Tuesday, January 01, 2008

'twas the season.....

Christmas rundown for 2007.......

7th Dec - Nathan & Isaac decorating the tree. Caleb was helping put up the lights outside.
....all done!

11th Dec - Food for the end of year school parties (thanks for the inspiration for these Nat!) 15th Dec - Caleb & Nathan were shepards in the living nativity. The boys have been a part of this nearly every year, since they played baby Jesus the year they were born.
23rd Dec- Local Christmas Pageant, Caleb & Nathan were in it with the school. Isaac & Teddy had lots of fun watching!24th Dec - Everything set up ready for Christmas lunch tommorrow

25th Dec - unwrapping pressies ......Lunch at our place
27th Dec - Georgia came to play while auntie Vic hit the post Christmas sales
31st Dec - Chilling in the pool for New Years Eve. Isaac spent most of the time jumping in,
and was exhausted and in bed by 7.30pm. We eventually dragged the others out at about 11.30pm!
Happy New Year everyone! Huge hugs to a few of my friends who are dong it really tough atm, due to different reasons. I hope this year is the beginning of new things for you!


Natti said...

WOW your table looked AWESOME Nic!! Well done! Looks like it was enjoyable celebration times :)

Happy New Year!!

lydell quin said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas, and your table looked gorgeous! Hope you are healthy and not getting too uncomfortable.

kathie said...

Gorgeous photos Nic. Love the table setting. Very elegant.
Happy 2008.
Not long now until the little bundle arrives, hey! We should try to arrange a catch up before that.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

So glad u had a great x-mas nic!

Wow it's so close until baby arrives. I can't wait to see her :D Bet u are so happy!

Lots of love me :D