Thursday, July 26, 2007

my final secret is out!!!!

This months FK is finally out and Im one of the 10 winners of their EDM album competition!!!! Ive know for quite a while now, and boy was that a hard secret to keep to myself. The entire album is above this post for those of you who are interested in seeing it.
I was so excited when I got the call all those months ago, and now cant wait to see the mag and the LOs that are showcased in there, and to find out who the other winners are - CONGRATS to you all. I was so happy with my finished album, and it was just the icing on the cake to recieve one of the prizes. Talk about happy mail - an awesome boxful of goodies. $1000 worth of product!

Check it all out. Thanks to FK & ASS and all the sponsors for their generosity.

These are the monthly themes and the LOs I did for each one -

July 2006 – FAMILY (Sponsor - JUNKITZ)
‘New Cousin’ (includes junkitz onsert), ‘These Guys’, ‘Great Grandma x 2’
August 2006 – SNAPSHOTS
(Sponsor – SEI)
‘Cry Baby’ (includes SEI onsert), ‘Toe Fluff’, ‘Mess’, ‘Big Sloppy Kiss’
September 2006 – CELEBRATIONS
‘One’ (includes Sassafrass Lass onsert),‘Silly Santa Hat’, ‘You complete Us’, ‘Celebrate Life’
October 2006 – HOME
‘SAHM’ (includes MMM onsert), ‘Redecorate’, ‘Dream’, ‘Giddy Up’
November 2006 – SEASONS
‘Banana Season’ (includes CC onsert) , ‘Always’, ‘Splash’
December 2006 – MY LIFE
(Sponsor – HEIDI SWAPP)
‘Teddy’ (contains Heidi Swapp onsert), ‘Laughter’, ‘Bathtime blues’
January 2007 – RELAX
(Sponsor – Li’l DAVIS)
‘Stretch’ (contains Li’l Davis onsert), ‘Brothers’, ‘Cuddle U Pillow’
February 2007 – CREATIVITY & HOBBIES
‘Draw’ (contains Strano onsert), ‘New Perspective’, ‘Shoe Collection’

I think I used pretty much exclusively sponsors products through the entire album. Even the white cardtock bases are SEI page protector inserts! I made the actual album myself.

While I remember Ive been tagged by Miss Kathie! Thanks for your congrats too gorgeous! Im now officially nominated as a rockin' girl blogger

Check out the link to see what it's all about. Spreading the love :)

Now Ive got to find five deserving scrappers to pass on this nomination too...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

2. Roz (as long as she shares some of that divine strawberry pie!)

3. Nat

4. Kate

5. Steph (asssuming she isnt off giving birth right now!)

Lastly I will leave you with some more life journal pages. I havnt done all that many lately as Ive been feeling pretty crappy, but here they are anyway!


Mardi said...

I know I said on your last post...but Ill say it again...CONGRATULATIONS NIC!!!!!
Mwah...fantastic and deserving win!
Mardi xx

kathie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you can finally share your news and celebrate. Your album was just beautiful. And that prize pack is to-die-for!

Nat-Mardon said...

Well what a jam-packed edition of your blog!!

CONGRATS honey!! What an acheivement that is - will have a nice long look through your album slide soon - I have always loved your scrapping!!

LOVING all your art journal pages - that's such a fab thing you're doing - maybe *one day* I'll get to something like that - but don't want to add it to my list coz its too long already!!

Have fun with all your new product...

And hope you're not too sick!! I am still so excited for you about this new bubby!!

P.S. Been a month today since you found out - which means my baby girl is a month old today too !! :)

Anonymous said...

Your album is absolutely gorgeous Nic! Congratulations on your win - and all those products!!

Roz said...

Oh wow! CONGRATS Nic!! What an awesome achievement! And look at all those goodies :o)

LOVING your journal pages, such a wonderful thing to do!

Thanks for the tag ;o)

Mel Diener said...

woooohooooo, I just KNEW you had to win this comp. Your album is divine, and I told you that when I was trying my hardest not to dribble over the pages lol. Congrats lovely, you deserve it

Mel said...

Congratulations Nic!
What a fabulous achievement - your Layouts have been amazing lately and what a lot of hard work went in to your album - well done - you totally deserve it!

Cute journal pages - I so have to get round to this - this and all the other stuff you've inspired me to do!

Take care and rest heaps, hope you're feeling better soon!

Mel x

heike said...

Huge congratulations, Nic. Your album looks awesome. Congrats also on expecting another bub. How exciting. :)

leewoodside said...


kerry said...

Congratulations Nic your album looks great,you deserve the win with all your hard work that you put into it.And also congrats on the prgenacy good luck with it all .Great prizes.

Megan said...

Hey Nic!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was having a good old drool at your album in FK last night!

And a monumental congratulations on your pregnancy...that is wonderful, wonderful news! I hope you are feeling well and not too exhausted :-)

Megan xx

janinek said...

Double congrats Nic!! I was so wrapped about your baby news (sending girl vibes your way) but to top it off with an edm win was sensational! You deserved this win as it was a wonderful album.

Ali :-) said...

Massive congratulations, Nic!!! How awesome!!! Your album is just STUNNING!!! A very deserving win!!!

Ali :o)

Louise said...

WOOODY HOOOO Congratulations Nic

It is a wonderful album!!!!