Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A trip down memory lane

Today is my last day as a thirty something, and I spent a good part of it looking through and scanning old slides at Mum & Dads.

I'm so grateful that many of the people in my life enjoyed documenting their lives through the lens of a camera. I remember my Pa always having his camera around. He would set us in place then use his light meter to get everything just right.

Here are some of my favourite shots of me and my sisters, mum, dad and grandparents. Oh how I loved looking at all the clothes, the hair, the cars, the backgrounds, the gorgeous dresses that mum made for us, , the special rug of Nana's that my baby photo was taken on and that is now a treasured possession of mine, and most of all soaking up the feelings of warmth and love that are so obvious in so many of these precious photos.

I can only hope that in years to come, the many snapshots of our life, and the accompanying journalling in my scrapbooks and PAD shots are just as treasured by my children and grandchildren!


The Handmaden said...

Classic photos, you're so lucky to have all those!

Ruth said...

Gosh, you look a lot like your mum. I loved the knitted dresses. What beautiful memories

kathie said...

Wow, such a lot of beautiful photos! You are lucky someone in your family was a photographer (or else you'd be like me and have a whole heap of photos with the heads cut off - mum wasn't the best photographer, lol!).

Happy birthday for today. Live it up :)

Mamie Girl said...

Great Photos, I can see lots of treasured memories- I too have lots of headless photos :)

Happy Birthday- Have a fabulous one!!

Anonymous said...

Fricken hillarious!!! Vick & Jode.

Car said...

Beautiful xxx


Hope your day has been filled with love & spoiling :)