Sunday, December 09, 2007

Merry Christmas little bubba

How cute is this...Its a fisher price nativity. You push down the little angel on the top and it plays silent night. Im not usually one for 'cutesy' nativities, but I loved this one as soon as I saw it. Its a Christmas present for my unborn bubba...we have set it up already though so that Isaac can actually touch and play with one of the decorations, and of course so that bubba can listen to the music!

We put the tree up and decorated the house on Friday night. Its starting to feel a lot like christmas! I have to put up my nativity today, then I will post some tree and decoration pics.


kathie said...

That is very cute Nic! We got our tree out of storage today. Hoepfully we'll get a chance to put it up this week sometime.
Yes, Christmas really is just around the corner. Which reminds me... I must schedule in a visit to Father Christmas!

janiek said...

Too Cute! Thanks for the preg belly update! I love seeing how bodies change while incubating bubby! Mind you it makes me want another one! Aaarghhhh! What am I thinking!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

I can't wait to see your wee baby girl! So happy for u! It's gonna be weird about 3 boys hey ;)

Love me

ruthy said...

Hey matey, how exciting your tummy is growing for sure. The first time I met you IRL you were preggies too and your kids are adorable. You're gonna love pink for sure I did- 3 times!!!! Thanks for the gorgoeus chrissie card the other day. have a safe and happy christmas and I look forward to being in touch next year as well!
love Ruthy xox