Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas gifts

Every year since Caleb arrived I have sent out Christmas cards with photos of the boys on them and often plan to make christmas gifts for many of the family. Only trouble is, I never end up doing the gifts. This year Ive decided to cheat a little bit. My sisters, parents & I put all the names in a hat this year and are just buying a small gift for one other adult and then all getting pressies for the kids. Even though Mum & Dad are part of this we all like to get them something a little extra from the grandkids. I found this site online and downloaded their software and Ive made a diary for mum. I havnt put the order in yet, so I dont know what the quality is like, but I love the concept and price are pretty reasonable.
This is what they look like. It has about 80 photos all up. They also do desk calenders, wall calenders, birthday calenders, and photo books.
Im thinking about making a desk calender of Isaacs first year. You can pick your start and end dates, so I will just a have a photo of him each month. It will be a nice keepsake for him to look back on.
I might even try a photo book of one of our holidays. I LOVE scrapping my photos, but with the digi camera I tend to only print the ones I want to scrap. Id love to have a lot of the others more accessable to Craig and the kids so it might be a good option. They all love looking at my LOs but I cant and dont want to scrap all the photos, and Im a bit of a slacker at putting my work into albums so its a bit hard to look through!

Got a couple more LOs done for my EDM album too. Didnt know how I was going to incorporate the colours in the seasons rub ons into a boy LO, but its turned out to be one of my favourite LOs that Ive done for a while! I havnt shared any of the LOs from this album yet,perhaps once they are all done I might do one of those slide shows or something.

Congrats to Kathie on her first LO for the SS DT that is on the site now, and congratualtions to Jahnava (who's first LO is on there too!) and Katie on becoming part of the team!!!

While Im sending out congratulations and cyber hugs a HUGE congratulations to Erica who is one of this years Elite Team - what a well deserved position - hope you have an awesome year girl!!!

Better go and have a shower while my little man is sleeping. Im off to have lunch with a couple of girl friends and their babies at the pub and put on Melbourne Cup bet!!! Its the first year I havnt been working so it should be fun. (I started this post the other day, so its quite likely that the date wont even show as Melbourne cup day!)

Have a good week


Shazz said...

thanks for the link to the calendar site nic. i will be interested in hearing how it turns out.
how did you go at your melbourne cup lunch...??? did you back a winner...???


Janine K said...

Wow, that Calendar looks fantastic. It will be a fantastic gift. I too am making Xmas gifts for everyone this year and I have an album completed for my Brother ans SIL, a desk calendar for my grandmother completed and part of an album done for my parents! So much to do, so little time!!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Nic I love how u have made x-mas cards every single year! How cool is that girl!!! This is my second year!!! lol! Totally love the three little chickens on last years cards! Soooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

The calendar/diary site sounds excellent. I am thinking of doing a calendar for my parents for Xmas. Didn't you scrap one last year? I have to still track down a template for the actual calendar part. The one you showed looks fab!
Hope you had a great lunch!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi Nic....thanks for the link and for dropping by my blog!I too make my Christmas Cards...hoping to finish them this weekend.

Sofi p said...

Hi Nic! Thanks for popping by my blog and saying "Hi".

I just love those callendars. What a gift idea.