Friday, December 30, 2005

Its HOT!

Its 38 degrees herre today - thank goodness for airconditioning. We will be spending the day inside, we had planned trip to the beach, but there is no way Im taking a six week old out in this heat, let alone putting up with the other two whining about hot it is.

We have some friends popping around later for christmas/new year drinks so that should pass the afternoon away and keep the kids amused.

We are heading to a friends place for a nice quiet New Years party, its actually one of the families from school, so there will be heaps of other kids there that will be the boys ages, so they should have a great night too. My best friend left this morning to drive to Melbourne to spend New Years with some friends over there at Phillip Island, they are staying in caravans so Im hoping the weather is kind to them!

Here is a quick LO I did yesterday while the boys were playing battleship and having a snooze - LOL I wondered why it was so quiet after they finished playing, I went to find them, and all four of them were sound asleep in differednt rooms - what bliss!!! perfect scrapping time. I even tidied up my scrapping desk thismorning, so its already for me to get inspired and mess it all up again.

I was a bit unsure about using the flowers on a boy LO, but I like how it turned out, and it was nice and quick to do.


Nat-Mardon said...

Isn't he just so sweet Nic!! I think the blue flowers look great on a boy layout even!! What a great layout!

I have a question for you Nic. Greg and I are planning a trip to Melb and Mt Gambier for April. Now, you flew at about 35 weeks is that right? What do the docs usually say about all that?? I would be 34/35 weeks at the time.

Nat :)
Nat :)

Mel Diener said...

The flowers look fab Nac..they give it that soft baby touch. What a gorgeous porgeous piccie too.

Hey, forgot to say, sorry we didn't call in when we were up there looking at the lights. We didn't even get there until 9.30pm and Shaylah wee'd in the car and I didn't have a change of clothes so it was a quick drive round, a few bags of donuts and home again. Promise next time OK.

Shazz said...

great lo nic - he certainly is one cute little fella.
lucky you to have the time and energy to scrap - it has been so hot here.
hope you have a wonderful new years and see you in 2006.

Roz said...

OMG< this LO is divine!! He is just so perfect Nic!!

Carol-lea said...

He is so beautiful Nic!! And I LOVE the layout too!!