Monday, November 23, 2009


To my little man
On Thursday you turned four, it really is a new phase in your life. You started pre entry at Kindy this term, its a two hour session on Monday mornings. You are really loving it. Its nice for you to finally have something just for you, and Im really enjoying being able to spend a little girly time with Jacinta. Next year you will go for two full days a week - and as peaceful as it is, Im sure I will miss your constant chatter, and the funny little conversations we have during our day.

Three was a rather challenging age, you are very head strong,and stubborn, and like to get your own way. You are also really helpful and a good little worker. You like to be kept busy. You really have seemed to settle down since you started kindy though. You are getting time to play with kids your own age, and learn age appropriate behaviours. Your kindy teachers are wonderful and Im really looking forward to being part of the kindy community again next year.

Its lovely that you are still into the things that other kindy kids enjoy, cars, trucks, sandpits, Thomas, Dora, pretend play, singing and stories. I was concerned that you would move past these things too quickly having two much older brothers, but you seem to have found your place and are quite happy to just be four!

We celebrated your birthday with a your choice of breakfast and dinner. Pancakes with strawberries for breakfast, and home made hanburgers for tea. I was planning on making you a birthday cake, but time got away from me, so I got a yummy chocolate cake from the bakery and Nathan personalised it with brightly coloured M&Ms. We your birthday The following day we went to the play cafe with Auntie vic, Georgia & Bailey, and Aunite Jode & Riley. We all had a fun morning!

We love you so much mate - enjoy being 4!!

Mummy xxx


kathie said...

Happy birthday Isaac!