Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7 months

To my sweet little princess,Wow darling you are already past the half way mark of your first year of life. You are really at such a delighful age. Your face lights up when any of us walk into the room, you are beginning to take part in little games with us. Your sweet little sounds have now become loud noises..really loud noises! I think you are trying to make yourself heard above the day to day sounds of a houseful of boys. You are still sleeping in your cradle, and still wake at least once (usually twice during the night for a feed. You have perfected settling yourself to sleep though. I put you into bed with a kiss as soon as you start showing signs of being tired. You lay there and drift off to sleep all by yourself. You never seem to sleep that well away from home - you love to be in your own bed!

The spring sunshine has finally arrived. Its wonderful to be able to get outside in the garden, visit a park, or take a walk and lap up the gorgeous warmth. You love being outside. Laying on a rug, walking in the pram or the sling, swingng on the swing, jumping in your Jolly Jumper or sitting watching the world from your playseat.You love to watch what Isaac is doing and strain your neck every which way to get a good view as he plays around you. Now that you have the strenght to hold yourself up, we have put the swing up for you. You get so excited as we walk towards it. You dont like the gentle rythmical swaying in the breeze movements. You love to swing high. You giggle and your little face lights up in anticipation as I pull the swing up towards me....and then the contagious sound of your laughter fills the air as I let you go. The other day when we visited the park we popped you in the swing there. The look on your face was priceless. Sheer exhilaration as the swing swung back and forth. You still love jumping around in the jolly jumper too - I think you are going to be a bit of a thrill seeker baby girl!
I suppose one of the biggest achievements during this month would be that I started you on some solids. For 6 1/2 months you were exclusively breastfed. Your first food was natural yoghurt - you were a little unsure of it, but it hasnt taken you long to get the hang of it.Over the past two weeks, you have tried yoghurt and purees of sweet potatoe, banana, carrot, apples, and apricots. All of which you seem to have enjoyed. You are just having solids in the morning, but we are about to move to two meals a day, and also introduce some multigrain baby cereal, ricotta cheese, pureed beans, pumpkin, potatoe, mango and some rusks for you to chew on through out the day.

We had your 6 month health check, and all is well. At 6 1/2 months you weighed 6.820kg and were 63cm long. You are only in the 25 percentile for your weight and the 10th for your height. Even though you were the heaviest at birth, the boys were well and truley bigger than you by this age.

One advantage of you being so little is that you are getting lots of wear out of your clothes. Youa re still in mostly size 00. One of my favourite little tops that you wear always reminds me of that song...I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair. the other day I couldnt resisit getting out in the garden and getting this photo... You have heaps of cute clothes in this size, and hear is what you wore for six days (oops, it was going to be a whole week) during this month.I remember the day we came home from hospital with you. I walked out to the car and strapped you into your car seat. You looked SO tiny in there. You are still facing rearwards in your seat, but you fit in there nice and comfortably now. You are no longer in cloth nappies at night. I didnt like the bulk, and prefer the AIO, which are not really designed for night time use. We use a disposable over night - one a day, I can live with that! I still love seeing that cute little toosh in those cute little nappies. I know Id decided on just sticking with my favourite few brands, but how could I resist this gorgeous nappy?You are able to sit for a while now, although you need a bit of propping up with some pillows most of the time. You look so plesaed with yourself sitting amoungst your toys Reaching out to grab what ever takes your fancy. I call you humpty dumpty - because just like Humpty, its inevitable that eventually you will come tumbling down!Your eyes as definaltely going to stay blue. I love how every now and then, I manage to get a photo of you with the light reflecting in just the right way to accentuate the gorgeous colour of your eyes. Isaac just adores "my baby sister". He loves to cuddle you, and make you laugh. He loves when you reach out to touch him as he plays next to you. he loves choosing which colour nappy you will wear, getting you a toy or popping your dummy back in. It is so cute the way he comes and tells me he thinks you need a feed if you start to get a bit whingy. I often find him with his teddy - top pulled up giving him a feed, or laying him down oa blanket, or cradling him in his arms - "just like Jazzy" he tells me. "She my baby sister, I love her, my sister"Hopefully by next months letter, we will finally have some news of your first tooth cutting, or of you rolling around all over the floor, or maybe even of you sleeping the whole night with out waking every four hours or so for a feed. But for now we will just hold you close and cherish everything about you my little princess. All my love Mummy xxxxx


kathie said...

aah, beautiful Nic! she has grown up so much since we last saw her. She's a real little girlie now, not so much a baby anymore.
I would *love* to scrap the photo with the flowers in her hair. Please say I may?

Katie Toland said...

I love reading your letters to your kids Nic. Love that you take note of all those little every day details. LOVE the daisy chain pic, and that last pic is just beautiful too. (they're all gorgeous, but those two really jupmped out at me)

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Nic! She is such a cutie!