Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Paper Dolls

A couple of months ago I left a comment on the Lily & Thistle blog. Hannah was looking for some inspiration for hairstyles for a new range of boy paper dolls that she was designing for her shop - Mini Me Paper Dolls . The idea she choose would win a print it yourself doll set. I had been eyeing these off for a while, waiting for Jazz to get a little older, but I knew Isaac would enjoy playing them at his age.
Obviously we were lucky enough to recieve one! (she generously gave away a set to each of the people who had left a comment ) Issac was very excited to sit a the computer and choose all the features for his doll, and was even more excited when I got around to printing them off a few days later.

Of course I was also tempted and ordered a doll and a few (OK - and heaps of! ) outfits for Jacinta as well.

They sat on my desk for weeks. Last week I finally got them all cut out (it was much quicker than I thought it would be!)

I wanted to use the sticky tabs, but couldn't find any locally - so a paper clip has done the job for now.

I should have thought ahead and left the tabs on until I actually had the sticky tabs!

Isaac and Jacinta both enjoyed playing little games with their Mini Me dolls.

Jacinta was very interested in changing the clothes a million times, and Isaac was a bit miffed that he didn't have an outfit with a balloon like Jacinta. He did decide to just wear the girls clothes, for a little while, so he could have the balloon for a bit too LOL.

Isaac is wishing for a few more boys clothes soon - perhaps one with a balloon, or bucket and spade, or maybe even teddy hanging from his hand...I'm sure the list of options would be endless - if only I could draw, I could try to make up a few custom outfits for him...mmmmmmmmmmm might have to send off an email to see if Hannah could do them for me!?! (excuse my thinking out loud!)

Hopefully in the next few days they will both have their own little fabric folders to live in when they are not out playing having fun!


red in oz said...

what about blu-tac?

How nice that they do a boy doll, Issac looks like he's enjoying it, glad Jacinta is liking it too, I have been wanting some but holding off buying for Beth as she is a bit little, at least I can see now it won't be long. Maybe something to add to the (long) christmas wish list.

The Handmaden said...

I loved paper dolls when I was little!

kathie said...

Wow, these look fantastic. I love paper dolls when I was little too. I might have to go and invest :)

Liz said...

They are gorgeous! My girl has been after paper dolls for ages - so I will check these out.

How about stick on velcro for the outfits?

Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

Can you email the website please? We take things like this on the Ireland flights - they keep the girls amused for HOURS!!!