Wednesday, June 24, 2009

16 months

To my sweet little girl, As I looked through the photos I wanted to add to your letter this month I realised that you really are no longer a baby. You have become a gorgeous little toddler - even though you STILL havnt taken your first step! Im sure that in the next month we will be able to cross that milestone off as well. You have been practicing standing by yourself more and more in the last few days, and no longer need someone or something to get yourself up on. You just stand up - much to everyones excitement - and then plop down on your bottom with lots of giggles. Sometimes I think this is the part of the game that you think we are clapping for. You are wanting to stand more and more. You stand at the coffee table to play with the toys, you stand up to dance when you hear music playing and you stand up and plop down playing silly games with Isaac. You have started bum shuffling around as well so you can get where you want and carry things with you. You love walking along holding someones hands or pushing your pram around. Im sure its just a matter of time before you take those first tentative steps.

This month has seen some more changes. Our breastfeeding relationship has ended. I had hoped to keep you on a night time feed for a while longer, but once we went to just one feed I think it was all to much work for you. You much prefered the ease of drinking milk from your sipper cup and one day flatly refused to feed from me. Im really pleased that we managed to get this far though. I wanted to feed you for at least 12 months and we surpassed that goal easily.

I also turned your car seat to face forward. You still think it is really funny to be facing forwards and giggle each time I put you in the car. I had to leave your seat in the middle so that both yours and Isaacs seats would fit properly. Its much easier for him to climb past now and easier to get you strapped safely into your seat from his side.
You have become much more adventurous too. You love climbing on things - especially your little lounge chairs - actually I think you like climbing on Isaacs the have already worked out how to stir him up!
You climb onto any low objects, turn yourself around and sit there looking very proud of yourself!You have also worked out how to slide open the doors on your robes and love climbing inside and peeping back out again.
You still have your Dummy although you are no where near as attatched to it as Isaac was to his. I try to keep it just for sleep times, although you sometimes go into your room and reach it through the bars of the cot and come out sucking on it and looking at me with a cheeky little grin. You have always slept with your blankie too. Its a small cradle blanket. It was only one favourite blanket - now it is two! I cut in in half after getting fed up with trying to get it washed and dryed between sleeps. You knew something was up with it - it was much smaller and didnt quite cuddle right. I trimmed the end of each piece with a nice soft flanellette piece to get it nearly back to its original size. Now you snuggle back into it like its always been like that. Im just waiting for you to get old enough to realise that only one of them has the princess applique on it! Hopefully by then you will be quite used to there being two of them!
Your favourite toys at 16 months, I would have to say, would be matchbox cars. What else could I expect with the influence of all these boys :) I can surround you with all the girliness in the world, but in the end the lure of the colouful hand sized little pieces of metal that seem to provide so much enjoyment for your brothers is what wins you over. Your play is complete with cute little brmmmm brmmmm noises as well.
You have three of your four eye teeth now and the last one is so close to cutting through. You are starting to get a real personality. You know how to shake your head when you dont want something, you 'sing' in your own little language, youe 'read' your books, you push Isaac away when he is annoying you and have even started to yell at him, you yell when you dont get what you want. I have seen you throw yourself on the ground when you dont get your way - its still cute and I still laugh, which in turn snaps you out of it and has you laughing along with me - Im pretty sure that stratagy wont be effective for much longer!Sometimes there is 'the look' - a brief glimpse into what might be laying in store for me as you get older? I was taking photos of you and you kept leaning to get off the box and crawl away - I had just said "sit down sweetie", you sat up nicely and then shot me this look - gotta admit it cracked me up at the time
which in turn cracked you up...
...cheeky monkey!
You really are a delight my little princess. I love you forever.
Mummy xxxx