Wednesday, March 11, 2009

whats making me happy today?

I finally have a built in robe in Jacintas room.
It looks just how I imagined it would.
All along one wall - 3 meters of glorious, inconspicuous storage space. I am so glad I decided against the central door being mirrored.

Now that the room is a blank canvas again, I cant resist a little make over
(LOL yes I know that room has had its fair share of make overs in the past 10 years hasnt it! )
I popped over to The Patchwork Apple on the weekend.
Its been so long since I was in there.
I had forgotten what its like to step through the doors and have your senses overwhelmed by all those gorgeous fabrics and bits and pieces - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was so refreshing.

Anyway - these are the fabrics I choose for a cot quilt for Jazz - pink, of course.
The blue curtains are going. Some nice neutral double roller blinds will take their place I think.
The art work needs to be re hung...once I decide which wall.
...and this needs to go on the centre panel of the robe
(a first birthday present from Grandma & Grandpa)
I love the unclutteredness (for now LOL) of the room.

Cant wait till the change table isnt needed any more, Im already hatching plans for something for that space.

Back to being happy. These things just make me happy.

a cute little birdy from an etsy store
a gorgeous little dolly from little Jenny Wren
Just one of my many favourites

another couple of etsy finds while looking for inspiration
for a cushion to make with the scraps from Jazz's quilt.
(sorry I didn't record the shop these things on etsy were from - naughty me)

How cute would my little girl look in this !!!

...makes me want winter to hurry up and arrive, and makes me wish I could knit

the pattern is from here

This bunny from the hip infant makes me smile, just because its so darn cute!


Nell said...

What is it with little birdies these days - I am seeing them everywhere (not that I mind 'cause they're sweet)?
Can't believe you finished Jazz's quilt so quick!!!
Dan slept in a big bed for the first time last night (my baby sob sob!)His room looks so strange without a cot.
I have definitely been more crafty and less scrappy lately. Maybe you need to come over for the day and we can find our scrapping mojo again?!?
Keep smiling,

Janinek said...

Isn't redecorating fun!! If only money wasn't an issue! Cant wait to see the quilt you make for Jacinta!