Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Journal

Some more life journal pages.[It turns out these were the last photos the little camera took. I found a bargain at myer yesterday - Canon powershot A530 for $129! It is 5meg, 4 x zoom - apart from the extra mp it is pretty much the same as the 'old' one - great for the kids & DH, they dont have to learn how to use it!]

These are the other LOs I had in this months SM. My first article - for the telling tales feature - Journalling Boxes. A LO in the fabric gallery called Adored & an EK success product challenge, Follow me.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So not good... being the centre of attention! Let me start off by saying that I really feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention. Im one of those follow along, go with the flow, types of people. I really dont like having to get up in front of groups of people, public speaking scares the sh*t out of me, I just like my quiet little life! So today put me breifly right out of my comfort zone, and let me say there is probably some por lady out there that now thinks Im a complete idiot!!!!

After I picked the boys up from school we popped into the newsagents to see if THE (you know..MY...LOL yep still excitied!!!) magazine was there yet. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by an excited owner (she said)..."did you know....your on the cover" I explained yes I knew, but I hadnt seen it. By this time Caleb had gone down and found the said mag and was holding it up yelling "can we get it? can we get it?" (Like there was any doubt, OF COURSE we are going to get it!!!!!!!!!) anyway there was another lady in the scrapping mags section giving him the once over. We got the mag upto the counter, and ripped it out of the plastic so the owners could check it out - he (owner) says to the young girls next in line, these are local lads on here, I just smile, while starting to blush a little and say "yep this one when he wasnt so hairy" (note to self....must book them in for haircuts - urgently!) Anyway the next lady in line (the one that was giving Caleb the once over, and is now standing there with a scrapping mag too waiting to pay) looks quizzically at me and says excitedly "are you Nicole Wood?" I nod and smile and turn a little redder "I finally get to meet you" I turn a deeper shade of red and laugh it off a bit,I try to grab my stuff and make a quiet exit, she then looks at the owners who I know, and I am sure were giggling at me starting to squirm, and says "shes my hero". Well that was the end of me, Im not sure what else was said, but Im pretty sure I looked like a complete numpty as I high tailed it out of there as fast as I could.

Hero?!!? I know this is a relatively small town and all, but come on!!!! OK I was a tiny bit chuffed at some complete stranger recognising me, but believe me, it was way over shadowed by the horror of being thrust into what I percieved at the time as the limelight! Must work on a musch more gracious way to deal with compliments me thinks!!!! Im used to being the one standing there while people recognise all the scrappers around me, not being the one recognised.

To the poor lady, whom Ive never seen before, but am sure I will see everytime I drive down the street now...if you ever happen by here, or if you mention your bizzar encounter with the psychotic scrapper Nicole Wood to another person who might LOL (mmmm dont think people actually talk about me that much - oh well!!!!) Im really quite a nice normal person (well kind of), Im not usually the embarrased bumbling weirdo you 'meet' today - Im sorry, and Im flattered that you did recognise me, and even more flattered that you like my work!!!

To everyone who left message of congrtulations on the cover. Thank you so much.

Ill post some more life journal pages tommorow too!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Super Dooper Mega excited....

My secret is out!!!!!

It hasnt hit the shops yet, in fact I will probably have to wait another week before it gets to my newsagents, but I just got a phone call from an excited friend who recognised my gorgeous boys on the cover of the latest SM when it appeared in her mailbox this morning, and also took a pic an emailed it to me (thanks Michelle! ) !!!! Im SO thrilled!!! Its also fantastic to see them using some LO with older boys on the cover of mags lately too!

Oohhhh did I mentioned how excited I am about this LOL

I think I also have a telling tales article in this issue as well as a product challenge and another LO of my niece Georgia........I want a copy NOW!!!!!

This is like the buzz from my first ever acceptance -so cool!!!! This is also my all time favourite photo of Caleb & Nathan together, so that makes it even a little more special!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life Journal

Here are the first of my life journal pages - some of the little snippets that make my life unique & special! I love the freedom this is giving me. So quick, so easy, so much fun! I can record all those mundane/odd things that run through my mind and my life...many of which would never be scrapped or recorded otherwise.
The other great thing with this is that its giving me the oportunity to be able to use up some REALLY old stuff, and play with other bits that I might not otherwise use on a full LO.

Wild Ice

Caleb standing at the back door at 7.45am -
"check this out mum, I found some wild ice!"
(No he hasnt brushed his hair yet, and yes he is in desperate need of a hair cut - he doesnt think so though!)

We had our first frost of the season this morning. The older two couldnt resisit going out and dragging their feet through the icy grass, and checking the trucks in the sandpit for 'wild ice'. Apparently the ice that you freeze in the freezer is very different to the wild ice that appears outside when its really cold LOL who would try and argue with the logic of excited boys nearly 9 & 10 years old! Isaac even got to touch the ice!
By the time I grabbed the camera Nathan was already inside sitting in front of the fire warming up LOL. Caleb was wearing his new fingerless gloves...which I suspect he may even have slept in last night ***rolls eyes*** but only his thin school shirt. Apparently he wasnt cold, only his hands were from touching the ice! BOYS!!!!

