Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My little man just cracks me up sometimes. Today when I got him up from his nap he grabbed my head, pulled it to him and planted a big sloppy open mouthed baby kiss on my cheek. Then he looked up into my eyes and started laughing - it was just so cute. I had done nothing at all to get him to laugh, i think its the first time he has just had a big laugh because he can!!! My heart just melted and I laughed with him - which of course kept the gane going - it was so nice to just sit and laugh together.

Last week ws really busy. Everyone in the house (except me, touch wood) has been battling with colds. The weekend was filled with Football and a birthday party for my gorgeous god daughter Monice. She turned 6 - it only seems like yesterday that I was standing in the midst of their house renovations as Sabine was having contractions and getting ready to head off to hospital. So much has happened in that time but Im so blessed to have a gorgeous girl like her in my life!


Caleb has end-of-term-itis, he is constantly challenging everything and everyone. Hopefully the holidays and a break from the riggors of school will do him the world of good. Our school holidays start next week. Cant wit to be able to sleep in, and not be rushed around in the mornings. Having another littel person around to dress, feed and tend to definatley outs a strin on the chaotic morning routine at our house. Craig leaves as I get up so its just the boys and I in the mornings - I will tell you that some mornings are great, but others its not a very pleasant start to the day at all LOL!

I spoke to Naths guitar teacher last night, and he said he is doing really well and is a pleasure to teach. He even noticed that he has been making the affort to practice more in the last couple of weeks. Its so hard to try and squeeze practice in. Its a bit chaotic betwen getting home from school and tea time. Then after tea with cleaning up, and bed time routines etc - you all know how it is!! Must make the effort to make time and sit with him. He is such a contented and est going child, he often misses out on that one on one attention.

Ive been getting some scrapping done too. Mainly trying to finish off my masters entry and get it photographed. For someone who got a jump start on this, I certainly have left finishing it all off to the last minute. Im hoping to have it all done by Friday though. Had a couple of pics to print off to finish off by btp, and as luck would have it my printer ran out of ink today GRRRR. Now I have to get somewhere to get another cartridge. I did manage to start and finish my monogram last night though - whats with that anyway. Its a really weird thing to include imo! So..... double (tick finished) , monogram (tick), technique/element (not at all inovative and an even weirder requirement than the monogram - but - tick) copy the journalling onto my single and stick it all together properly, add the photos to my btp, and finally photograph it all and burn to disc. mmmmmm when I list it all like that I think I had better pull my finger out LOL
Dont forget to add the entry form and put it in the post. For those of you who know me Im a shocker at posting things off. I tend to have LOs sitting all packed and ready to post off for about a month before I actually post them!

I keep checking blogs for any news of the arrival of baby Mckenna (Ericas bub) and my neighbour is 34 weeks now. Both her boys were born 4 weeks early so I suspect it will be only a few more weeks before another bub arrives in our street. I also have a couple of other friends due in the next couple of months. Bubbies everywhere!!!

Baby update.

.....whispering......we are getting the odd nights with Isaac sleeping right through - bring it on baby! Hopefully we might be turning the corner with the sleepless nights - fingers crossed.

Still no teeth!!! They will probably make an appearance just as we get the sleeping sorted and start the waking all over again!

Isaac is sitting really confidently now, and loves sitting next to his toy basket and chosing what to pull out!

We have moved onto mashed food, and even some cooked rice in with the vegies for lunch today. He spat the first mouthful out, but loved it after that.

We are sick of being stuck inside - bring back the beautiful warm winter sunshine!


kathie said...

Congrats on baby Isaac sleeping through the night. Lol, we've reverted the other way. Midnight feeds and up again at 5.30am. Problem is that our little guy won't sleep in his cot at the moment and I'm having all sorts of middle-of-the-night dramas that are creating one very sleep deprived mama. I'm off to check out some baby sleep websites in a moment.
Had to chuckle at the big sloppy kiss description. Too cute.
Good luck with getting your Masters stuff finished and sent off.