Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pink, pink, and more pink....

Sorry its taken so long to get on here and officially welcome and introduce our beautiful little daughter (yes it really was a girl, despite all my doubts!!!). .........................

12 hours old 25/02


arrived at 7pm last Sunday, and has stolen all our hearts.

She is a beautiful little girl, and already we couldnt imagne life without her.

Its hard to believe that she is a week old .

She is feeding and sleeping well, although seems to prefer her big sleeps during the day!

She is a contented little baby, and is such a snuggle bunny!
She weighed 8lb 8oz, was 49 cm long and had a head circ. of 37cm!

all dressed and waiting for Daddy to pick us up and take us home 27/02


Her birth was a little dramatic. After waiting since 2am when I had my first leaking of hind-waters, I had managed to dilate to 6cm by 3.30pm with only mild pre-labour pains, and no very regular contractions. Ive never had to wait for my labours to kick in before, so it was a long day trying to get things moving. Our little princess was floating around in so much fluid, that there was no pressure from her head to start any 'real' labour happeneing. Too much fluid to attempt rupturing the membrains, so we had to wait for nature to take its course. By about4.15pm things finally started to happen! The contractions finally became regular and I was now actually in labour! By 6pm, the contractions were on top of each other, my blood pressure was through the roof, and after another internal I was still 6cm, she was still not engaged and so still wasnt putting any pressure on my cervix! I layed on the bed, and at 6.22pm my waters finally broke with a huge gush. The next half hour saw lots of painful contractions ( I did manage to do it with out needing any pain relief) I started pushing at 6.45pm and at exactly 7pm little Jacinta was born. Her extra long cord was wrapped tightly around her neck and twice around her body, so after a few scary seconds and one big hurried push, as they couldn't get it unhooked, she was born very blue, and whizzed off to the resus trolley for a few breaths of oxygen...they were the scariest few minutes of our lives, and the sound of her cries were the sweetest sound we had ever heard!

Jacinta & Mummy. 1 hour old 24-02-2008

The doctor couldnt believe the length of her cord, or the amound of fluid that a was wonder my tummy was so huge and felt like it was going to explode by the end of it all. This shot was taken on the Friday before she arrived. I was 39 weeks, and huge!

Im loving all these pretty pink clothes, and the pink cards, and the pink balloons, and the pink flowers. I never thought Id would be a mummy to a little girl. I was quite content with my three gorgeous boys, but obviously someone had different plans for my life, and Im so, so glad that we now have our little princess!


Caleb, Nathan and Isaac all adore their little sister. Isaac is always wanting to hold her, or "I hold him?" as he puts it, and is always telling me "cinta my baby!"

Caleb & Jacinta 27-02-08

Nathan & Jacinta 25-02-08

Isaac & Jacinta 29-02-08

Jacinta has been really settled since we came home, and Im feeling great. I guess thats the one good thing about feeling so crap towards the end of the pregnancy, once its over every thing feels SO much more comfortable, and even nights of broken sleep are so much more restful than the sleep I wasnt getting before.

Thanks so much for all the emails and messages of congratulations that have been arriving daily. We really appreciate them, and the fast that so many people have been thinking of us! By the looks of the hits on my blog over the past couple of days, lots of you have been checking in waiting for photos and more details LOL sorry I kept you waiting so long!


Kim G said...

Congratulations Nic!

Your little Jacinta is just gorgeous and don't those big brothers look so proud of her. Enjoy every minute!

Hugs to you all!

Kim xx

Carol-lea said...

Awwww, she is just adorable!! So glad everything turned out so well in the end. Love the pics of all the proud big brothers, and so glad you finally have some 'pink' in the house!!


kathie said...

She's beautiful Nic! Love the picture of her in pink with the big yawn. So cute. Glad that everything's going well.

KylieM said...

She is absolutely gorgeous Nic! Congratulations, and congrats to all the boys in the house, your no longer the only girl!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Omg congrations Nic she is beautiful!
The boys will have a little girl to guard and protect!
I love her pink flower jacket > I bet you have some amazing clothes!

What a beauty!

I am so happy for you!

Chill, relax and enjoy your time with her!

janinek said...

Oh she is just beautiful and having a girl after 3 boys is truly a wonderful thing!! I know you will adore having a little girl and not just for the pink clothes, pink LOs but just the different nature of girls to boys!!

Moi said...

Wow! She's beautiful!

And to think I didn't even know you were having a bub ... I just happened to miss you at the right time. ;)

Glad you can be Mummy to a little girl as well. Your boys look so happy with their little sister! And you look fabulous!

Congratulations again and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nic and family. She's absolutely gorgeous.

The boys won't know what hit them with all the Pink around.

The photo of Isaac holding her is just priceless. He looks like a proud big brother!!

Take care

Shazz said...

awwwwwww nic.....lots of tears here. she is JUST ADORABLE and with three older brothers i can see why she wanted to make her entrance to the world so unforgettable.
after loving our two boys for so long and then having our kait arrive i can so appreciate your feelings of having your life completed by the birth of your precious baby girl.
the boys look so proud and rightly so. isaac looks so grown up and proud being a "big brother"
right at this moment i wish i lived closer so i could creep around for a cuddle and a chat with you.
take care and let the fun begin i say.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nic, she is beautiful. Congrats again my friend. I can't wait to catch up again and have cuddles.


Ali :-) said...

Oh Nic!!! She's just so adorable!!! Look at those cheeks!! Very squeeze-worthy!

And love all of the photos of her with her proud big brothers!!!

Hope you're keeping well and taking it easy (well - as easy as you can!)

Congratulations to you all again!!!
Ali :o) xoxo

Natti said...

Nic, she's just beutiful!! I'm totlaly feeling your joy and elation at finally having a daughter as I felt it too - its so wonderful!! Well done on your labour.

Now you'll have to email your postal address :)
Enjoy all your pink!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nic and family! I can see why you are so besotted with her - she is absolutely gorgeous :-)

Allie Collyer