Sunday, July 20, 2008

My baby turns 11 !

Its hard to believe it, where does the time go? Its Calebs 11th birthday today! I thought it was a good time for a little photographic trip down memory lane. A photo a year 1997 - 2008. (excuse the quality of a couple of the photos, I dont have a scanner , so they are photos of photos -he came along way back before the days of digital know, back in the olden days LOL)

I love how you can see him growing up, and see his gorgeous, sometimes toothless smile. He looks as though butter wouldnt melt in his mouth. Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few more of my gorgeous (well most of the time) four kidlets after Calebs birthday dinner of Lasagne tonight..... I finally worked out how to get them all to smile at once too (well the boys anyway!) Caleb let one rip just before I took the first photo. Any of you with boys know how terribly funny they find farting etc, so that was enough to keep them all giggling and laughing while I took some photos!
And one final photo just because it wouldnt be a blog post with out a splash of pink these days.
My little girl in her very first flannies - could you imagine anything cuter LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow, 2 updates!! I haven't visited for a while, I was wondering if you would ever post again! LOL!! Love all the pics and happy birthday Caleb! Makes you feel a bit old hey! The pics of Jacinta are just gorgeous in the previous post as well!