Tuesday, August 28, 2007

two posts in one day!!!!!

I know, I go a whole month with out posting, then manage two in one day!!! I SCRAPPED this morning, and got a whole LO finished. I thought my mojo had gone awol with this pregnancy LOL May have something to do with the fact I got stuck in and cleaned up my desk yesterday...nothing more inspiring than actually having a space on the desk to scrap LOL. This is my first LO for this pregnancy.
I also had this LO in SM this month. Dont think Ive posted in on my blog before.

On the scrapping front I still have my awards for excellence entry sitting on my desk. Im a shocker for getting things posted off. I still have to do the materials lists etc before it can go. If it gets there, it gets there!!!!! Thank goodness for express post, at least i have another couple days to decide.

Since I last posted there is lots of exciting news around! Big congrats to Steph who welcomed a little baby girl into the world, to Kate who announced she is expecting twins, and to Isaacs God mother Ange who is expecting her third just after me...babies everywhere!!!! Just as well a girl is already pregnant or Id be feling really clucky by now LOL


kathie said...

Hope you got that entry mailed off Nic! Glad to hear that you're starting to have a bit less of the morning sickness. It sucks to feel sick all the time. That LO of Isaac is really gorgeous - love those photos of him!

janinek said...

Best of luck with your fk entry!! Love your scan piccies LO