We rugged up and walked to school again this morning. It was a divine morning. The sun was out, the frost was still on the grass, the air was freezing, and their wasnt a breath of wind - truly beautiful!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SC colour competition

Congrats to the winners of this comp. There were a few new (well new to me LOL) names in there, and some that I recognised. Cant wait to see all the winners entries. Since Im not one of them, I thought Id share my LO here...

I think perhaps I choose the wrong colour combo - three of the five runners up were the pink & green combo! Not sure what the winners LO was though. Not to worry, I created a LO I love, and thats what really matters! I had been wanting to scrap this photo for ages, and for some reason when I was looking through my photos for inspiration for a green & black LO I kept coming back to this one. Dont you just love those chubby bubby baby hand dimples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

its your birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gorgeous friend Kathie
Happy birthday to you

I hope you get spoiled rotten today!!!

Nic xxx

PS ooohh I nearly forgot..a huge happy 7th birthday to Zali as well !!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

slipping away

All those that pop by here regularly know I have a bit of a liking of eBay, and a lot of a liking for pumpkin patch clothes for my little man. Yesterday I decided that I would start culling some of the clothes I haven't been able to bear to part with.

They don't fit any more, but its just another bit of that little tiny baby, quietly slipping away!!! and they are so darn cute.
Its hard to believe that he actually fit into all of those little clothes -

I remember him propped up on the pillow, ready to come home from the hospital, looking a bit like the saggy baggy elephant. The waist turned over, legs rolled up, hands disappearing inside the sleeves, and socks pulled up to try and keep them on those tiny little feet. To think that was over 18 months ago. It seems like yesterday.

I never sold on eBay before...Ive bought quite a bit though ;) so I'm hoping it goes well. I cant wait to get my very first bid on something!!!
I went through ALL the boxes of clothes and have decided to give lot of it to our local op shop, there is just so much of it, and I would go around the bend trying to photograph and list all of it, plus it feels good to just give some of it away - I hope it all finds a nice new home!!!!

OK just one more photo to add. The most recent shot I had of Isaac on the computer. He is starting to wear size 2 tops now - eeekkkk. Lots of his size 1 stuff was just getting too short! LOL back to looking like that cute little saggy baggy elephant for a couple of months. Not a great photo LOL but look how much my baby has grown up :( He is so proud that he can clamber up onto the lounge by himself now. He gets up there and perches the edge with his legs dangling precariously beneath him, and the cheekiest, proud look on his face. I quite often find him up there, arm outstretched, TV remote in hand, pushing the buttons....sigh...yet another male in the house with a thing for flicking through the channels...whats a girl to do ?!?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Check this out!

Just a quick post this morning. Wanted to share this photo of Caleb helping cook breakfast on Sunday morning. Bacon & Egg 'Nc-muffins' are a bit of a Sunday morning breakfast treat every couple of weeks in our house, piping hot bacon and eggs and a slice of cheese on freshly toasted wholemeal muffins- Yummo! Much healthier than Mc muffins!!!! Short back bacon (no one here eats the fatty bit of the bacon, much to the rest of my families disgust!), wholemeal muffins (cause they are just yummy!) and low fat cheese of course! I could almost trick myself in to believing they are really healthy if I keep going LOL. The kids love to help, and are quite good at cracking the eggs and cooking everything up now. Just have to work on getting them good at the cleaning up after!!!Anyway... did you have a good look in the pan? check out one of the eggs...a double yolker....I havn't seen one of these since I was a kid. He was so eggcited (LOL I crack myself up...hehehehe, sorry!). They were shop eggs too, not even yummy home grown free range ones!

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Monday MoJo

For some reason I always feel really creative on Monday Mornings. Maybe its the fact that I'm so relieved to have everyone back at school and work, and have some peace and quiet again.

There is so much to do though. A house to tidy after the weekend onslaught, washing to do, floors to wash, plus I look after a friends little one Mondays and Tuesdays from 10.30am.
This morning as I surfed my list of updated blogs, I was really inspired to begin this journal. I love looking at this girls work, she has such a wonderful sense of fun in her work, and always that quirky little makes me feel happy, and I love visiting her blog! Ive never met her, in fact I suspect she wouldn't even know who I was LOL, but that's beside the point. Anyway loved her life journal pages, such a simple idea, and it really inspired me to do something similar. I followed the link to her original inspiration and was blown away..stunning. Its just what Ive been looking for. Some where to play. No feeling the need to get in looking just so. Somewhere to record what ever I feel like...childhood memories, what we did today, inspirational anythings, funny things the kids did, the nitty gritty bits of life, that are so often hard to complete a whole LO on...especially when many don't have a gorgeous photo to go with them.

For the first time ever, both the bubs went down for a sleep at the same time (they are BOTH still asleep, bless their little hearts) SO....I went for it.

Ive had this 7 gypsies journal laying around for years...perfect. I wanted it to be pretty and girly...its not something I get to do often LOL.

Lots of flowers, some bling, kindy glitz and pretty girly colours.

Ive put tabs on every page...just cause I can. Anything I could find in my stash became fair game to be converted into a was so much fun!!! I cant wait to start filling it!