Saturday, June 26, 2010

retail therapy

At 4am this morning Caleb was in the bathroom throwing up yet again - just when we through he was nearly over this gastro bug that has managed to grab hold of all three boys over the past two weeks, it is back with vengeance. None of them have been sick with it at the same time. BUT while Nathan had it, Caleb needed stitches in his lip after a lunch time football incident at school. While Isaac suffered the last few days and Caleb came down with it, Nathan broke out in hives - we think it was the washing powder sample packs I used when I ran out of my regular detergent last weekend. There have been numerous missed days of school and kindy and I have basically been housebound - drowning in a sea of washing, scrubbing bathrooms, providing sympathy and support and trying to keep myself and the little Miss healthy.

We were to have a night out tonight - child free - but there was no way I could leave one of the kids when they were unwell.

To save my sanity, this afternoon I grabbed a few minutes and headed to my LQS The Patchwork Apple. If I couldn't get out of the house tonight, I decided to treat myself to a little retail therapy of the fabric kind, and spend some time working on my scrappy checkerboard quilt. I got the white I needed, the fabric I want to bind it with, and a few other small pieces (lets just pretend they are scraps LOL) that I loved.

I have cut, paired and pressed 80 pairs ready to piece together - only trouble is I cant seem to find any light coloured thread - I know I have a big spool here somewhere, hopefully I can locate it! I layed them out roughly on the floor tonight, and i think I will probably need about another 40 pairs to complete the top.

That means, if I go through with the plan of only featuring each fabric once, getting hold of another 40 different pretty girly fabrics! Otherwise I have enough of a few favourites that I could double up on if needs be.


Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

Looks great! I have some scraps here - what size do you need? PM me xxx

Janinek said...

Oh no about the gastro bug!!! That is terrible, hope they are all better soon. Love the fabric and yes retail therapy is a good thing.

Christie said...

Oh no Nic, I hope everyone is well on the way to recovery now, gastro is such a nightmare.
Your patchwork is looking wonderful!