Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Nath!

Nathan turned 10 today !!! Happy Birthday mate!

This is how he celebrated...
Ive made it a bit of a tradition at our house, that when its your birthday, you get to choose a special birthday breakfast, and birthday dinner. Nathan wanted to have pancakes. I found a recipe the other day for a baked strawberry pancake and was keen to try it out - this was the perfect opportunity! Dont worry, he didnt eat all of it by himself...this fed the boys and I!It was mega YUMMO!!!!! especially since we decided to go all out and serve it with ice cream, more fresh strawberries and dusted it with icing sugar - well it is only your 10th birthday once in your life ;)
(Im very keen to try a blueberry version now!)

Jode and the kids dropped by in the afternoon, with a cake in hand...birthday cake #1

Nathans birthday tea - he choose the boys enjoyed gourmet hotdogs with cheese and bacon and tomato sauce, followed by birthday cake #2
By the magic of cyberspace we now fast forward two days to his party. Oh my goodness, 10 year old boys are noisy LOL They had a great party, they had a scavenger hunt (which was apparently a very cool thing)they played the game where you have to see how many smarties you can move from one plate to another by sucking them on the end of a straw - very funny!Made human pyramids - also very funny had afternoon tea of mini hotdogs, fruit skewers and lamington fingers (Nathans choices!) Had many rounds of a game called hyperdash, and then of course finished off the afternoon with birthday cake #3, a homemade ice cream cake. and one of his mates staying for a sleep over.

oops, how could I forget, his present. When Caleb turned 10 we splurged and got him a really good quality bike, so this was what Nathan wanted as well. he didnt want a BMX like Caleb though, he wanted a mountain bike....
We dont usually spend quite this much on presents, so he got the same deal as Caleb, all the 'family' gave him money and he had to pay part of the cost himself. Perhaps we are stingie parents, but we hope it will give them a little more appreciation of such big purchases, and of the value of money!
I do like to make sure I have a little something for each of the kids to give as well, so Caleb gave him a DS game, Isaac gave him a magazine, and Jacinta gave hime an invisible ink puzzle book. He got also got some cool presents from his friends - a tiger print blanket, a tiny remote control mini, wooden brain teaser puzzle set, a pokemon game guide, finger skateboards and shorts and top (yep my kids are some of the rare breed that actually love getting clothes as gifts!) - as you can see one very lucky 10 year old!!!!


kathie said...

Happy birthday Nathan. It looks like you had a super birthday. Love the new bike!

janinek said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nathan! Don't they grow up so quickly!!!!