Friday, July 20, 2007

Time for an update!

Well its been quite a while since I updated, but there are good reasons for that! I will just do point form or we will be here forever!!!!
The main reason is that I have been feeling pretty off for the last few weeks. Queezy and vomiting on and off most of the day - morning sickness!!!! Yes we are expecting baby #4 (our surprise package!) in late February 2008!

I found out just after Isaac turned 19 months, consequently I didnt quite get around to his 19 month letter. Since he went 20 months yesterday I will get to one in the next few days - hopefully.

My boy turns 10 today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Caleb!!! I cant believe 10 years has gone by so quickly! Im starting to feel old!

Craig also celebrated a birthday last Friday - Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Its nearing the end of school holidays here, we spent the first week on a nice relaxing family holiday down at Normanville. Had good weather, spent a day at Greenhills adventure park, which was fantastic. Lots of walks on the beach, and family time. Nice and relaxing until the moring sickness started tightening its grip on me over the last couple of days! Ive got heaps of photos to share, but they can wait for another day.

Huge congratulations to Janine and her family, who welcomed their newest addition a couple of days ago - a beautiful little girl named Kaitlyn Maree. CONGRATULATIONS guys, and welcome to the world little Kaitlyn!

Whilst Im on congratulations - Congrats to Nat and her family on the speedy arrival of their precious little daughter Lani Faith. That was a few weeks ago now (actually the day I found out I was pregnant!!!) but as I said, its been a while since I blogged!

I got the latest SM yesterday to show my sister the LO of her little girl in it...this is what it should look like...

Next is what it looks like in the mag GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR........not real happy that my 81/2 x 11 got turned into a 12x12 just to fit in their vacant spot!

I also owe quite a few people emails that are embarrasingly overdue (especially Shazz - sorry sweetie!) They are all sitting in my inbox, and I will get around to getting back to you all. Sorry.

Well think I need to go and veg on the lounge again. My tummy is getting queezy yet again - Im not to bad in the mornings, but the later it gets in the day, the worse I feel!

I will update again soon - hopefully with another bit of VERY exciting news to share - finally! and with some photos, and Isaacs letter etc etc etc!


kathie said...

I'm the first to wish you a huuuuuuge congratulations! Yeeeh! Another baby :). Hope the morning sickness wears off quickly.
Happy birthday Caleb! 10! WTG.
Happy birthday Craig!
Grr about SM. I had the opposite happen to me in CK(Aust) - they took a 12x12 and made it an 8.5x11. Go figure. Your LO still looks beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news!
Huge congratulations to you and your family.
I hope the sickness passes soon.
And Happy Birthday Caleb!

natalie michelmore said...

wow Nic congratulations! hope your morning sickness passes for you
love what your boy is wearing in the photo! (port power!!)
love that layout!

Lisa Le-Ray said...
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Lisa Le-Ray said...

OMG way to go Nic!!! Another baby on the way! :D
Morning sickness sucks! I hope u feel better soon!

:) Love me

Ali :-) said...

Hey Nic!!!

Woooohoooooooo, matey!!! MASSIVE congratulations to you all! Hoping that the morning sickness disappears soon!

Happy birthday to Caleb too!

So excited for you all!!!
Take care!
Ali :)

kerry said...

Hi Nick, congratulations on the new pregnancy dosen't morning sickness suck.I hope that you will be feeling better soon grat layout of you neice as well.

Chris Millar said...

Congratulations Nic! That's fabulous news!!!! Also congrats on the EMM win!!! Loved your layouts in FK!

Mardi said...

Congratulations Nic... what beautiful news for you..

...and also another congrats on your other news... I guessed it months ago...and Im totally rapt for you....and pretty darn pleased with myself for

..shame about your layout too Nic...Ive never heard of them dong something like that before...sneaky! least we can all see it in its entiretity here on your blog..
Mardi x

fiouna said...

si doux si beau j'en reste sans voix!!!