Sunday, March 22, 2009

Handbag Day

Today I had a handbag day!

Its not often these days that I get to dust off the handbag and take it instead of a nappy bag or Thomas/Bob backpack or a reusable shopping bag stuffed to overflowing with all manner of things to keep a baby and a toddler fed, clean, nappied, watered, with changes of clothes and everything else for just in case!

Today I packed just my purse, my phone, my lip gloss and my list and headed to the plaza. I was desperate for some kid free time, but i decided to take Caleb with me as he needed some new runners. Seriously when did he grow up so much? He is now in men’s sized shoes, and you know what that means - for the privilege of having an extra 1 cm or so of fabric more than the junior equivalent shoe, there is a totally disproportionate increase in the cost !!!! Thanks goodness they didn’t all need new ones! Anyway we finally found a pair that were 'right' (mmmmm he and I definitely don’t have the same tastes in clothes or shoes - Im feeling old!!!!) and that I would (somewhat begrudgingly) fork out the ridiculous amount for. everyone was happy. We actually had a really pleasant day together. We did 'coffee', checked out the shops, gradually ticked things off the list, had a sushi snack at a new sushi bar thats opened up down there, had a go on the massage chairs (man, that was the best 2 bucks Ive ever spent...I will be doing that again!),and then had a really late lunch on the way home.

While we were away the little ones and Nath had a Daddy day. I think its the first time Ive left Jacinta for more than a couple of hours, and guess what she did.....................she crawled for her Daddy. Thats right, finally, a couple of days shy of turning 13 months, she worked it out. Boy is she pleased with herself. Daddy was a bit chuffed that he was the first to see it too :)
Here she is showing her new skill off for me once I got home (hope this works, Ive never put a video here before)

Im so proud of my little princess, but the pride is also a bit tinged with sadness...yet another part of her babyhood has slipped away.


Mel C (eMCee) said...

....and she's off, look out mumma YAY Jacinta :D