Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ive been a little lax with updating my blog lately. Please excuse the lack of posts, and the fact that I will bombard you all with 20 days worth of my daily photos in the next couple of days. A week away, a week of one child then another with gastro, a house in total disarray as built in robes were installed in Isaac's room, requiring all his worldly possesions removed from the room and then sorted and repacked neatly behind closed doors, new (to them) beds for Nathan, Isaac and (drum roll..............) Jacinta - yes you read right, my little baby girl moved into a big girls bed today.

It was with very mixed emotions that I took down the cot and put together the bed. I packed away all the precious cot linen, all the while wistfully remembering the many nights that I had put one of my little ones to bed in a cot. Those days will now be behind us forever - all my children are growing up. There are no babies in our house any more.

I packed the cot and the stroller up to be returned to my friend. I made up the bed, covered the new mattress we got today with the new mattress protector, sheets, quilt, covers and pillows we got for her at the spotlight sale a few weeks ago. It looks so big in her room, but she looks surprisingly at home and comfortable. When the boys moved into their beds I remember thinking how tiny and lost they looked. Maybe a week away with her sleeping (really well) in a big bed has me used to the idea. Anyway, she loves it.
Oh and I think that girls linen is much cuter than boys - even though we only set the bed up today, she already has three quilt covers - the cute spotty flannelet one, a lovely flowery one (the pillowcase from that one is the other one on the bed) and another gorgeous pink suede like one with flowers and butterflies that we got for an absolute bargain price at the mattress shop today (ex display stock!) I will post some pics of each of them and the rest of the room tomorrow.