Thursday, August 28, 2008

two and three quarters

Dear Isaac, Its only three months until you turn three my little man.
Two is such a full on age.
Struggling for your independence, yet often unable to master the skills to achieve it.
Struggling to deal with your emotions and learning (by trial and error!) appropriate ways to deal with your feelings.
Struggling to find your special little niche in the family and beyond.
The tatrums and toy throwing, stamping feet and screaming, the tears and the laughter, the little games that have to be played just right, the routines that must be followed to the letter. Learning new skills every day. Chatting away to me as we go about our daily 'jobs'. Wrapping your arms around me and planting a big kiss on my lips and telling you that you love me "SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH". Ahhh as difficult as this age can be, there are definately so many moments to treasure.

I love how the little things make you so happy.
This morning there was a frost.
You stood in the nice warm lounge looking longingly outside.
"I go out dere mummy" your face beamed with pleasure when I said yes! We got you dressed, rolled up the bottom of your pants and off you went. You obviously had some concept of how cold it would be, as you asked for a beanie. Bare feet and a beanie. You didnt know how cold the frosty grass would feel on your toes, or the way it would crunch under your feet as you ran around. You ran out side for a bit, and then came back to warm yout feet by the fire. You did it again and again. Eventually you can running upto me and said "I cry Mummy, I got too cold feet"
Next time you see frosty grass you will know.
You will remember today.

You recently discovered if you drag your little wooden chair over to the sink you can reach the water tap. You were so pleased with yourself. Im glad its the middle of winter and the tank is overflowing.
You spend half the day up there getting drinks now. You fill your cup to the brim, take a few sips and then tip the rest in the sink. We will have to work on that a bit before sunner arrives and water is scarce!

You love to help. "can I help?" It doesnt matter what Daddy, the boys or I are doing you want to help. You love to do things yourself just like everyone else.

You have yet to learn that somethings just are not easy for a two year old to help with. When the answer is "sorry no you cant help with this mate", the resulting heartbroken tears are full on. You want to help cook and clean, and mow the lawns, and help in the shed. You want to help the boys with their homework, and will often pick up a book during the day and tell me you are going to do your homework. You came up to me the other day and asked me to sign your diary! You crack me up sometimes sweetie!

You dont miss anything that is going on around here. Some of your little behaviours and language are not at all appropriate for a two year old - having two older brothers does have a few draw backs!

You love to play with your Bob toys, have tea parties, watch playschool and your DVDs, dance and sing, play thomas and other trains, cars and motorbikes, look at the Thomas games on the laptop.
You also like to pretend. "Mummy guess what I is". Usually its a cat for some reason, but sometimes its a frog or a tiger or you start wriggling around on the floor being a snake.

You love reading stories. Yesterday as I sat down to check my emails, you sat on the floor next to me with a book. You opened the cover. "Once apon a began, and chatted away to yourself as you 'read' yourself a story.

You have started sighing lately. If I ask you to do something, or scold you for doing something you shouldnt, of even just ask you a question, You sigh. Not just a cute little sigh. A shoulder raising whole body, loud, exagerated and obvious sigh.

Some of your favourite sayings......
"I funny"
"dats what I talking about"
"great job"
"can I help"
"I SO hungry"
"I SO tired"
"dats right Mummy"
"you play [with] me"
"what you doing?"
"have a good day"
"please have a drink" (or apple, carrot, bicky etc)
"no caweb, you not do dat"
"Naysy [Nathan] you play me?"
"Daddy's home from work"

Mummy has started to only let you have your Dummy when its sleep time. Its been a very full on and challenging time as you try to develop new strategies for coping with lifes daily hurdles with out your trusty dummy to rely on!
We have also started getting a little more serious about toilet training you. You are in jocks most days now, and are doing really well. We have the occasional acccident, but thats to be expected! You like to wear jocks because "I getting bigger".
You still run to the front door every week when you hear the rubbish truck. You love to go out and watch as the rubbish bins get tipped into the back. Often the driver will wave to you, and you wave excitedly back.
Three is just around the corner my little mate, and Im sure it will bring its share of challenges as well as lots of wonderful times together. I cant wait!



kathie said...

Nic, this was pure delight to read. Our little guys are sooo similar. I found myself nodding at nearly every paragraph.

We get the "don't do dat!" complete with hand held up in a vigorous stop sign.

We also get taps turned on and the sink is a great source of attraction. Grrr. It doesn't help that "wiping" is also a favourite thing to do... Especially when Mummy is wiping up the mess on the floor that you made with the water in the sink...

Looking forward to catching up with you all!

Anonymous said...

I love the "thats what I'm talking about"... how adorably cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi there matey,
I just dropped by to tell your that I've always been a fan and I have nominated you for the blog award!
ruthy xo