Wednesday, July 28, 2010

time for knitting

I remember when I was about ten Mum tried to teach me to knit. I perfected the art of increasing and decreasing (not intentionally though) and producing lovely (actually not so lovely) holey pieces of work. At the time it definitely wasn't a skill that I felt the need to persevere and master.

Having a little girl in my life, and taking note of all the really cute knitted longies while she was in cloth nappies, and loving cute beanies etc had sparked my interest in maybe giving it another go.
I guess it was also born a little of necessity too - have you ever tried to find a cute kids beanie that doesn't have Dora, Barbie, Thomas or BTB plastered all over it? its near on impossible!

When Nell assured she could have me knit a beanie in a day, I was doubtful. She was up to the challenge, and after having to reschedule our crafty day several times, today we finally managed our knitting day.

It wasn't as hard as I had imagined. With only a few mistakes (seems I possess the ability with any type of needle/hook and yarn to increase and decrease stitches - with out meaning to!!!

By the time Home and away had finished tonight, I had a completed beanie. ( I even managed to bath & PJ the little ones and feed the family as well!)

Its gorgeous.

The wool was hand spun by Nell, and is just divine.
Im not sure where I went wrong (see Nell, I told you I couldnt follow patterns LOL) but it is way too small for Jacinta :( It would make a lovely new born beanie. I will try again though, and both the little ones will have cute hand knitted beanies by the end of winter - Im just not sure which winter ;)