prayer

Just wanted to send all my thoughts and prayers the way of this gorgeous family tonight.
You couldnt hope to meet nicer people, and the strength and determination that little Chelsea has shown in her short life so far is inspiring - Im sure she gets it from her Mummy!!!!
Anyway, if your saying a little prayer, be sure to include her wont you!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Nath!

Nathan turned 10 today !!! Happy Birthday mate!

This is how he celebrated...
Ive made it a bit of a tradition at our house, that when its your birthday, you get to choose a special birthday breakfast, and birthday dinner. Nathan wanted to have pancakes. I found a recipe the other day for a baked strawberry pancake and was keen to try it out - this was the perfect opportunity! Dont worry, he didnt eat all of it by himself...this fed the boys and I!It was mega YUMMO!!!!! especially since we decided to go all out and serve it with ice cream, more fresh strawberries and dusted it with icing sugar - well it is only your 10th birthday once in your life ;)
(Im very keen to try a blueberry version now!)

Jode and the kids dropped by in the afternoon, with a cake in hand...birthday cake #1

Nathans birthday tea - he choose the boys enjoyed gourmet hotdogs with cheese and bacon and tomato sauce, followed by birthday cake #2
By the magic of cyberspace we now fast forward two days to his party. Oh my goodness, 10 year old boys are noisy LOL They had a great party, they had a scavenger hunt (which was apparently a very cool thing)they played the game where you have to see how many smarties you can move from one plate to another by sucking them on the end of a straw - very funny!Made human pyramids - also very funny had afternoon tea of mini hotdogs, fruit skewers and lamington fingers (Nathans choices!) Had many rounds of a game called hyperdash, and then of course finished off the afternoon with birthday cake #3, a homemade ice cream cake. and one of his mates staying for a sleep over.

oops, how could I forget, his present. When Caleb turned 10 we splurged and got him a really good quality bike, so this was what Nathan wanted as well. he didnt want a BMX like Caleb though, he wanted a mountain bike....
We dont usually spend quite this much on presents, so he got the same deal as Caleb, all the 'family' gave him money and he had to pay part of the cost himself. Perhaps we are stingie parents, but we hope it will give them a little more appreciation of such big purchases, and of the value of money!
I do like to make sure I have a little something for each of the kids to give as well, so Caleb gave him a DS game, Isaac gave him a magazine, and Jacinta gave hime an invisible ink puzzle book. He got also got some cool presents from his friends - a tiger print blanket, a tiny remote control mini, wooden brain teaser puzzle set, a pokemon game guide, finger skateboards and shorts and top (yep my kids are some of the rare breed that actually love getting clothes as gifts!) - as you can see one very lucky 10 year old!!!!