Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Hope you all had great time seeing the new year in last night, and that your not feeling a bit worse for wear today LOL. We had a fun night, but I think there may have been a few sore heads amoungst them this morning. There were heaps of kids so the boys had a wonderful night and managed to hang out till nearly 1.30am. I fed Isaac at 9.30pm and he slept in his pram, right in the middle of the party till we left - he didn't even stir when all the poppers got let off at midnight.

I got all inspired this morning and packed all the christmas decorations away. I would like to have left them longer, but Craig offered to help so I wasn't going to knock that back. At least its all done now and my house is back to relative normality - LOL apart from all the baby stuff that seems to be taking over.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2006 and that you made lots of new years resolutions/intentions and are able to achieve them all. Im still working on what my intentions list will include - I will let you know when its done. Id love to hear what everyone else wants to achieve this year too.


Kathie said...

Found your blog! Where are you finding the time? Not only scrapping, but blogging too. Supermum!!!

Sounds like you had a good NYE. Lucky you that Isaac is starting to sleep well at night. Wish it'd rub off on Jamie. Loved your layout yesterday. I've just finished one. Yay! Feels good to scrap! Unfortunately its for FK, so can't share it yet. But its the first layout I've done of Jamie! I was so excited.


Shazz said...

glad that your dear little man was so well behaved for you nicole and isn't it just amazing what they will sleep through sometimes.
must be the year for hubbies helping with the "de-christmasing" the house.
mark helped me put ours away on saturday and well....let's just say that undoing the lights next year will be "interesting"
i must give some thought to my intentions for this year.

Rach Axton said...

Yeah I agree with Kathie, your definitely supermum!

Have a great New Years!!!

Nat-Mardon said...

Happy New Year Nic! Glad to hear you had a good party and that baby Isaac co-operated!

All the best for 2006 for your family :)