Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Funky Finds

Want a see funky little something to make you smile and brighten up your day - go and check out this gorgeous and funky crochet trike at Roustabout Art.

I borrowed this photo from the SJs blog, there are lots more over there - go and check it out. I went to high school with this lovely and very talented lady (many years ago!) and Im so pleased that she is blogging, and that Im able to see what she is upto now we have all 'grown up' - its sad that we loose contact with so many people over the years, the internet is definatley a great tool to help make connections with people again!

I just love the idea, and as a beginner at crochet am in awe of how long this would have taken to complete. Amazing!


Sarah-Jane Cook said...

Hey Nic,
Thanks for posting a link to my blog. You can do it any time you like! By the way, I love your blog too! Do youwork at the moment with four kids and still do all that craft? If so, I bow to you. Well, even if you don't work I'm still bowing.XXSJ