Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Finally my baby has his first tooth !!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the scrapping front, I finally got my masters entry done and posted off, and have been getting quite a bit of scrapping done the last few days - despite the kids (well one of them in particular!) driving my absolutely crazy. In fact I think the scrapping is the only thing keeping me sane.

What is it with 9 year old boys??? I know they are at that in between stage, pushing every possible boundary to its absolute breaking point, then in the next breath they are the sweetest child that ever walked the earth. If anyone has any suggestions on ways they dealt with their boys at this difficult age they would be much appreciated. Ive had lots of experience with younger children, and this feeling of not knowing how to turn things around is starting to get me down. I hate all the yelling and agro, and I dont think I should have to put up with getting a mouthful of foul language yelled at me. Ive tried ignoring it, rewarding the good behaviour, behaviour charts, yelling back, smacking, time out, taking away privilages, nothing seems to have much effect.

Sigh - at least I feel a bit better now that is all out of my system. His saving grace is that even when he looses it completely he will go to Isaac and imediately be calm and a perfect big brother. Perhaps I should strap Isaac to his back and see if he can be a permenant calming influence LOL

OK must be having a bad day (probably hormonal I would say) Im now sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. At least I can walk back out there calmly now and start over I guess. Going to be a long night though since for him there is no TV, no playing with the kids next door for the rest of the day - yep we have had a bad last hour or so!!!!

Thanks for listening to my ups and downs of the day - its nice to have somewhere to vent!


Katie Toland said...

Oh Nic! Big hugs to you. I have no advice, but when someone who understands the male mind does give you some, or you work it out, can you let me know the secret... save me some time in the next few years LOL. Lucky mine are still little enough to pick up and put where I want them for the time being. But gee, like you I'm going to be out numbered in the testosterone stakes LOL. Hope things get easier tomorrow, and hey, there is always boarding school LOL.

xx k

kathie said...

Big hugs sweetie! Sorry you've been having a hard time with your little guy. I wish I had some advice, but I'm clueless about boys bigger than 8 months old ;).
Glad you got your Masters entry off. Sorry I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you yesterday. I feel doubly bad that I had to run off now, knowing that you've been having a rough time of it.

Nicole Rayner said...

Sorry to hear you have been having a hard time with your son. I have 2 girls, No boys. A 5 year old and a 3 year old and they know how to push my buttons very well. Congrats on the new tooth. What a milestone.

Mel Diener said...

Oh No Nic...hugs to you. How awful. Can't help on the advice front unfortunately, I have a six year old who is quite similar in bad behaviour. No amound of dicipline seems to have any effect.

Maybe we could put them both in a room together and lock the door lol.

Hope things improve for you...just think, the first week of hols is nearly over!!!

Kathy Pitt said...

Hey Nic, I hear you girl, sending warm thoughts your way. It sounds like I have the same model you have, but mine is female. Perect angel, fantastic at school, loves to help ect, but talk about throw a paddy and a half. We get the same as you do, and it just isnt easy to deal with. We have tried loads of things too, and im looking for the *off* switch!!

Wish there was an answer out there.

Steph Caskey Devlin said...

The first little tooth - how beautiful....these milestones come up so quickly....congratulations on getting your Masters Portfolio's crossing fingers and toes for you Nic....I can't wait to see your work....oh forgot to mention I ADORE your freestyle MUST put that on the wall somewhere...totally adorable.
Steph xx

Shazz said...

you just have to take each day and sometimes each hour as it comes nic....and as the mother of a now 18 year old and a 15 year old and oh....let's not forget the biggest male child in the house who is 42 this year (DH)....i will never understand the mannerisms, demeanour nor the moods of the male species.
and they think WE have problems because we have a case of the grumpies one week each month.
good luck with it all and feel free to vent and rant and rave all you like...we will all listen and those of us co-habitating with the male of the species will nod knowingly.

have a happy sunday my friend


susan j said...

Oh, I was feeling exactly the same just a week ago. Well, not about the 9-year old boy probs, but the hormonal thing. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

I have only just popped in here because I loved your LO on SS and now I can see I have to keep coming back. Your LO's are stunning. I LOVE the doodled one too.