Saturday, November 11, 2006

Its beginning to...

......look a lot like christmas. Yeh sorry I know its only November, but when I suggested putting up the christmas tree soon Nathan was so excited he wanted to do it today. Well why not!?!?! May as well enjoy it for as long as possible! The kids did help (?) for a while LOL

I really wanted to have that really 'full' look to the christmas tree this year. I saw a pic the other day in a catalogue and the tree was just chocked full of gorgeous baubles and decorations. They must have about a million things to get the effect!!! I got an extra 80 baubles this year - plastic ones so that one fascinated little baby doesnt do himself or my glass baubles any damage. There is still tonnes of 'spare' space. Oh well it will do!

Since its decorating time, it also means 'tis the season for silly santa hats...bring 'em on...I just love kids with santa cute, and so christmas!!!!!!

Hope your all having a good weekend. Big hugs to Mel who has been sick - hope your feeling better! Im sitting here listening to the rumble of thunder. Its been trying so hard to rain. We get about a dozen huge drops and then its gone again. we really need some good rain, so Im keeping my fingers crossed. Although dont know if Ill be quite excited enough to run around naked in it ;) (hehehehehe I so hope someone had their camera handy while that was happening... no names will be mentioned!!!!)

Ive been getting a little scrapping done between dealing with a miserable bubby. Nothing I can share here just yet though.

Isaac was pretty unsettled Thursdayduring the day, but Thursday night and Friday were awful. He was miserable and clingy. I think it might be his first molars cutting. He is dribbling HEAPS and hardly ate anything on Friday. I took him to the doc. Friday afternoon just to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious. His throat was a bit red (mmmmmm if you whinge as much as he had in previous 24 hours I wonder why?!?!) but his ears were OK, which was my main concern as he seemed to be pulling at them a lot, and one kept going quite red. He spent most of the day just laying curled up on me. He was so restless while he tried to sleep. The poor little thing. He seemed much better today, he is still a bit off his food - unless of course it is fruit or anything else sweet!! but was really hard to settle down to sleep tonight. We ended up getting him back up until 9pm! He is asleep now, so hopefully he sleeps through.


Nat-Mardon said...

Hope your little man is feeling a lot better Nic, and that he continues to get better. I can't get over how grown up he is!!

Christmas tree looks great! I suppose we all need to *think* about putting it up soon hey!


Anonymous said...

OMG - your life is my life at the moment - well, apart from the Christmas tree and the running around in the rain naked ;)
Jamie is soooo clingy and miserable. And he just *won't* sleep. Not even his daytime sleeps. Last night we finally got him to bed at 10.45pm, after trying about four times previously, with no luck. He still woke at 2.30am and 5am and wouldn't go back to sleep. I don't know about him, but I'm so tired today! Here's hoping that they get better soon. I think it must be teeth, lol!!!!!

Lisa Le-Ray said...
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Lisa Le-Ray said...

I put up my tree early to Nic! (The day of the santa comes to town in Adeliade). Your kids look like they had lots of fun! Last year my boys started decorating the tree and in the end the little poo heads got bored! This year, I thought no, I will just do it all, and suprise them! They loved it, lol! Decorations are great, I totally love them! Esp those clay ones and glitter balls.

janinek said...

Gosh, Christmas Trees already!! Now you are just scaring me! I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping!!

Lyn Dwyer said... are so organised Nic......Christmas tree up already.
I wait until December 1st to put all my Christmas decorations and tree up.'Hope you little boy is feeling better.