Friday, November 16, 2007

Time to Celebrate

Tomorrow we are having a party to celebrate Isaacs second birthday. (His actual birthday isnt until Monday) I cant believe its been two years since he came into our lives! Happy Birthday little man!!!! I thought Id share some pics from the last two years to show just how much my sweetpea has grown up! They are about every four months. Just as well there is another bub on the way, or Id be feeling even sadder about the 'loss' of his babyhood!!!!

I know Ive been a very slack blogger lately, but I just dont seem to get around to updating much. Everything is going really well with my pregnancy. My belly is expanding rapidly. Im 25 weeks today, and Im sure with the lead up to christmas and new year that the time left will fly by.....well here's hoping LOL!!!!

Before I forget...............HUGE birthday hugs to Jamie who turns two tommorrow!!!! Have a wonderful day mate - sorry we couldnt be there, we will be thinking of you!

ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the photos jsut wont line up properly!!!!!!!!!


janinek said...

Wow, your little baby is growing into a little boy! But I wont blame you if you insist he is still a baby, just a bit bigger!! I convinced myself E was still a baby until he was 3!! LOL!
Glad everything is going well for your pregnancy as well.

Megan said...

Happy birthday for Monday Isaac! Nic those photos are just so beautiful; you've got some picture perfect shots there.

Glad to hear the pregnancy is progressing well too - not long to go now really!

Megan xx

kathie said...

Happy birthday Isaac!

Sigh. They have grown up rather quickly, haven't they?

Catch up with you soon.

Shazz said...

happy birthday isaac...i agree nic....where have those years gone (my baby is 11 already)

i love the staggered photos so don't try and line them up.....LOL

glad to hear you are doing well with bubs. hope it all continues along as planned and pretty soon you will have a gorgeous new bubby to call your very own.

have a great weekend won't you...??? and stay cool....i saw on the news last night how hot is is down your way at the moment - EEEEEK !!! xxoo