Friday, September 24, 2010

something about spots

As I drove down the street today, a glimpse of red & white spots caught my eye hanging on the rack outside the op shop. On the way back I popped in to investigate. What I thought was a ladies skirt (which was destined to be refashioned for Jacinta) was in fact a gorgeous little size 3 dress - perfect! There are red ties at the back, and its cut to be very twirly - so girly and fun! It has a few marks on it, but I'm happy to look past them (especially since it was only $2) - probably a good thing really, I wont feel the need to keep it for 'best'. Its had a quick soak and a wash and was hanging on the clothes line flapping in the breeze by late this afternoon.

There is something so likable about spots - especially in red & white!


Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

I am a huge fan of spots. Gorgeous dress, what a bargain! x

Nell said...

ohhhh! Bargain! I became a bit obsessed with red and white spots when I was pregnant with Maddie :) Still not totally cured. enjoy the school hols!

Shazz said...

Can't wait to see Jazz in it Nic....I bet she will look just gorgeous xo